5 Little Monkeys Sleep System Review

5 Little Monkeys Sleep System Review
5 Little Monkeys Sleep System Review
5 Little Monkeys Sleep System Review

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This post was last updated on July 12th, 2019

Does your kid toss and moves restlessly while sleeping on the bed? Make your child sleep tight by the 5 little monkeys sleep system which is the perfect bed for your little ones. Now, you don’t need to panic at the bedtime to make your child asleep as the 5 little monkey sleep system creates the best and comfortable environment for your child.

The 5 little monkey has been in mattress and bedding industry for over 70 years making advanced mattresses specifically considering the needs and differences of the kid’s body.

Known for its ultimate comfort and added protection, the 5 little monkeys bedding system’s designing and features make it be the best mattress for your kids. They don’t use any harmful chemicals and all of their products are safe from any allergies or reactions. Also, organic components usage makes it the safest for your kids.

One of the best mattress makers in the market, the 5 little monkeys sleep system has created the top quality mattress which is certified for its safety and material used. It is ideal for your kid’s good night sleep which adjusts itself according to the body postures and giving them with the maximum comfort and support.

Key physiognomies and features

  • The 5 little monkey sleep system is an ideal sleeping environment for your kids as it provides maximum comfort which makes the fall asleep sooner.
  • It is constructed of three layers plus one gel technology which adds to its support and coolness.
  • This is a good purchase for a good price if you want your child’s quality sleep.
  • With custom filled pillows, it aligns perfectly with smaller bodies.
  • The company’s mattress is free from hazardous chemicals and complies the quality and safety standards of CertiPUR.
  • It has temperature regulating technology for an optimum temperature maintenance.
  • With the durable base support, its topper layers can last for a long time
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The 5 little monkeys system is good for you if

  • You need a mattress for your kid’s body comfort.
  • You want to have a low profile mattress which can be adjusted on multiple bed types easily.
  • You have careless kids and always worrying about spills and accidents. So, waterproof quality will save your time and effort.
  • You like a mattress which is responsive to temperature and movements.
  • You want a whole sleep solution(mattress, pillow and the protector) but not just a mattress.
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The 5 little monkeys system is not good for you if

  • You want a cooler bedding system for yourself and kids.
  • You want a mid-price ranged mattress.
  • You sleep with your kids every day.
  • You like the feeling of innerspring or latex mattress.
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Designing and construction

5 little monkey product-specification-image

The 5 little monkeys sleep system has created perfect mattress for your child’s best sleep. This mattress is constructed of triple layers which together make it the best-designed sleep system. The three layers are;

  • Comfort Layer

The first and the most top layer is the comfort layer which is under the removable cover of the mattress. Providing advanced cradling technology, this mattress is made of highly dense and open cell memory foam layer. This enhances the airflow through the mattress and reduces restlessness thereby giving your child a quality sleep whole night.

  • Support Layer

The 2nd layer is the support layer to adjust according to your child’s body and sleep posture, support layer has a responsive memory foam which means it is responsive to one’s body. It avoids uncomfortable sleeping postures. So, he/she would get up without feeling any pain or pressure on the back.

  • Durable base layer

The most bottom layer is the durable base layer which supports the layers above for their resilience and maximum comfort. It acts as a strong base to withstand the weight of the upper layers and keeping them in position for long.

  • Upper Removable Cover

On the top of all the three-layer is a covering layer. This sleep system has a removable cover on the top which is made of organic cotton. Organic cotton has a low impact on the environment and guarantees the low usage of toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials for your body.

With 100% hygienic quality, this cover can be machine washed easily. With a heavy duty zipper which can withstand multiple times washing and for a long time. So, this gives you a feeling of cleanliness whenever your child sleeps on it.

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Responsive to temperature

This mattress maintains your temperature regulation needs and adapts according to your child’s heating needs. For the temperature regulation and maintenance, the 5 little monkey sleep system has;

  1. Top layer open cell structure: this top cell is dense but with open cell structures which allow proper ventilation and airflow through the mattress. This makes the foam breathable and the heat does not get trapped inside which may raise its temperature. This quality gives your child cradle like feeling and he sleeps peacefully.
  2. Dual-phase Gel: with the dual phase change gel, the mattress gives optimum sleep temperature. It keeps your child cool in summers and gives a cozy feeling in winters.
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Custom filled pillows


With an addition of custom filled pillows, the sleep system has added an extra comfort to your child’s body while sleeping. These pillows have the most suitable design ideal for the perfect positioning of spinal and back alignment.  As the company manufactures its products from 100% organic cotton, so its pillows and their covers are hypoallergenic saving your kids from catching any allergic germs.

Not only this, these pillows are machine washable as well. With the soft organic jersey knit, the Company guarantees a good rest whole night.

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Waterproof sleep system

The 5 little monkeys sleep system helps you in maintaining the life and quality of the bedding system by its kid-proof technology. It has stain resistant mattress with a covering of waterproof covers all with hypoallergenic quality. This waterproof and stain resistant quality makes them the most suitable bedding systems for your child. So, you kids will love to play on the bed too without having you to worry about any spillage.


All of the products of 5 little monkeys sleep system are certified for their safety. They are made using CertiPUR-US® certifications which means they comply with all of its quality standards. This means that they are

  • Manufactured without ozone depleters.
  • Made without any flame retardants
  • Made without any heavy metal
  • Better for indoor usage.

This makes them highly suitable for your home environment. Its pillows, foams, and covers are made of organic cotton which is eco-friendly and no harmful chemicals have been used during its manufacturing or construction.

Also, the waterproof mattress quality adds to the extra protection and safety. Your kids can breathe peacefully without getting prone to any allergenic germs.

Ultimate cradling support

The 5 little monkey sleep system’s mattresses are equipped with a cutting-edge technology which provides you with the complete comfort. Their custom pillows and mattresses incorporate an ultimate cradling technology which reduces restless movements leading to uncomfortable sleep.

It maintains perfect body sleep position which reduces pressure on the body parts like shoulders and back by distributing weight consistently.

Perfect sizing

The 5 little monkeys sleep system is of perfect size with a dimensions of 39’’x75’’x8’’ for the twin sized mattress. With an 8’’ of low profile height, it can easily adjust and is ideal for platform beds, bunk beds, and trundles. So, if your kid’s friends or your nephews are coming for a sleepover, this is a perfect choice to accommodate everybody.

Free trial, Warranty, Shipping

The company ensures that its customers are satisfied with the purchase of their products. That is why it is offering a 100 night’s free trial to its customers. They let their customers decide whether they want to keep the mattress and in case if the customer does not like, they can return it for a full refund. So, you don’t need to worry about spending your money while buying.

Also, the company offers 15 years limited warranty for the mattress in case you have any issue with the foam or have found any defect associated with the mattress, its cover or pillow.

The company is fast at delivering the mattress at your doorstep. Within the time of 24 hours, they deliver all of their excellent products carefully and free of cost. Also, with their returning policy, you can return their products in case if there is any defect and that is also cost-free.

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Final verdict

The 5 little monkeys sleep system is the best choice when it comes to taking your kid’s comfort into account. This is an extremely comfortable mattress for your child and keeps him relaxed all night. With a superb added advantage of waterproof and stain resistant covers, this will surely ease your panic situations.

Easy to get adjusted to different types of beds, placing it will not be a problem for you. It provides an excellent relief to your child by its movement responsive layers. So, this is going to be an ideal purchase for your kids good night’s sleep and comfort.

9.1 Total Score

  • Affordable price
  • Made by trusted manufacturer
  • Won't feel hot during sleeping
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Risk free choice
  • Only 8 inches high
  • Only 2 sizes, it's designed for child
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