Nectar vs Leesa vs Hyphen vs Luxi mattress

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Who should buy Nectar mattress

  • You like a thicker mattress, NECTAR is the only one mattress who is 11″ on this list, others are all 10 “(industry standard)
  • You like risk free buying, NECTAR provided forever warranty and 365 nights free trial, both are excellent in this industry, they are very confident with their product.
  • You like sleeping cool mattress, NECTAR use gel memory foam+ open cell structure design, so you won’t feel hot all night long
  • You don’t want to sink too much into memory foam, actually, these 4 mattresses all did a good job on this topic, don’t buy the cheap foam mattress on Amazon, they are low quality, sleep hot and you always sink into it.
  • You are on a limited budget, with our powerful coupon, you can cost no more than $700 for queen size NECTAR. I don’t think you can find a better price at the same price
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who should buy Luxi mattress

  • Money is not your first concern, the price of Luxi mattress is higher than others on this list
  • You want to customize the firmness scale even after buying, you can exchange the sequence of mattress layer to adjust on the firmness scale, so this is a 3 in 1 mattress(Soft, Medium & Firm)
  • You want a very long free trial period, as we mentioned, NECTAR already did an awesome job, but LUXI did even better, she just provided 1000 nights free trial, really unbelievable.
  • You want more bouncy on your memory foam mattress, Luxi is the only one who uses latex foam(others use their own foam which works as memory foam+latex, such as Avena foam of Leesa).
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Who should buy Leesa mattress

  • You want an old mattress brand, Leesa stared their business earlier than others on this list and got many and many positive reviews per real customers and mattress review site
  • You don’t like latex but want more bouncy on your memory foam mattress, Leesa designed their special Avena foam, it can provide just-right support, contouring and push back feelings.
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Who should buy Hyphen mattress

  • You are in the limited budget, you don’t want to pay too much for your mattress, then Hyphen and NECTAR may your best choice(exclude low-quality mattress from Amazon).
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