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Helix mattress review

$850 $900
Helix mattress review
Helix mattress review
Helix mattress review
$850 $900

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Traditionally, if one people want to find the best latex mattress to embellish his/her new home or just to replace the old one, he/she would be visiting a household shop or a furniture store to find a forming mattress which might she or he doesn’t like. But, today, I meet a new online sell-delivery mattress—the Helix mattress.

The Helix mattress is a new brand foam mattress which just sold online only. It is a bed-in-box whose goal is to offer a fully customizable mattress designed to meet your own requirement. And it’s also recognized as one of the best mattresses for back pain.

The difference for Helix sleep

Helix mattress is different, except for the online sell-delivery model factory, but also a mattress to let you personalize your own meets, which is different than other mattress factories.

When you open into the main page of Helix website, the clear and fresh style may shock you, like me. Before your formal order, you would meet a questionnaire survey first. You will answer some questions about yourself, moreover and your sleep partner. It will take your name, your age, your height, your weight, your body types, your firmness preferences, even your sleeping hobbies, etc, to help Helix meets your best comfort mattress. Below is the screenshot.

Helix-mattress customize

Then, when you placed an order, a professional team will produce your own unique mattress with your demand in their own factory and deliver to your doorway, which means, you will get your personal comfort mattress without leaving home, isn’t cool?

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Basic construction of Helix mattress


The Helix mattress basically is 10” full foam mattress with four layers.

  • The top layer–a 2” Dunlop latex layer, which is a benefit for its durability, bounce, cooling, and responsiveness.
  • The second layer–a 1.5” micro pocket coils layer, which will provide your softness, a good bounce and pressure relief.
  • The third layer–a 2” Polyfoam layer, which is a transitional support layer. It gives you deep compression support to make you more comfortable.
  • The bottom layer–a support layer of 4.5” foam layer which acts as strong support for the top three layers and your sleep.

materials and structure for helix mattress

Additionally, above is just the basic structure for Helix mattress. You can meet your needs to personalize the mattress’s range, nature and constructions on the website.


The Helix mattress cover is 100% polyester. The soft touch for the top white piece of fabric and the sturdy feel of the blue side panel makes it unique. The cover is very modern white thin, with no padding, means the airflow is very well to keep you feeling the comfort, cooling soft foam of Helix immediately.

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The advantages of Helix mattress

Helix mattress is a new brand, but its new model makes a success in mattress. First, it is sold just online. When you finished an order, the factory will send your mattress to your doorway. Second, it is a fully customizable mattress designed to meet your best mattress. It can personalize your own suited mattress, with your sleep hobbies, your weight, your height, your preferred feelings of a mattress, etc. These help you cut down your cost cause there’s no any middleman or any furniture store, and also you cannot go out to select one fashioned mattress in household shops which might not fit for you all.

May you doubt, how can I do if the mattress received but does not fit or like? It’s no worry. Helix has a flexible return policy. Within 100 days when you ordered, you can full refund any mattress you do not like or unfit. And Helix got a strong customer service team to make sure you have a good mattress shopping experience.

Also, if you have some financial problem, Helix can help you, too. It offers financing plans, so you can buy a suitable mattress with less cost every month.

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What do I feel for Helix mattress

I am a lazy woman, so I very like the selling model of Helix mattress. After I ordered my mattress, I received an email from Helix and asked me a few questions to customize my mattress better. When the mattress delivered, I found the bed-in-box is better than my image cause I can carry and remove it by myself, not like most big-hard mattresses with the whole board without any crimp. When outboxing, there was some smell but not too strong. After some days sleeping, the size, the touch, the cooling tones which I required was basically fit for me, and there is some cooling gel layer was added in my mattress as I said I prefer less hot. For a latex mattress, the good bounce, the good breathability, and the great support make me more comfort than my old one. It is a medium soft mattress, my back felt not too much pain when I got up. I think it also fits for all sleep positions persons, just like side sleeper, back sleeper, or for stomach sleepers.

helix sleep mattress

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Helix mattress compare with other mattresses

If you love the bouncy provided by a latex mattress, you can consider Helix, Ghostbed mattress or Casper. All of them are hybrid mattresses, the top layer is open cell latex, which can provide cool sleep experience and right bounce.

Helix mattress uses latex+coil+high density form structure. totally 10 inches high. The biggest advantage is the firmness can be customized.

Ghostbed mattress uses latex+memory foam + high-density form structure, totally 11 inches high. The biggest advantage is the cheap price (can save more than $100 if you choose Ghostbed mattress) and it combines the advantage of latex and memory foam.

Casper mattress also uses latex+memory foam + high-density form structure, totally 10 inches high. but the price is higher than Ghostbed. The biggest advantage is its history, it releases earlier than Helix and Ghostbed.

The firmness scale of Ghostbed and Casper can’t be customized, they are neither firm nor soft, which fits the requirement of most people, but not for everyone.  Only Ghostbed has removable and machine washable cover.

Another competitor is Brooklyn bedding, who uses 2″ of Cool & Responsive Talalay Latex+2″ of Dunlop Latex+6″ of High-Density Poly Foam structure, the firmness of B.B can’t be customized, but it has two firmness scale to pick up. medium soft or medium firm.

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Size, price, Warranty, shipping, Free trial

  • Shipping – Shipping is free to all of the United States. All Canadian orders will incur a non-refundable shipping fee of CAD$150.
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Return – For free, but need to free trial for at least 30 days.
  • Discounts$50 off Coupon here when checking out. Below list is price before use this coupon.
  • Made in the USA
Size Price
Twin $600
Twin XL $700
Full $800
Queen $900
King $995
California King $995
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Where to buy

From official site or from Amazon, but I truly suggest you buy from the official site because you can use this  $50 off coupon if you buy from the official site, Amazon can’t use this coupon.

And if you buy from Amazon, you can’t enjoy 100 days free trial from the official site, you can only enjoy 30 days free return from Amazon.


Helix mattress will be a good choice for you. The unique concept for a fully customizable mattress gives your own suitable design. The online sell-delivery can save your time and money. And the strong customer service and financial security would give you a good mattress shopping online.

9.4 Total Score

Helix is the only mattress company whose firmness is customizable based on your condition and behaviors like weight, height, sleeping position.. And it uses 3 materials in this mattress, latex to provide bouncy and cool, pocket coil to provide support, memory foam to provide comfort, if you don't know how to pick up the correct mattress, just reference Helix.

  • Can personalize your mattress based on your prefer
  • Bouncy is very good, friendly for sex
  • More affordable and better than Saatva
  • Special 4 layers structure design
  • Cover is not removable
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