Mattress Size Chart And Dimensions

You probably know by now there are ample of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a mattress. From choosing a brand to the kind of mattress, to how firm it should be and what kind of budget is reasonable to invest in, it is easy to get lost in it all.

Nevertheless, if there is one thing you need to pay specific attention to is mattress size. Remember, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The best bed size really depends on who will be sleeping on it. There are several other factors to keep in mind before making your purchase.

It is also a good idea to upgrade your mattress if you have it for a quite a while. Nowadays, there are plenty of new mattress sizes options available to cater for any need.

The following is an overview of what’s currently available, starting with King and working on down to Twin. This thorough mattress size comparison will ensure that the bed you purchase fits your specific needs.

How to choose the right mattress size

There are some key factors to take into consideration before deciding on a mattress size.

How to choose the right mattress size



You must definitely think of the sleep footprint you will leave. This means considering if the bed will sleep one or two people. And if so, how big or small those bodies are. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Obviously, you will need a mattress that is at least longer than the tallest person sleeping on it.
  2. An easy way to calculate how much space you will need, is to take note the amount of space you, or you and your partner will take up, and then add some extra space, so that you don’t feel squeezed in the bed or roll off if too close to the edge of the bed.
  3. The bed width should allow sufficient space to fold your arms behind your head without having to touch your partner’s elbows or going beyond the mattress edge.
  4. If you or your partner or both tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep, then you should add even more margin.
  5. Keep in mind that mattress measurements are slightly less than standard bed size, to ensure the mattress fits inside the frame.

Based on the above tips, as a general rule, if only one person will be sleeping in the bed, then a twin, twin XL or full-size mattress will work. For two people, a Queen, King or California King bed will give both sleepers ample space(take a look at the difference between king and queen), ensuring you receive a good night’s sleep.

The chart below offers a brief overview of all mattress sizes currently available in the market.

Different mattress size choices

Different mattress size choices

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Dimension, Pros, And Cons For Each Size

King mattress size

King size mattresses nowadays come in plenty of options, ranging from sizes to special configurations or shapes.


Roundup: If your bedroom space allows it, a king size mattress is the best choice for couples. You get the equivalent of two Twin XL beds while it is great for growing families or if you own a pet.

Ideal for: Master bedrooms –being the most popular choice

  • Having an extra 16’’ of width (8’’ per person), king size mattresses are perfect for couples to provide a more comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience than a queen would.
  • Kings are also ideal if either partner gets hot or usually tosses and turns a lot during the night. A king is great also if you have pets or children who like to climb into bed with you
  • A practical advantage is how king mattresses have split box springs to make it easier to navigate through the stairs and corners.
  • King size mattresses require a large room being significantly wider than a queen. They are also heavier(see our choice for heavy people).

California king mattress size


Roundup: If you love additional length in your sleeping surface, a California King is just right for you since 4’’ of width are taken from a traditional king mattress and added to the length.

Ideal for: Large master bedrooms

  • At 84” long, which is 4’’ longer than King Size, California King Mattresses are perfect for taller persons or anybody who wants more length in their mattress.
  • It also provides each sleeper 6” more sleeping width than a Queen Size bed.
  • This mattress size is great for use with an adjustable bed base, providing ample length even with the head and/or foot elevated.
  • Overall, a California King Size Bed offers sufficient space for family, pets and general lounging.
  • This is the biggest mattress size and space limitations might become a real issue. It is essential to carefully measure your room dimensions before buying one of these beds.
Tip: If you have children or animals sharing your bed, a king or California King Bed is the perfect option as it will give everyone plenty of room to sleep comfortable all night long.

Split top king mattress size


Roundup: Also referred to as a Split Head King, this is a newer entry into the market.

Ideal for: Couples with different sleep preferences。

  • This mattress size can be used with a power adjustable base, featuring a split in the head section of the mattress about a third of the way down.
  • This split allows separate movement of a head portion of the bed, which is the section that has the largest range of movement.
  • The idea behind this design is to allow for couples to cuddle while sleeping without the seam of a Split mattress. The foot of the bed, can still be operated separately, but is one piece.
  • You might find it difficult to get sheets for this type of mattress size.

Fun Fact: A “Split King” bed with an adjustable base, is like ordering two Twin XL beds.

Split Top California King Mattress Size


Roundup: This mattress size is exactly the same as Split Top King above, except for the size, which is 4” longer and 4” less wide.

Ideal for: Taller couples who like to cuddle while sleeping however also seek the comfort options that a power base provides. Also good for couples whose pet sleeps at the foot of the bed.


This option features two mattresses used side by side, for a total size of 76”W x 80”L.
Roundup: A newer addition to King size mattresses, Split Kings are made for use with power adjustable bases.
Ideal for: Couples with different sleep preferences

  • Offering dual adjustability, Split King Beds and Split King Mattresses are the best option for couples with 1)Different sleep preferences or schedules 2)Difference firmness taste 3)Different body temperatures
  • For example, having a Split King Mattress means one partner can read elevated while the other sleeps flat. Or one partner choosing a natural latex if he or she sleeps hot, and the other choosing a memory foam mattress if he or she sleeps cool. The massage function, if available, can also be used separately without causing any disturbance to the other partner.
  • As far as sheets, you can either sleep with one big flat sheet, or get your own completely different twin sheet sets and blankets, if one of you is known to steal the covers.
  • Couples who like to cuddle find the seam down the middle rather bothersome. Split Kings take equal space as regular Kings, and are generally more expensive.

Split California King Size


This option features two mattresses used side by side, for a total size of 72”W x 84”L.

Roundup: Split California Kings are made for use with power adjustable bases and are a perfect fit if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences.

Ideal for: Couples with different sleep /schedules and firmness preferences.

  • This mattress size is great to provide with ample space and length for each sleeper. In particular, Split California King Beds offer an array of options for couples who have different preferences in mattress firmness, sleeping positions or maintain different sleep schedules.
  • In the event that the power base has a massage function, this can also be used separately by each partner, therefore without causing any disturbance to the other partner.
  • Couples which prefer cuddling while sleeping sometimes find the seam down the middle bothersome.

Queen Mattress Size

QUEEN, 60”W X 80”L

Roundup: The Queen size mattress became popular in the 80’s and is since the most popular size mattress for couples. The reason being the 6″ difference in width and length make for a more comfortable and non-disturbed sleeping environment.

Ideal for: Couples, guest rooms

  • The most popular bed size, A Queen size mattress is perfect for couples with moderately sized bedrooms, bigger guest rooms, or couples who just like to sleep close together. It allows for more space than a full-size mattress, with an extra 6” of width and 6” of length.
  • You can choose a Queen size also if you prefer more living space in your master bedroom. A Queen mattress as the smallest width bed size that’s longer than a twin or full is ideal also for someone who likes additional width and height while sleeping, for example if you are taller than average.
  • Prefer a King size mattress if you leave a bigger sleep footprint, as queen size mattresses can feel cramped.

Split Top Queen Mattress Size


Roundup: Also known as Split Head Queen. This mattress is built for couples with moderately sized bedrooms interested in getting the maximum level of comfort of their adjustable power base.

  • If there are different sleeping preferences or habits, this is an ideal mattress option. Each partner can enjoy separate movement on his or her sides of the bed.
  • Interestingly, the top section of the mattress is designed to allow separate movement of the head portion of the bed (which is the section that with the largest range of movement). Towards this end, it is split about a third of the way down, allowing separate movement of the head portion of the bed.
  • The foot of the bed can still function separately, however it is one piece. Therefore, couples can sleep and cuddle in the middle comfortably unlike the Split Queen.
  • Not any sheets match this bed size, and it could be a bit difficult to find special sheets to fit a Split Top Queen.

Split Queen Size


Don’t get confused. This only means you get two mattresses used side by side, for a total size of 60”W x 80”L!

Roundup: Not a trendy option today. Split Queen Beds are made for use with power adjustable bases.

  • This type of mattress is perfect for minimum motion transfer. If a couple has a different preference is a mattress in terms of firmness, sleeping position, body temperature or schedules, this is a perfect solution.
  • Having half the space since you split a smaller mattress in the middle, means you can feel cramped at a width of only 30’’. In addition, if you like to cuddle during the evening, choosing a split queen is not the best option perhaps since some people find the seam down the middle bothersome. Plus, sheets can be hard to find for a Split Queen.

Full-Size Mattress

FULL, 54”W X 74”L

Roundup: Full or double mattresses offer more width than twin size mattresses and are ideal for one person or developing children. It is not a good option for two people since divided in half, only leaves 27’’ of sleep space (similar to a crib mattress), therefore does not provide with enough comfort.

Ideal for: Small guest rooms, single sleepers who need more space (taller person)

  • Over 50 years ago, when houses and rooms where smaller, full mattresses were commonly preferred for a couple. However, today this mattress size is great for tiny studio apartments, small guest rooms, single sleepers or children who need more space. The additional 16” of width compared to a twin, allows one sleeper to spread out comfortably as long as they aren’t too tall. Full-size mattresses are a perfect fit for vintage beds since people used to be smaller decades ago.
  • At only 27” per person, full mattresses are a tight fit for a couple and having the same length as a twin, means this mattress will be too short for adults taller than 5’5”.  Another downside is how there are no split power bases available for this size.

Standard Twin Size Mattress


Roundup: It is the smallest mattress size on the market that can fit an adult. Of course, this size is better for a child since an adult might feel cramped in it, especially if above average height or weight. In this sense, twin size mattresses are used for children’s rooms, bunk beds, daybeds and smaller spaces such as guest bedrooms.

Ideal for: Kids’ bedrooms, smaller guest spaces, daybeds

  • Twin mattresses can save lots of room space and they fit most standard bed frames. They are an economical solution usually considered for kids, teenagers, bunk beds, trundle beds and daybeds.
  • Obviously, this mattress is meant for one person only, child in particular and most people outgrow them by their adulthood. If an adult chooses a twin mattress, it’s best to go for a Twin XL bed size to feel more comfortable.

Twin XL Size Mattress

TWIN XL, 38”W X 80”L

Roundup: Twin XL mattresses can save up lots of space and are usually found in dorm rooms, offering additional 5’’ of length to your sleeping space.

Ideal for: College dorm rooms, small apartments

  • A perfect option if you are a taller teen or young adult and don’t want to upgrade width-wise. Being as narrow as a twin, extra-long twins are ideal for college dorm rooms or studio apartments where they take up minimal space. You can also use them for guests and are a perfect choice for a child’s bedroom, as well as the only choice for bunk beds.
  • Although adding 6” of a length over a Standard Twin, still they maintain the same width as regular twin size mattress and could feel cramped for many adults. It is also most likely that kids will outgrow them too.

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Final Verdict For Mattress Size Chart Dimensions

So, which bed size is right for you? It all comes down to your individual needs, whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner and so you need at least a Queen Mattress.

If you prefer having ample of space when you sleep or you enjoy the coziness of being attached to your partner, a California King Size is a great option.

Twin XL Size mattresses are great for developing children as a regular Twin size will not be enough until their adulthood.

Consider Split King Beds or Split California King Mattresses if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences or schedules and firmness taste since the dual adjustability is a great feature.

summary for each mattress size and best for

Whatever your decision, there are plenty of choices in terms of sizes for each major category so we are certain you will be satisfied. Just make sure to visit a store and try out the different sizes to get a sense of each size from up close before you commit.

Just remember that if you are looking for a great mattress, our ultimate mattress guide will also give you some other tips as well on what to look for before making your decision. Or you can reference the top 20 best mattresses 2019 we picked up for you to save time.

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