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Qomfort Mattress Review[Unavailable]

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Qomfort Mattress Review[Unavailable]
Qomfort Mattress Review[Unavailable]
Qomfort Mattress Review[Unavailable]
$549 $649

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Not all foams are alike! That is a fact anyone looking to buy a great mattress should have in mind when shopping for the best bed to guarantee a comfortable sleep. The awareness about how quality bed contributes to quality sleep in soaring among mattress shoppers and manufacturers are meeting the need to provide high-quality mattresses that will assure sleepers of quality sleep for a healthy life.

One manufacturer that realized the need for high-quality foam in the making of the quality mattress is the Qomfort Bed’s manufacturer. Using specially formulated foams for making the Qomfort mattress is an achievement in bed production to provide more choices for the market in need of the best mattress safe for the homes.


Who may like Qomfort mattress?

  • Quality and price consideration. For individuals who like a quality product but can’t afford the high price.
  • If you like the feeling of memory foam, there is no latex nor inner spring in Qomfort mattress. I would recommend Aviya if you prefer a hybrid mattress.
  • If you want a very quick delivery. Most online mattress will delivery within 5-10 business days. But if you pick up Comfort it can deliver to your home within 1-5 business days.
  • If you want cool sleeping. Different from cheap and low-quality memory foam mattress on Amazon, Qomfort uses 2 inches gel memory foam(with open cell technology), assuring cool comfort throughout the night.
  • If you don’t know what firmness you need or don’t have a fixed sleeping position. Qomfort sleep is a medium feeling mattress, no matter you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, you can get used to it easily.

Who may not like Qomfort mattress?

Quick Review

Qomfort Mattress is memory foam per excellence as it results from the painstaking research by the manufacturer as a result of their personal experience looking for the best mattress. The idea behind the making of Qomfort mattress is to give buyers a happy medium of memory foam that meets their quality expectations with affordable price.

The bed is a product of a carefully calculated blend of engineering and entrepreneurial spirit to bring value for the money. What you get in Qomfort mattress is a bed that will justify every dime spent without cause to ever regret your action going for the mattress. The guarantee that comes with Qomfort Mattress is based on the carefully formulated, developed and produced a product to stand out among its equals in the market.

  • Quality & Comfort. Qomfort mattress is manufactured to compete with top class mattress and to deliver comfort sleep with peace of mind.
  • Affordable price. Despite its high quality that competes favorably in the market, Qomfort mattress is still about the cheapest you can get for its quality; it’s a great value for money.
  • Free shipping. Buy online and have your bed shipped to your home for free; the Qomfort starts from your shopping.
  • 100 Nights free trial. Qomfort offers 100 nights of free sleep trial to determine if this is for you; they will gladly return it if you don’t like it.
  • Free return. You don’t have to worry how to return it if you don’t like the mattress, Qomfort offers to return it free of charge.
Qomfort mattress sells at a very attractive price, you can get queen size Qomfort sleep around $550 from official site with our save $100 coupon code GBM100. This is the cheapest in our top 10 best memory foam mattress list.


The quality and assurance of a good bed are in the structure, we look at the 10 inches structure of Qomfort mattress, and the following is a testimony of the overall claim of quality by the maker.

Qomfort mattress structure and layers

Top layer: The Comfort Layer

The 2 inches Gel-Infused Memory Foam is designed with open-cell ventilation technology structured to remove body heat and allow air to pass through the ventilated openings for assured cool comfort all night through for comfy sleep.

Middle layer: The Transition Layer

The transition layer is 2-inch gel memory foam purposely designed for pressure relief to relieve you of whole body stress. This layer guarantees comfort and stability of the bed to keep your body in alignment no matter your sleeping position.

Bottom layer: the Foundation Layer

Providing the foundation in the Qomfort mattress layer is 6 inches high-density firm base foam. It helps to support sleeper’s body weight and keep the bed in shape throughout its lifespan. The base is a guarantee you won’t need to change your bed soon as it provides the durability you can trust.

The cover

The structure is all wrapped together using breathable and soft feel fabric for beauty and performance. The cover is made with washable premium fabric for more cleaning pleasure.


Qomfort mattress is a medium firm memory foam, simple in structure but efficient in performance. Qomfort mattress is known for its one type of firmness bed because they want the customers to have the best of bed type than having to choose the right one with so much frustration. The firmness is best for back support and designed to support up to 1000 lbs for the mattress designed to accommodate two people.

If 10 is the hardest, I would rate it 6-6.5.  It’s very close to other medium feeling mattresses like Nectar mattress. But softer than Tuft&Needle.

The overall feel of the mattress

What we discovered is that the producer of Qomfort mattress took advantage of being a one type firmness bed to do a detailed finishing, giving the mattress a long lasting firm feel. Whether you are light or heavyweight sleeper, Qomfort mattress is well structured to support you comfortably.  There is less sinking when in the bed, and the motion transfer is suitable for all weight ranges, making you stay in bed and not get thrown about. It comes with excellent edge support that performs efficiently.

The best part of the feel and performance of Qomfort mattress is that you won’t sleep hot. The infused gel considerably minimizes heat retention and keeps you cool all night long.

Warranty, Free trial, and Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, arrive within 1-5 business days
Size Queen Price(Before coupon)
Twin $399
Full $599
Queen $649
King $799

Final verdict

In the business of mattress, achieving a higher comfort level for sleepers determine the best bed. After careful review of Qomfort mattress, we can say without contradiction that the manufacturer did a good job with the bed. In term of quality as well as the price, Qomfort bed stands favorably among quality beds anyone who wants the best should consider buying. We, therefore, recommend Qomfort bed for your next mattress buying.

9.3 Total Score

Sleep cool
Customer service
Motion transfer
  • Very affordable memory foam mattress
  • Sleep cool all night(gel+open cell)
  • Firmness suits to most people
  • Very fase delivery
  • Young company
  • Only 4 sizes to pick up
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