Should You Buy a Mattress Online or in Store?

According to doctors, a person should sleep at least 8 hours a day. That means, your bed plays a vital role in your day to day life experiences. As a result, you need to make your bed as comfortable as possible. One way of achieving this is by buying the best mattress in town.

Today, you can consider purchasing mattresses from online mattress stores or local stores. But which between the two places is the best choice for you to hold on in the purchase process? Such a question can be hard to answer in particular if you’re a first-time buyer.

Considering this, we dedicated our time in research for reasons why you should consider each type of the store. Comparing the two, we’re able to make a final decision. Find it useful to read through the whole text for a chance to make an informed decision regarding the best place to place your order.

Characteristics of online mattress stores

Levels of satisfaction: with online stores, the user lacks personal experience with the mattress before making the purchase. That is, you don’t get the chance to test the bedding that includes lying on it to have the feel and its levels of comfort. However, there exist minimal complaints on the same.

Shipping or delivery services: Online stores will always offer delivery services which can get classified either as “regular” or full delivery. For the “regular delivery,” it’s not a must you are at home at the time of shipment. However, for the “full delivery,” you need to sign the delivery book; therefore, your presence is essential.

Unlike “regular delivery,” full delivery does not offer free shipping services. The speed can also be bad the same way as the product returns. Note, you might suffer not receiving your order at all.

Online store Prices: When you purchase goods from online stores, the price is approximately 15% less in comparison to the local stores. You can also use online stores to avoid paying sales tax. Also, with regular mattress delivery, you stand a chance to enjoy a free cost. That means you can save a large amount of cash in using online stores for your mattress shopping.

Product Return policies: At times, you might open your package to find that it’s not the product you ordered. For online stores that use FedEx and UPS, they will need you to repack the mattress in the box which can be a difficult task. Also, in case of damages, you’ll probably not get a full refund. Returning a product to an online store, therefore, can be tiresome and annoying.

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What you should know about local physical mattress stores

When buying a mattress from a local store, you’ll experience the following;

More personalized experience: with a local store, you get a chance to try out how lying in a particular mattress feels. Trying out the bedding is useful for a variety of reasons including the fact that each cushion is different from the other. Therefore, having a feel while still in the market gives you a chance to purchase what you desire.

Higher Prices: When it comes to the price, mattresses in local stores tend to be more costly in comparison to online shops. However, the price here is negotiable and can go down almost to that in the online stores. You, however, will not be able to avoid paying sale taxes, and that increases on the cost.

Delivery services: Local stores will use their delivery vehicles to have the product at your doorsteps. You, however, need to be at home during the time of delivery so that you can give your signature. At times, you can be lucky to enjoy free delivery services, and their delivery speed is always “good.” They also will remove the old mattress on your behalf if you want them to, at a low price.

Unlike online stores, local stores have a more straightforward return policy that you can consider a DIY. Also, note that there is no time that you’ll fail to receive your package. The package is at most of the time what you ordered and therefore, and only at minimal times you will need to return the product.

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Final Verdict

Should you buy a mattress online or in store? Comparing the two stores, it’s clear that, we cannot make a conclusive opinion on which of the two types of stores is better than the other. Looking at the discussion, each offers a specific characteristic that the other cannot.

Take an example, making your purchases online helps you enjoy a reasonably low price and also a possibility to avoid sale taxes.  On the other hand, making purchases from the local stores helps you to test the quality of the mattress before making any purchases.

It means that the two types of stores are unique in different ways. What is essential is to make sure the bedding purchased is worth the price paid. I hope you find this article helpful in your purchase decisions.

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