Novosbed mattress review

There are now lots of mattress companies sell their products online, Novosbed is the pioneer of the. Compared with Other mattress companies like Leesa and Ghostbed who start their business since 2014, Novosbed is more early, he focused on luxury memory foam mattress since 2009, at a reasonable price level.

As we know, memory foam mattress is now more and more popular recently, memory foam mattresses do a mediocre job on comfort, durability, and price, compared with traditional innerspring mattress, that’s why more and more companies delivery pure memory foam, hybrid mattress(memory foam+latex ), including huge traditional innerspring mattress companies like Simmons, Sealy, and Serta.

In my opinion, the biggest competitor of Novosbed is Loom&Leaf, they have the similar price, structure, warranty and comfort level, another competitor is Tempur-Pedic, who is almost the best memory foam mattress in this industry,  but we know Tempur-Pedic is very very expensive, I think it’s overpriced, pay over $3,000 for a mattress is not a clever decision for most people. I’ll go through the structure, comfort level, size, warranty, shipping and FAQs on Novosbed mattress, and also how does it perform if compare with other mattresses, hope can help you to make your decision.

Firmness(Comfort Scale) of Novosbed mattress

I think comfort level is the first concern of most people, the most frequently asked question is: Is it firm? or Soft? Is it good for back sleeper/Side sleeps?  And some people even have no concept on the firmness scale, they don’t even know what they need, so that’s why the most popular mattress is always the medium feelings, neither too soft nor too firm, only after they tried at home, they can know if this is the most suitable comfort level.

Novosbed has 3 comfort level to choose, soft, medium and firm, this is one of his advantage and feature. Generally speaking, if you like the feeling of sleeping on the cloud, choose the soft model, the firmness scale is about 3/10(10 is the most firm), if you prefer a firm mattress, choose the firm model, the firmness scale is about 8/10, others you can choose the medium model, the firmness scale is about 6/10. The firmness scale is very subjective, this is just my experience for your reference.

Comfort+ solution of Nonosbed mattress

Another good news of Novosbed is they provide comfort+ solution for free if the comfort level is not for you during the free trial period. What is comfort+? It’s fully integrated firmness adjustment layer that zips into your Novosbed. It’s free as part of your sleep trial so, if you need to, you can fine-tune the firmness. Make your Novosbed the perfect firmness, guaranteed. I don’t see other mattress companies provide this kind of service before.

If you are a light guy(less than 130 pounds)  or a side sleeper, I would truly suggest you take the soft model.

If you are medium weight or don’t have fixed sleeping positions or have different sleeping positions with your husband(wife), the medium mode would be your best choice.

If you ordered to sleep on a firm mattress by the doctor or don’t want to sink too much into the mattress, then the firm model would be your best choice.

Anyway, as we reviewed, you can still call their customer service 1-877-496-3626 to ask for comfort+ solution to fix the firmness related issues, their customer service is very good. Absolutely risk-free choice.

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Structure of Novosbed mattress

structure of Nonosbed mattress review
As we said before, there are three firmness scales to choose for Novosbed mattress. So they have 3 structures.  But no mattress which model you choose, this is 3 layers,11 inches memory foam mattress, this is fixed.

For the soft model

The top layer is 2″ Ultra-Dense Airflow Gel Foam(Density: 3.7 lbs/ft3), one common problem of memory foam mattress is the heat, people will feel hot, especially for the soft mattress, the more you sink into it, the hotter you’ll feel. They Novosbed use Gel+Airflow design. The gel will make you feel cooling the moment you lay on, but only Gel won’t work, because you will still feel hot 1 hour later, so that’s why they designed the airflow structure to help release heat.

The middle layer is 3″ Ultra-Dense Memory Foam(Density: 4 lbs/ft3),they use high-density memory foam in  this layer, as we know, the higher density, the higher quality, and also the firmer, that’s why I only give 3/10 firmness scale for Novosbed soft model, I guess they don’t want you sink too much into the mattress.

The bottom layer is 6″ Premium Support Foam(Density: 1.8 lbs/ft3), this later is just for support and works with the middle layer to provide durability, not too much to say.

For the medium model

The top layer is 2″ Ultra-Dense Airflow Memory Foam(Density: 5 lbs/ft3), compared with the soft model, they don’t add Gel into memory foam, just used Airflow design, because you won’t sink too much into the mattress with this comfort level.

The second layer is 2″ Ultra-Dense Memory Foam(Density: 5 lbs/ft3), this layer is very similar to the soft model, but they use higher density memory foam, and 1 inch less than the soft model.

The third layer is 7″ Premium Support Foam(Density: 1.8 lbs/ft3), because the second layer is 1 inch less, so here, 1 inch more, to provide better support and durability.

For the firm model

The top layer is 2″ Ultra-Dense Airflow Memory Foam(Density: 4 lbs/ft3), this is very similar to the medium mode, but they use lower density foam, frankly speaking, I don’t know why. Maybe they made a mistake on their official site?

The middle layer is 2″ Ultra-Dense Memory Foam(Density: 5 lbs/ft3), this is completely the same as the medium model.

The bottom layer is 7″ Premium Support Foam(Density: 1.8 lbs/ft3), this is completely the same as the medium model as well.

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Cover of Novosbed mattress

The cover is very soft, with this there is no need to use a sheet anymore. And It’s removable.  This is another advantage of Novosbed mattress, You’d better wash the cover in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or harsh stain removers. For optimal longevity, it’s best to hang the cover to dry. Do not dry clean.

Summary on the structure design of Novosbed mattress

There is not too much difference in the structure of medium and firm model, both of them are 2+2+7 design, both of them use very high-density memory foam, especially the first and second layer, both use Airflow memory foam to release heat during sleeping, but because they don’t use Gel, so they won’t bring your cooling feelings when you first lay on.

The soft model is 2+3+6 structure, use Gel+ Airflow structure to keep you cooling all the time, this model also used very high-density memory foam compared with other online mattress companies.

The biggest advantage of this kind of structure is comfort and durability, they use very high-density memory foam, that’s why their warranty is 15 years, longer than most online mattress companies. And their free trial is 120 days, almost the longest among competitors.

The biggest disadvantage of this kind of structure is lack of bounce, Novosbed is pure memory foam mattress, they don’t use Latex as some Hybrid mattress. So I think it’s not very friendly for sex, especially for young people and heavy guys.

Size, Shipping, Free trial, Warranty, Price

There are 6 sizes to pick up, from Twin to CA King, each with different dimensions and weight, as we reviewed before, there are 3 firmness scales, so there are tiny differences between them on weight. The price is the same if the size is confirmed.

The shipping is free,  almost anywhere in the continental USA and Canada for free. Hawaii, Alaska and some remote locations may require an additional remote shipping fee. This is another advantage of Novosbed mattress if you live in Canada.

The warranty is as long as 15 years. Long than most online mattress companies. And the free trial period is 120 days, after 30 days, you can request a Comfort+ package as part of our Perfect Firmness Guarantee. after 60 days, you can return it for free if you still don’t like it, so this is a risk-free choice for you.

SizeDimensionsWeightPrice(with coupon)
Twin38" x 75"57 lbs
Twin XL 38" x 80" 61 lbs
Double53" x 75" 79 lbs
Queen60" x 80" 95 lbs
King76" x 80" 121 lbs
Cal-King 72" x 84" 120 lbs$1199
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Where to buy Novosbed mattress

you can either buy from the official site or Amazon, they now provide $100 coupon and amazon use this coupon default, so it’s the same price. But you can only enjoy 30 days free trial on amazon, and you have no chance to get the free icomfort+ solution if you buy from Amazon. Another concern is the warranty, you can enjoy 15 years warranty if you buy from the official site, but if you buy from Amazon, you need to check with their customer service firstly. So I would truly advise you to buy from the official site directly.

9.1 Total Score

Sleep cool
Price and value
Warranty and free trial
  • Luxury memory foam mattress with reasonable price
  • Three firmness scales to choose
  • Airflow structure design to keep cool during sleeping
  • Long free trial period and warranty
  • Special icomfort system to adjust on firmness scale for free
  • Lack of bounce
  • Not the coolest mattress
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