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PONS mattress review[Unavailable]

$799 $899
PONS mattress review[Unavailable]
PONS mattress review[Unavailable]
$799 $899

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The days of sleeping on anything just for the night to pass are over as more customers are more educated today about the need for a quality bed to get quality sleep. One manufacturer that has responded positively to this high-quality taste of clients is the Pons Evolution Mattress company. Pons Evolution is not just another med, but one with ultra-delicate craftsmanship that goes all the way to produce a mattress with high quality and outstanding support. From bed to the frame, the level of ergonomics and comfort engineering dedicated to making Pons Evolution great is exceptional.

With Pons Evolution mattress, you have a bed that is conscious how you feel lying in it. It’s not just another bed to sleep and gets up in the morning for an aching body all day; the mattress is engineered to ensure you have all the comfort and wake up refreshed with vigor and pleasant feeling for a better day ahead.

PONS Evolution

Quick review for Pons mattress

Pons evolution mattress is a multilayered, high-quality memory foam bed where well-researched sleep technology finds manifestation. It is 3-in1 sleep comfort technology comprising a bed frame, the mattress, and bedding & pillows. The product is designed to provide maximum sleep comfort for everyday energy and excellent health. Pons evolution brings ergonomics into your bedroom with advanced state of the art technology helping you to live to the fullest. With a Pons evolution, your bed is made to serve you comfortable all night and gives you the things you want that may get you out of bed right within your reach in bed.

  • Improved quality and ergonomics bed frame with 4 built-in USB ports(I’ve  never seen other mattress companies provide this)
  • Hyper-cooling all night relaxed sleep with eco-friendly cooling gel
  • Quality craftsmanship you will be proud to have
  • Technology and engineering at best
  • Pressure point relief and zero motion transfer
  • Outstanding value for your money
  • Effortless shopping and free shipping
  • Risk-free trial with free return
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The Pons evolution structure is a perfect blend of technology and engineering at work. Comfort is not about semantics, it is about structural action to make every layer contribute to the overall goal of achieving comfy and pleasant sleeping mattress, and Pons Evolution delivered, as seen in the following CertiPUR-US certified structure of the bed.

Top layer

The top layer comprises 2 inches proprietary Pons foam, designed for comfort bounce and cooling properties.

The Pons foam is more bouncy than general memory foam, it feels like latex but provides better contouring and motion isolation than latex.

Middle layer

The middle layer aims to achieve perfect cooling of the mattress and features 2 inches Visco-Elastic memory infused with eco-friendly cooling gel for pressure point relief and cooling.

Bottom layer

The bottom layer is the Support Layer in the structure and features 6 inches polyurethane base foam to provide stability and support for the box spring.

The cover

The cover is an evidence of Pons Evolution creativity and craftsmanship. It is finely crafted and ultra-soft woven to be breathable and serve as a flame retardant for the endowed safety of the mattress.

It should be noted that Pons Evolution mattress is compliant with CertiTMPUR-US certification and guarantees to be eco-friendly and are free of any elements capable of depleting the ozone layers or contains any element hazardous to the human body.
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Firmness scale of Pons mattress

Personally, I would rate it 6-6.5/10 (10 is the hardest), this is very subjective and I’m medium weight. If you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper or don’t have fixed sleeping positions, I believe you’ll like it.  Especially if you like bouncy feelings provided by Pons foam.

But if you are the pure side sleeper and prefer a very soft feeling, this may not your best choice I guess. We recommend you reference Nectar mattress or  Layla mattress instead.

It is a bed you will find to be within the range of perfect firmness; you won’t feel sinking or hard when sitting or sleeping. It provides the ideal plush and bounces for comfort. The weight transfer is excellent, and the edges do not crash upon sitting or feel awkward, sleeping or sitting, whatsoever.

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Bed Frame

Pons evolution manufacturers are realists who understand the needs of people to design a complete Pons evolution bed system. Only a few mattress owners and users use their beds without a bed frame, and it is a shame to buy the right bed for cool and pleasant sleep only to be marred by the wrong bed frame. Though Pons Evolution Mattress can go comfortably without a bed frame, many users still prefer their mattresses on a frame.

The bed frame is not just another bed frame; it is ergonomically and aesthetically designed to meet the core objectives of designing and building the mattress: to provide maximum cool sleep and comfort.

Therefore, Pons evolution bed frame comes fitted with four USB ports to give you added comfort to enjoy your gadgets while in bed and sleep with bliss when you want in an atmosphere of coolness and zero motion transfer.

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Warranty, Free trial, and Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, arrive within 5-10 business days
  • Warranty –  10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Made in the USA
Size Queen Price(Before coupon)
Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $849
Queen $899
King $1,199
California King $1,199
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Who may like Pons mattress?

  • People who like to try new things. This is not just another bed in a box mattress, they infuse technology and crafty engineering into their products everywhere(the design on Pons foam, USB port on bed frame).
  • If you like more bouncy on your memory foam mattress,  the Pons foam we tested is very similar to the Avena foam of Leesa mattress we reviewed before.
  • If you like cool sleeping all night, the Pons foam we mentioned before worked together with gel memory foam and breathable knit cover, it’s one of the coolest mattresses we tested ever.
  • If you like the contouring feeling during sleeping. Pons mattress uses memory foam the second layer, which provides excellent pressure point relief and reduces motion transfer.
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Who may not like Pons mattress?

  • People who like a traditional innerspring mattress. Pons mattress didn’t use any innerspring,  I would advise you take a look at Avaya mattress in this case.
  • People who like latex mattress, they didn’t use latex at all, the bouncy from comfort layer is provided by special Pons foam, it works like latex but not latex.
  • People who like very soft or very firm mattress, Pons mattress is neither soft nor too firm, it’s suited for most people but not all people.
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Final verdict

After going through the Pons Evolution Bed system, we see great innovation at play. The bed system is a cut to the chase that gives users excellent bed system at a great price. It does not claim to use latex or any associated technology, but it presents us with something homemade, the PONSFOAM, that provides an answer to health issues, environment safety, and lifestyle.

Pons Evolution Mattress from its structure and makeup, it effectively provides the cool bed most people want. We, therefore, recommend this bed to anyone who cares about their health and comfort.

9.4 Total Score

Sleep cool
Motion transfer
  • Produced by tech company
  • Bouncy better than memory foam mattress
  • Cooler than memory foam mattress
  • Has usb port on Pons bed
  • Awesome bed frame, I like it so much
  • Young company
  • Warranty and trial is just so so
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