Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro is one of the highest rating memory foam mattresses on Amazon, there are many Pros on this mattress.

Compared with other similar products, Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro is thicker, this is a 4 layers structure memory foam mattress, as tall as 12 inches. While most of the other online mattress is 10 inches.

And has a very long warranty time, as long as 25 years. This is the almost the longest warranty period I know,  most of the mattress manufactures claim only 10 years. This shows  Perfect Cloud is very confident with their products.

This is a medium to firm mattress, it’s extremely comfortable for back sleepers and front sleepers, and friendly to side sleepers.

The price is also very attractive, Queen size only need no more than $600 on Amazon, really good deal?

Actually, there are 3 kinds of memory foam mattress on Prefect Cloud, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. All of them are highly rated by Amazon customers, but through our review, the 12 inches  Elegance Gel-Pro is the most comfortable of them, neither too firm nor too soft, and it also provides the best support, so we would recommend it to everyone.

But if are looking for a cheaper model, you can reference them as well.

What’s the structure of Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro mattress

12 inches memory foam mattress structure

  • The top layer is 1 inch HD air infused memory foam, memory foam is soft, and you will sink into it if it’s too thick, and one common problem of memory foam is it’s not good at dissipating heat, so I guess this is the reason why they choose air infused memory foam, it can benefit from comfortable and of memory foam, and resolve the problem of dissipating heat.
  • The second layer is also air infused memory foam(1.5 inches),  but this layer more firm than the first layer, so we mentioned if the memory foam is too thick, you may sink into it and lack of bounce back feeling.
  • The third layer is 2-inch gel memory foam, why need the gel layer? this is the common solution of most of the mattress manufacturer to prevent heat, it will give you cool feeling when you lay on mattress, this is good but not enough, because you may feel cool firstly, but if lay on longer, this may don’t work, especially for the heavy people, so this layer worked together with top layers to make sure you are cool during sleeping all the time.
  • The fourth layer is 7.5 inches support foam, support is very important, especially for the one with back pain, years ago doctor will recommend sleeping on firm mattress if you have back pain, but if mattress is too firm, you won’t have good sleep, research show medium to firmness with good support layer is the best mattress for back pain.
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What’s the cover of this mattress

cover of perfect cloud mattress

Most online mattress companies’ mattress is very simple, but Perfect Cloud’s mattress is different from them, it has a textile Stretch Knit Cover, which features their newest Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer Technology, this special mesh allows air to flow freely in and out of your mattress which keeps your mattress fresh and cool.

This cover is removable, this is another advantage compared with most other mattresses, whose mattress cover can’t be removed. But please note is can spot clean only. Do not place in washing machine or dryer. Use water only, or water with mild soap. Rinse, and squeeze out water gently. Allow to air dry only, away from direct sunlight and heat.

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Firmness scale and sleep position

The firmness scale would be 5-7/10(10 is the hardest),  which would be suitable for the most person with any kind of sleeping positions. But if you are looking for an extremely soft feeling (firmness scale 2-4), this is not your best mattress.

As we mentioned, this mattress works perfect for both back sleepers and stomach(front) sleepers, it’s neither too firm nor too soft, can provide perfect support and comfort. But how about side sleepers?

For most people, yes, but from customer feedback, if you are a heavy guy, you may kinda sink into the mattress, and then you may need to change positions because of the mattress contours to your body and so you’re kinda in a slight sinkhole.

Overall, this is maybe the softest mattress which claims they have the medium to firm feel.

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Other features

Perfect Cloud Elegance from responsive materials to ensure it accommodates nearly all sleepers, from 40 to 400 pounds. So whatever your weight or sleeping position (back, side, starfish), you’ll sleep great.

25 years warranty, very long warranty time. Rick free choice.

Designed in the USA, like most other online mattress companies.

CertiPUR-US certified
– Made without ozone depleters
– Made without PBDE flame retardants
– Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
– Made without formaldehyde
– Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
– Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Free shipping on Amazon, they don’t have a retail store, and they don’t sell their mattress on perfect cloud official site. They cut the cost on retail costs and re-engineering the supply chain to deliver a very competitive price.

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Review from other customers

I usually never write reviews because I just don’t have time to bother with it, but I feel I must write one for this mattress!

I was extremely, I mean extremely skeptical about ordering this mattress because the company did not offer any kind of trial period, and I was afraid the warranty is a bunch of b.s….I almost refused the package when it was delivered, I was THAT scared to open it and try it! It’s a big expense, and I knew if I opened it, there would be no returning it…BUT my husband kept reassuring me it would at least be better than the mattress we had. So we opened it, it took just a few hours to expand, and…OMG we both slept like rocks that night, and every night since! It’s been a couple weeks now, and every night gets better…really! I no longer have hip or neck pain, and my husband no longer wakes up with a back ache! It was a miracle, instantly. Even when we have to get up to use the potty, we get back in bed and immediately go back to sleep…it’s never been this easy to go back to sleep before! We are both really amazed at this mattress. It feels like a ten thousand dollar mattress, no exaggeration.

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 Do we have other similar product?

8.6 Total Score
King of the cheap but very comfortable mattress

The Perfect Cloud 12” Gel Plus Memory Foam Mattress is everything you’re looking for in a mattress. You’ll get great sleep and wake up with little to no pain at all. The high quality materials that are designed with comfort in mind will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud every night. Add in a 25 year warranty and you have a mattress that you’ll love sleeping on for years.

  • Suitable for any kind of sleeping positions
  • 4 memory foam layer design, sleep cool
  • Price is cheaper than similar products
  • Mattress cover is removable
  • Very long warranty
  • Only 30 days free trial
  • No coupon
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