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SOL Organics Sheets Review

$135.2 $169
SOL Organics Sheets Review
SOL Organics Sheets Review
SOL Organics Sheets Review
$135.2 $169

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Overview: If you are environmentally sensitive while also care about your own health, then you should definitely consider the SOL Organics sheets. The company creates super soft organic cotton bedding which will ensure a sense of luxury for an affordable price which promises to satisfy the eco-friendly consumer.

Having heard a lot about the SOL Organics sheets, we decided to put them to the test and here is how they performed.

Company – Reputation

SOL refers to Sustained Organic Living. The company was founded in Minneapolis by two friends back in 2010. The intention was to use an innovative formula which could offer luxury organic cotton products at an affordable price.

The intention was to create a product which could offer both a smooth, soft and luxurious organic result for consumers, while also care for the people who make the product; the farmers who grow the organic cotton, the people working to transform the raw materials into textiles, and the finishes who sew seams and turned hems. Above all the company seeks to ethically produce organic sheets and adheres to sustainability of fair trade.

SOL Organics sells direct to consumer retailer of fair trade

In this respect, it was decided to leave out the middlemen in an attempt to avoid inflation of prices; SOL Organics sells direct to consumer retailer of fair trade. The company does not take advantage of its fair-trade pricing, and pays only 15% to ensure fair-trade protections; the rest of the profit comes strictly from the streamlined sales of its goods.

Fair trade

Eager to know how these luxury organic sheets measure up to the contest?

Construction & Materials
structure of sql organic sheet

The SOL Organics sheets consist of 100% long-staple organic cotton, certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). This certification means that the SOL Organics are made of Fair Trade Certified organic cotton which has been grown from non-GMO cotton seeds as the process below demonstrates. The cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers and the control of weeds is through physical removal and not chemical destruction.

SOL is made of a sateen weave that aims to provide enhanced breathability, cooling and a soft and silky feel

Our sense was that the unique construction in the SOL Organics bed sheets makes for a great combination of comfort and longevity. The yarn count used in these sheets is 60 which is closer to the high end of yarn counts, an indication of how fine the yarn is.

SOL is made of a sateen weave that aims to provide enhanced breathability, cooling, and a soft and silky feel.

The King Size sheets come with 1 fitted sheet (comes with an elastic band stitch to the bottom to suit any size mattress), 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases with an open-end design for improved airflow.

SOL Organics bedsheets are delivered to your door packed in re-usable cotton bags.

Build Quality

The build quality of the SOL Organics is made to impress you. To measure the extent to which your sheets are top quality, look for things like the stitching, quality of materials and construction.

SOL Organics sheets absolutely exceeded our expectations in this category. With 300-count sheet and 60s yarn count, the fabric is a single thread sateen weave which is not crisp. SOL uses only long-staple fibers to create their organic cotton sheets.

Following a thorough inspection of these sheets, we can say with certainty that there are virtually zero loose threads. You will be glad to hear that both the fitted sheet and pillowcases seemed flawless. The sateen weave is nicely crafted and we could only spot one or two loose threads on the flat sheet! Impressive right? And that is not only, none of those loose threads seemed capable to harm the sheet if removed to any degree.

SOL Organics therefore for sure meet our high-quality standards and appear to be well-made with a clear, minimal design to fit any mattress and room.


Durability-wise, what you are testing in sheets is above all shrinkage. Most consumers want to be reassured that their expensive new sheets will not shrink with a couple of wash/dry cycles. Otherwise, they will end up to fitting their bed and be stuck in the closet.

Also important is to check the threads of the sheets. This requires checking the stitching of the sheets inch-by-inch for loose threads or grown threads after some use and standard washing.

Last, with sheets, we should consider if the color/dye materials used are of high or low quality. This will be evaluated based on the signs of color running off.

Shrinkage factor put to the test

We can’t stress enough how critical it is to consider shrinkage when it comes to your new sheets. As consumers, we tend to believe in a brand that can ensure us the sheets we buy will maintain their size for a long time.

To test the SOL Organics in terms of shrinkage:

  1. First, we measured them once unpacked.
  2. Then we washed them in cold water and tumble dried them on low heat.
  3. Following the wash/dry cycle, we take new measurements of the sheets and compared them to the originals.
  4. It was evident that the flat sheet shrank by 4.5% and the pillowcase shrank by 3.7%.

This first wash typically causes the largest amount of sinking. We don’t anticipate to see any further shrinkage from these sheets.

Tip: Any shrinkage under 5% is very good, especially for organic cotton.

Damage factor put to the test

Once used, washed and dried, the sheets were tested for any new damages or loose threads.

Impressively enough, it seemed that the SOL Organics held up quite well the test of use with no obvious damages and still looked good as new!

Color factor put to the test

Color factor put to the test

Very often, our sheets and clothes tend to lose their bright and appealing colors, which they had when unboxed. This is an indication that the color/dye materials used during the manufacturing were not high quality.

Using warm water on the SOL Organics and after rinsing out excess water, we placed them on paper towels, pressing firmly.

Checking on the paper towels and the sheets, it was evident that there was zero color transfer, suggesting that SOL Organics are made of high-quality color/dye materials.

SOL Organics are made of high quality materials -2

Overall feel, cooling, and design

Laying on the SOL Organics sheets is like sleeping on a cloud. You feel the gentle soft touch of the fabric and the lightweight texture which ensures a luxurious and cuddling feel. The sheets do not stick to the body whatsoever and are not easily removed when tossing and turning. This is a great advantage if you are a couple and one or both of you sleep tend to be restless at night.

Also, you should expect to avoid the trapped feeling traditional cotton sheets give if you sleep on the SOL Organics. Instead, these sheets will gracefully slide with your body’s movements.

A highlight with SOL Organics is the cool touch attributed to the highly breathable texture, the weave, and lightweight feel which restrict heat retention.

Of course, when we talk about bedding, style is a major factor. Fortunately, SOL is aware of these and have designed 3 different styles (plain, pleated, & hemmed) and 3 different colors (white, cream, & blue) to choose from. If you prefer simple, clean and modern sheets without excessive embellishments or extravagant patterns, then SOL Organics are a perfect match for you.

3 different styles (plain, pleated, & hemmed)

Price and Coupon

Queen size sells at $159, using coupon code “GBM20” to enjoy 20% OFF when checking out.

Final verdict for SQL sheet review

Being a fan of organic products in general, I was stricter before testing these SOL Organics sheets in an attempt to see if they meet my high standards. I can now say with certainty that they definitely score high in my preference, given the ethically fair-trade commitment of the company, the 100% long-staple organic cotton, and above all their performance when sleeping on them.

Coming in 3 different colors and styles, I am confident you will fall in love with your SOL Organics bedding. A great combination of durability, cooling, modern style and soft luxury feel, all in an extremely affordable top-notch value for money. Actually, it appears that SOL Organics sheets offer the best price for their category.

Sleepers who will like the SOL Organics sheets:

  • If you prefer 100% cotton sheets – if you don’t fancy satin and prefer a cotton feel
  • If you want 100% organic bedding – organic cotton and non-GMO seeds
  • If you enjoy the combination of a lightweight feel, coolness, and softness when you sleep
  • If you prefer a minimal, clean design and style
  • If you are looking for great value – of the few sheets at this price range
9.6 Total Score

  • Sleep really cool thanks to their breathable construct
  • Exceptional softness due to the natural materials
  • Great value for money for organic sheets
  • SOL Organics are a sateen weave so they have a different feel than percale, which is crispier.
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