Top 3 mattresses you should think over before buying

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Casper Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
9.5 "
Latex+Memory foam
The structure is very similar to Ghostbed, but 1inch thin, friendly for sex, but customer feedback is not good on comfort and durability. Free trial and warranty is just industry standard, not deserve the money you pay, the company paid too much on advertisement but not on product quality and customer value.
$900 $950 $50 OFF
2 Saatva Mattress Review
15 years
75 nights
11.5 "
Memory foam+Pocket coil
A lot of positive review, also lots of negative review for the metrial they used, some customer complain it sleeps hot, only 75 nights free trial and shipping need extra charge even within US
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3 Purple Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
9.5 "
You need to pay $999 for a queen size, 9.5 inches,3 layers mattress, the hihlight is the hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid, it sleeps cool and provided bouncy we need, not lack of contouring and don't sleep very comfortable,think over before buying.
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  • Casper started their business a long time ago, and I recognize that it’s one of the best well known online mattress companies in the world. Personally, I am not a fan, because its mattresses are too firm, especially for a skinny person or side sleepers, but it could be a fine choice for heavy people.  Money-wise, if you choose them, you get Ghostbed, a decent choice at a cheaper price, therefore why waste your cash?
  • Saatva is another very famous online mattress firm, they started their business 2010 and skyrocketed since with huge sales. Nevertheless, this is still a coil mattress (they use coil on coil structure), and some customers (although not many) complain about sagging and lack of motion isolation; some of them even reported that the “ECO friendly material” as it was claimed was not as good as expected. These issues might have something to do with the fact that the company released Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven to extend their business.
  • Purple Although only 9.5″ high, it is sold at $999 for queen size, and compared with most memory foam, its lack of contouring did poor on motion isolation. Compared with latex mattress, there is also obvious lack of bouncy. The only advantage of Purple appears to be how it enables cool sleeping. But considering its price, I would say there are definitely better choices to pick from in the market.

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