Pangea Bed Mattress Review

This post was last updated on July 7th, 2019

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable, and an affordable mattress; you have landed on the right page. Today, we introduce you to the Pangea Bed Mattress. It is available in two models- Pangea Bed Classic Mattress and Pangea Bed Copper Mattress. In this article, we will tell you about the different features of these mattresses, the difference between these two mattresses, as well as pros and cons.

Pangea Classic vs Pangea Copper?

The only difference between Classic and Copper mattress is that the Copper mattress has infused copper in the Talalay Latex layer. Yet, this makes a world of difference. Here is why.

Classic mattresses are made only for comfort – you really shouldn’t expect much else. While they can give you a night’s sleep, they can also be a source for germs and bacteria. If you really want a healthy night’s sleep, you should go in for a mattress that has copper in it – like the Pangea bed mattress.

– Copper is known to antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial and it can keep your mattress sanitized and germ-free.

– The hypoallergenic and antifungal properties of copper ensure that you do not have to worry about the germs in your bed when you’re sleeping.

– Even if you clean your bed daily, remember that dust and germs can settle on it all through the day.

-Your mattress could also develop fungus in moist weather. You really wouldn’t want that. Having copper in your mattress helps you avoid the problem.

– Most importantly, copper has heat dispensing properties, so your mattress is bound to feel a lot cooler, making it perfect for the summers!

So, how does the Pangea Bed mattress score on other fronts? Here is a look at a few of the things you would love.

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Pangea copper structure

Construction of a mattress has two components- a cover of the mattress and the layers inside the mattress.


Pangea Classic Bed Mattress has 5/8” foam quilted cover that provides a comfortable feel. Moreover, the lavender color pattern looks beautiful. The high-quality fabric is soft, dust resistant, and hypoallergenic.

Pangea Copper Bed Mattress also has a covering of 5/8” foam quilted cover. It is also CertiPUR-US certified, i.e., free from harsh chemicals. The only difference between Classic and Copper mattress is that the former one is in lavender color while the latter has a copper color palette.

This is the most crucial aspect of a mattress. The qualities of a mattress like density, firmness, edge support, and ventilation all depends on the different layers. The mattress has three different layers, all made for different kinds of sleepers.

The First Layer

The topmost layer inside the cover is the 100% Talalay Latex. It has a thickness of 1.5”. This layer is responsible for providing comfort, bouncy, durability, and ventilation. When you are changing your posture during sleep, you’d not like to put in much effort. With Talalay Latex, effort gets minimized and you are prone to good, sound sleep.

Talalay latex is more breathable than conventional foam and therefore, infusing Talalay Latex into a mattress has immense benefits. For back sleepers, it’s the ideal layer as it offers an uplifting quality for optimum support and comfort.

Compared with memory foam, latex can provide push back feelings, so it’s more friendly for sex.

The Second Layer

The Pangea Bed? Cool Gel Memory Foam, or the second layer, is 1.5″ Gel Infused Memory Foam. It had been scientifically designed with a balanced weight and density ratio. This helps in significantly reducing pressure points imparting comfort while sleeping. Moreover, it enhances the breathability of the mattress that prevents heating issues. It’s perfect for side sleepers as it responds to the added pressure from hips and elbows with the memory foam.

The Third Layer

The last layer forms the foundation of Pangea Bed Mattress. This 7” layer is the PangeaBed Support Foam that is durable and provides a strong foundation. It is built with High-Density Solid Core Polyurethane that is known for its durability.

The mattress has a balanced firmness and therefore, it is an ideal choice for most of the customers. This will work for heavy people as well who prefers mattresses with firm support, especially for those who love sleeping on their bellies.

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People have different preferences for the firmness of the mattress. Pangea Bed Mattress offers balanced firmness that is suitable for most of the persons. Personally, I would rate it 6.5/10 (10 is the hardest), it’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers, and perfect for those who prefer to push back feelings. But for the one sleep with your side or the one prefer hug feelings, Pangea would not be your best choice.

I would like to recommend you Nectar mattress, which is an 11″, 4-layer structure gel memory foam mattress, with 365 nights free trial and forever warranty. Best lover of
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How Much Weight Can PangeaBed Hold?

Per the official site, it can hold the average weight factor of two people which is usually around 400lbs. You’d better always supporting your PangeaBed mattress with a firm, level and flat surface, i.e. the floor, a box spring or a platform.

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Edge Support and Motion transfer

However, Pangea Bed Mattress lacks a bit on the edge support factor. It sinks more than required. But, it is still not that bad.

Pangea Bed Mattress performed well in all the sleeping positions like on the stomach, on the back, and side position. Moreover, it has good absorption. When your partner changes position, you’d barely know that it actually happened.

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Warranty, Free Trial and Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, arrives within 5 business days
  • Warranty – 10 years, this is the industry standard.
  • Trial Period – 100 nights, industry standard as well.
  • Discounts – They now provide $125 OFF ANY MATTRESS PLUS UP TO TWO FREE PILLOWS limited time.
  • Weight – Queen size mattress weighs 70 pounds
  • Made in the USA
Size Copper Price(Before coupon)
Twin $645
Twin XL $745
Full $825
Queen $895
King $1,045
California King $1,045
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Final verdict for Pangea bed review

Pangea bed is designed for back and stomach sleepers. Although they claimed they adapt to any sleeping positions, personally, I don’t think pure side sleepers would like it. It sleeps cool and can provide just right bouncy, but lack of contouring compared with a memory foam mattress.

The material they used are all eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified, that’s good, but the warranty and free trial are just so-so. With their special $125 coupon I think it costs the price, but if this coupon is expired, I guess you may have better choices.

$770 $895
8.9 Total Score

Compared with most online mattress. Pangea bed used a luxury quilted cover(5/8 inch),worked together with Talalaylatex foam to delivery just the right bouncy and comfort, perfect for back and stomach sleepers, but not for the pure side sleepers and the one who perfer contouring feeling.

Sleeping cool
Motion transfer
Warranty and trial
Back sleeping
Side sleeping
Stomach sleeping
Price and value
  • Hight quality luxury quilted cover.
  • High quality 100% Pure Talalay Latex provide bouncy and cooling sleeping
  • Gel memory foam helps reduce heat retention and pressure points
  • Made in USA, all materials are ECO friendly
  • Warranty and free trial and just so so
  • Not for pure side sleepers
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