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Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]

$990 $990
Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]
Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]
Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]
$990 $990

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Tuck Mattress is a hybrid mattress which can be fully customized to your sleep preferences and created with attention to detail.


Custom made

Imagine it and it will happen. Tuck is a newly founded mattress manufacturer located in Cincinnati, OH of the United States.

Just follow the online Quick Sleep Test by Tuck and they will customize the Tuck mattress to meet your preferences, taking into consideration elements such as personal information like age, body type, weight, mattress details and sleep habits.

select a body type that best represents you

As far as the criteria used to create your new mattress, Tuck uses the following:

Tuck uses their formulated algorithm to produce the mattress

Based on your input, Tuck uses their formulated algorithm to produce the mattress of your dreams. One great thing about the Tuck mattress is that there is no weight limit, you can rest assured that the designers will create something suitable for you.

We absolutely love this Sleep Test, as it is a great way to visualize your mattress before you buy it. Importantly, your mattress will not be assembled before you complete the Sleep Test. Once this is done, you will have your new custom-made mattress within a week.

Tuck Mattress is great if you

Are couple – In case you sleep with a partner, the Tuck Mattress is a perfect solution since you can feel zero motion transfer when you or your partner move around at night. In addition, it comes with a dual firmness option for each side of the mattress, so you both enjoy the sleeping surface of your preference.

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Prefer to sleep cool- The combination of copper, micro, and pocketed coils make for a mattress that is breathable and sleeps exceptionally cool.

Fancy good edge support and responsiveness- If you are environmentally sensitive- the cover of the Tuck mattress is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Have more than a few extra pounds – This is a great mattress in terms of accommodating for heavier people. There is no weight limit in what the manufacturer can do for you, so do consider it as a valid option if you are overweight.

Prefer a hybrid mattress In case you like the combination of different components like in the Tuck Mattress, there is little that can go wrong if you choose it. Made of premium materials, it will deliver for sure.

Are indecisive about what you need- In case you are puzzled about which mattress is right for you, take the Sleep Test by Tuck Mattress and they will come up with the best mattress based on your needs and preferences.

Great value for the price- You would expect that a mattress of this sort, with such cool features and the ability to personalize it as much as you please, would show in the price tag. Still, this is a

Tuck Mattress is not ideal if you

Don’t like the coil or hybrid mattresses- Although it has memory foam and other foams in it, this doesn’t feel like a true memory foam mattress. You should look elsewhere for that genuine sense.


So, what is the Tuck Mattress made of?

Bearing in mind that the actual structure of the layers of this mattress may vary based on the personalization features you introduce, the average Tuck mattress has the following construction.

tuck mattress structure

layers of tuck mattress

Cover – The Tuck cover is made of a mixture of rayon and polyester, with a built-in cooling agent. This blend has 30% of the fabric used being Repreve™. This type of yarn is completely made of recycled water bottles. For instance, a queen sized bed will have about 40 water bottles.

Overall, it is a simple yet elegant textured surface with a zipper along the bottom. Still, Tuck advises you leave it on and do not remove it as it will be difficult to put it back on.

tuck cover

Top Layer: 1.5’’ of Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam with a density of 3.5lb. This material has unique cooling qualities as it works like a temperature regulator to ensure a cool sleep. In addition, it allows for an improved conformed feel. Copper is increasingly becoming a favorable material to use in a mattress, and you can spot it also in Layla mattress or the Alexander Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding for example.

top layer is 1.5 inches gel memory foam

Second Layer: 0.75’’ of Continuous Process Latex made from Dunlop latex with a 3.0lb density. This type of latex is created through a continuous pour process. This eliminates the risk caused by air pockets and neither does it require glue seams which come with a Talalay latex.

second layer 0.75 inch Continuous Process Latex

Third Layer: 1’’ of Nano Coil System which leaves a wonderful floating feel. There are 1386 coils individually cased in fabric, specially designed to comfort any pressure point areas of your body.

third layer Nano Coil System

Fourth Layer: 6’’ of Pocketed Coil Support Core encased in fabric. In particular, there are 1037 coils in a queen sized Tuck mattress. The designers of the mattress took care to fill the edges of the mattress with a higher gauge set of coils. This was meant to ensure a great edge support, a common issue usually in foam beds.

fourth layer 6 inches Pocketed Coil Support Core

Fifth Layer: 0.75’’ of Transition Poly Foam to ensure the maximum level of comfort. This material has a density of 1.8lb.

5th layer Transition Poly Foam

Bottom Layer: 1’’ of Base Poly Foam as the foundation where the pocketed coil support core sits. This base foam has a density of 1.8lb.

buttom layer 1 inch Base Poly Foam

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The Tuck Mattress will have the firmness you choose based on the result of the Sleep Test. In case you are a couple, a highlight is that you can ask for different firmness options for each side of the mattress (dual firmness option is for free); this of course if you make your partner take the Sleep Test as well. In this sense, you will end up with just the perfect mattress for both of you.

That said, we tried the medium firm mattress we received. It actually felt softer than other models we tried in the past and overall had a pleasant and comfortable sleep. There were no issues of pain or lack of support during the testing period of the Tuck Mattress.

tuck mattress review



The Tuck Mattress does a great job delivering a supporting mattress all around. The 6-inch pocketed coil system integrated with Nano coils combined, make for a total of up to 2500 coils (Queen size). This ensures proper spine alignment, good pressure relief and overall a pleasant floating feel.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

While we felt that we sunk deeper into this mattress compared to other foam mattresses, this was not unpleasant. It was more of a hugging feel which we welcome.

As far as motion isolation, this mattress does an exceptional job. There was no sense of motion transfer caused by a partner tossing and turning. This is thanks to the memory foam and individually pocketed micro coils which leave no motion movement show. So, the Tuck mattress is a good choice if you are a couple.

Edge Support

Another area where the Tuck Mattress excels is when it comes to edge support. The higher gauge set of coils at the perimeter of the mattress does make a difference. You will at no point feel there is any chance of falling off the bed and you will easily sit on the edge to put on your sock or do anything else you have in mind during the day.


Due to common problems of feeling like you sink into quicksand with memory foam, the designers of the Tuck Mattress added the micro-coils and latex which allow all the responsiveness you need, at least much more than traditional memory foam mattresses would, so the mattress regains its original shape quite fast.

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Value for money

Priced at $990 for a Queen, the Tuck Mattress is definitely not expensive, given that you can personalize it so much so that it fits your needs completely. Its premium build and cool features make it a great buy really, worth every penny. See how it’s priced depending on size:

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 75” $600
Twin XL 39” x 80” $725
Full 54” x 75” $850
Queen 60” x 80” $990
King 76” x 80” $1,200
Cal King 72” x 84” $1,200
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Doesn’t Sleep Hot

You will be pleased to know that the Tuck Mattress does an excellent job keeping you cool. The copper-gel infused memory foam combined with the Dunlop latex and micro and individually wrapped coils, deal really well with heat retention as they allow better airflow.

It is highly unlikely you will sense overheated on Tuck. Without the doubt, the Tuck is a breathable and cool mattress to sleep on.


There was only a minor smell upon unpacking the Tuck Mattress, which quickly dissipates in a day’s time. Just air the mattress overnight and it will be fine to sleep on the next day.


Our impression is that this custom made mattress manufactured in the USA is made of high-quality premium components and will last the test of time.

This is due to the coil support system which is better quality and more durable than polyfoam, the Dunlop latex used which is also resilient, the thicker than usual 1.8lb density base and transition foams. Only thing is the copper gel- infused memory foam layer is 3.5lb, alternatives whereas anything above 4lb is thought amazing.

Shipping and return policy

The Tuck Mattress will be delivered within 2-5 days of completing the Sleep Test at your doorstep free of charge. You can place it on any surface, including the floor or even an adjustable base.

If you are not pleased with your purchase, there is still a way to make things right. You can claim a full refund 145 days, 12 hours, and 53 seconds, after it is delivered to you.

The Tuck Mattress comes with a 10+ year warranty; 11 years, one month and one day warranty. So, don’t be alarmed in the unlikely case something goes wrong with your mattress

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Final Verdict

Overall, going through the whole experience of taking the Sleep Test and getting my fully customized mattress was a great one. We were impressed by the user-friendly order process, the ability to get two firmness options for each side of the mattress and actually sense the difference as per our preferences, as well as the fact that it works great for all sleeping positions. This is by far the best custom mattress we tried.

It takes the game to a whole new level and we appreciate all the thinking behind it. What you get is a cool, comfortable and supportive mattress made of high-quality materials at a good value for the money. Thus, we absolutely recommend the Tuck Mattress.

9.4 Total Score

Motion transfer
  • Sleeps quite cool
  • Great support and body contour
  • Has no weigth limits - appropriate for overweight people
  • No motion transfer
  • Great for all sleeping positions
  • Fully customizable to suit your sleeping preferences etc.
  • Not a true memory feel
  • 3.5lb copper gel-infused memory foam might not be so resilient
  • Little smell
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