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This post was last updated on July 6th, 2019

saatva mattress

Saatva is an online mattress retailer that has made some waves in the mattress industry since its debut in 2010. It offers mattresses at three levels of comfort, ranging from soft to firm: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. These mattresses are marketed as luxury beds for a mid-range price ($1000 or less).

Online reviews have constituted the bulk of Saatva’s marketing, and are largely responsible for its success. One of the company’s main selling points is that it has over 7000 positive reviews online, boasting a 95% approval rating. However, not all reviews have been positive.

This article will examine some of the issues users have found with the Saatva mattress line. Such issues include the comfort of the mattress itself, misleading claims about its materials, and inaccurate marketing strategies.


While Saatva claims to produce high-end mattresses that ensure a comfortable sleep, some buyers have found issues with the firmness of the bed. Mattress firmness is crucial for comfort, and different individuals rely on different levels of giving in the bedding to suit stiff backs and joints. The Saatva line has been criticized for inconsistent firmness in its mattresses. Many buyers have complained of excessively hard mattresses, even holding that even the plush soft level is extremely hard. This is a major problem for people with chronic back pain and pure side sleepers.

Further, other buyers have noted that sagging body impressions form in the mattresses after a short period of use. Again, this can be a problem for individuals who rely on a firmer mattress for a good night’s sleep. The risk here is that buyers cannot rely on the advertised comfort levels because some units arrive too firm while others are not firm enough.

In addition, the solution proposed by Saatva when customers raise these issues is to purchase a pillow top. This is problematic not only because some people overheat with the extra layer, but also because customers should not have to pay extra to make up for defective mattresses.

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Motion Transfer

Another important feature of mattresses that is crucial for comfort is the level of motion transfer. Low motion transfer means that movement on one side of the bed will not be felt by the person on the other side.

Some buyers have highlighted the lack of motion isolation in Saatva beds. Feeling the movement of a partner on the other side of the bed can result in restless nights. Some complaints have even held that pets moving on the bed can interrupt a night’s sleep. This should not be an issue for a mattress intended to compete with high-end products. Even if firmness is not an issue, a poor motion transfer can result in restless nights.

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Eco-Friendly Materials

One of the most attractive features of these mattresses is the advertised eco-friendly materials used to make it. This is an important feature for individuals who are concerned with harmful chemicals being used in bedding, especially for if you are looking for a mattress for children.

While Saatva has claimed that these mattresses are primarily made from plant-based, renewable material, the actual amount of eco-friendly material used is only about 30%. While this fact is present on the company website, this is a misleading advertisement. Many buyers who find this claim attractive are disappointed to find out that the mattresses are 70% petroleum products.

Therefore, not only can the mattresses be too firm and have a high motion transfer, they also include far more chemicals than advertisements lead customers to believe. This is an issue with both the materials of the bedding and the ethics of the marketing.

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Customer Service and Marketing

The issues with Saatva’s marketing run deeper than simply exaggerating the proportion of eco-friendly materials in their products. Buyers who have purchased and tested the mattresses often voice the opinion that the company is skewing reviews in order to advertise a higher approval rating than is deserved.

Buyers have stated that Saatva sales representatives pressured them to post positive reviews online even before the product was shipped. Many reviewers who have actually slept on the mattresses confirmed that the overwhelmingly positive reviews were an inaccurate representation of the true experience. Even well-made products come with some drawbacks, so the claims of such abundant positive reviews are likely exaggerated.

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If you prefer pure memory foam mattress(here are 13 important tips to help you get best memory foam mattress) as most one did, You can’t miss Leesa mattress or Eve mattress. Leesa is always one of the best sellers of the online mattress in the US and seemed they provide what they promised on the official site. Eve is a UK mattress company and provides a brightly yellow cover mattress.

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No product is perfect, and the Saatva mattress(read review here) line is no exception. While the main feature driving the marketing of these beds is the over 7000 positive online reviews, a look at the critical reviews seems to indicate that these numbers are exaggerated or that individuals post glowing reviews without having slept on the bed.

Most importantly, the mattresses themselves may not provide the quality of sleep expected from such a well-reviewed item. Issues have been raised regarding mattress firmness, with many buyers finding even the softest level to be overly hard. Despite claims of excellent coil-on-coil construction, sagging body impressions have also been known to form. Finally, the beds have been known to lack motion isolation, meaning a person on one side may be disturbed by movement on the other side. These factors detract from both comfort and sleep quality, which are the main purposes of the best mattresses.

Features such as firmness, motion transfer, and product materials are all vitally important for a mattress. There have been complaints with Saatva customers in each of these areas, so it may be worth shopping around before investing hundreds in this mattress brand.

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