Platform vs. Box Spring

Your sleeping place is an important part of your bedroom. It should be perfect in all aspects. Besides giving proper consideration to the right choice of mattress type , brand, size, and other things, your bed base is another important factor that needs your deep attention.

Unlike common trend, your bed frame doesn’t only give your room a nice appearance. Rather, you should select it according to your comfort level and sleeping preferences, as they have an important impact in giving you a peaceful night.

Among different bed frame types, today the common discussion goes around selecting either platform bed or a box spring. Therefore, here are presenting few differences between both that would make your selection for each type easier.

Comparison Table

Platform Box Spring
Offers Breathability  







Expensive than Platform





Major Shortcoming   Makes getting out of the bed difficult Provides no path for air circulation
Offers Storage Yes No
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Platform Bed

These are one of the most commonly used bed frames these days. The construction of these types of frames involves a frame containing head and footboards. They further contain slats on it in order to give support to the mattress. These slats could be few inches apart. Their frame type vanishes the need of purchasing spring box for placing the mattress on it.

Few platforms come with the slats that are attached to the bed. However, few may also come with removable slats. These types are highly customizable. Platform beds are available in wide variety of designs and styles making it one of the highly appreciated bed types among people nowadays.

  • Offers great breathability
  • Saves money by purchasing additional box spring
  • Gives adequate storage compartments
  • Available in various amazing styles like traditional as well as modern
  • Suitable for all mattresses type
  • Makes it hard for disable person to move out of the bed because of height
  • Hard to transport

  • Provided Support and comfort

These Platform types come with solid body and they offer good support to the mattress, provided that the slat gap should not be more than three inches apart.

The thing that can add much to your comfort is platform beds being able to circulate air through it. This feature makes it particularly suitable for modern mattresses that possess the ability to remove moisture by letting adequate air circulate through it.

However, the platform type can only give proper comfort and support to you and your mattress as well, if their slat gap is adequate. The too small gap will make it unbreathable, and too large would decrease its stability.

  • Movability

The major problem with Platform beds is the difficulty you would face in order to move them from one place to another. The major reason behind is their availability as a one piece. Also, the possible reason is their heavy duty structure that is made up of wood. However, in few types, wood slats are removable. But still, that doesn’t go to lighten the burden much.

  • Storage space

The major boon of platform bed types is their storage place. They do come with additional compartments or drawer at their sides. This thing can assist you a lot in saving your extra stuff. This feature makes platform option suitable for those who don’t want to add extra furniture in their room, or they are running short of storage place.

There are few models also available that come with book storing shelves attached to them. This feature could add a lot to their value. However, with such additional features, price range also increases.

  • Appearance

With its numerous style and designs available, platform beds add value to your room through their charming appearance. They look quite modern and appealing when placed in your bedroom. This is the reason most people prefer them in their delightful houses.

Also, as the heights of these beds are quite low, this low profile even look amazing to many people. They add a soft touch to the looks of the room.

  • Suitability for mattress types

The major benefit of platform bed exists in its versatility. You can use any type of mattress above its frame. The reason behind is its durable construction. It gives strong support to the mattresses, and this feature makes it able to hold it properly no matter how poor its condition is.

  • Price

The price range of platform types is affordable as you would not need to buy anything else other than bed frame and mattress. However, the price range may vary according to the style and additional features of these beds.

Also, as they are quite sturdier in their construction, they would serve you for years provided that the quality of the material used in their manufacturing is good.

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Box Spring

These were also a part of many homes until the memory mattresses won the crown of popularity among people. They are particularly preferred by those who love to have traditional items in their room. Their frames are quite simple and made up of wood material.

They also contain coils in it to absorb shock effects and making sleeping place softer besides giving support to the mattress. The traditional style needs box spring or foundation to be placed on them in order to keep mattress safe. In this way, the overall height of such bed sets becomes elevated as compared to platform beds.

  • Comes with additional height
  • Distributes body weight evenly
  • Prevents mattress from sagging
  • Have no storage
  • Costs more than platform
  • Need flipping regularly

  • Provided Support and Comfort

The box spring types are most appropriate option for offering extensive support to not only your body but for the mattress as well. They distribute your body weight equally all over the surface and makes it flat. In this way they not only extend the lifetime of your mattress but also in some cases helps in relieving backache.

However, the major problems with these types are not being able to let air circulate through it. This thing can make the sleeping surface overheated for you due to trapping heat inside. Also, it can cause molds to grow inside the mattress that could lead to the serious problem.

  • Movability

You would not feel actual problem while moving your box spring. But, the major issue involved with them is their maintenance. They are required to be flipped over regularly in order to sustain their shape and prevent sagging.

This regular practice would add much to your workload as compared to the platform beds that don’t come with such requirements.

  •  Storage space

The major drawback of box springs type is lack of offering storage place. They don’t come with any type of compartments or drawer at their place to let user consume it for organizing the clutter of their room.

Few box springs might also contain compartments, but purchasing them would cost you the heavy amount. You can only avail storage place with these types if they come in quite a height off the ground. In this way, you will get room to store your stuff beneath the bed on the floor.

  • Appearance

As compared to the platform, box spring style is quite simple and traditional. They add plain, warm, and conventional looks to your bedroom. However, such looks are also adored by many. It all depends on personal choices.

They are mostly liked by those who are not a great fan of modern things and like to have old stuff all around. Few modern people also like box spring when they are available in its elevated form.

  • Suitability for mattress types

Box springs are particularly suitable for innerspring mattresses. Why? The reason behind is their metal coils. These coils usually coordinate with the coils of the mattress and make sleeper sleep more comfortably.

However, few people may also think they can use another type of mattresses like memory foams above these box spring types bed sets. But there are two points to consider. Firstly as box spring doesn’t allow any proper path for the air circulation, then how memory foam’s breathability feature would work?

Also, using a memory or other foam above the box spring would make it saggy or bent over the time. However, you can use it for the shorter time period with the condition that your mattress is in good form.

  • Price

Considering the price range of bed frames, box spring cost more as compared to platform bed types. The reason behind is the need of adding box spring on the top of the frame. Considering the combined price of all these stuff along with mattress would definitely cost you more than platform bed types.

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In this write-up, we have discussed many points that can clear the differences and benefits of both bed types. Normally, purchasing bed set for your bedroom is completely based on your personal choices.

However, if you want to get a suggestion for one-bed type, then according to use, it would be a platform. The reasons behind are many that we have already discussed. You can get them at an economical price, while they will give you durability, good appearance, storage place, and air circulation.

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