Ikrema Mattress Review

Ikrema Mattress Review
Ikrema Mattress Review

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Overview: If you are interested in a high-quality memory foam mattress which comes at an affordable price, then Ikrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam mattress could be what you are looking for.



So, what is the Ikrema MaxComfortPedic mattress made of?

The Ikrema Mattress is a 10’’ all foam mattress consisting of 3 layers of foam and is 4 pounds dense and hypoallergenic.

Mattress cover. This is a machine-washable fabric designed in Belgium, yet manufactured in the USA.  According to the company, it is made of matelassé ‘Victoria Elas’ 14-percent viscose, 3-percent elastane, and 83-percent polyester with ‘iK logo’.

If you take a closer look, you will notice we are talking about a highly porous material (featuring corduroy side panels) which is breathable, allows good airflow and handles heat retention great. The cover has a nice soft plush feel and we like what they did with the unique waterfall edge design.

Ikrema Mattress cover

1.5 Top Comfort Layer – This layer consists of cool Memory Tex foam, a patented foam which allows adapting to your weight and shape. This is perfect for the body contour, cooling, and breathability, as well as support for the mattress. Concurrently, memory foam minimizes movement from one sleeper to the next, so you sleep undisturbed.

1.5 Middle Support Layer – This layer is another 2″ of Memory Tex foam for enhanced support and pressure relief for optimum comfort, while it also helps sustain a cooling effect.

7 Foundation Layer – This layer is 7″ of Breathable High Density (HD) Base Foam which provides the essential support and deep compression the body requires. In addition, it has an open-cell technology for combined breathability and stability.

Breathable High Density (HD) Base Foam


The Ikrema claims it is a universal comfort mattress, with only one firmness option available. We would rank it at a 6 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest.

If you are a bit overweight, you might think the Ikrema Mattress feels a bit firmer, yet this is common however you will not feel any sinking all the way through the mattress. The sinkage is of 3 inches, which is relatively good for a softer bed.


The Ikrema Mattress is definitely a winner when it comes to comfort as it provides the kind of hug and contour which make it both soft and pleasing to sleep in. However, you will not experience the “stuck” feeling that often comes with foam mattresses.

Overall, perhaps it feels firmer for heavier people, yet it is just right if you are light weighted.


Support is crucial and Ikrema can evidently provide this in all sleeping positions, even for heavier sleepers, as it offers enough to give in the comfort layers to not cause any pain as some memory foam mattresses do.

Doesn’t Sleep Hot

The Ikrema does not sleep hot really, thanks to its open cell ThermoGel structure and breathable cover. However, you might sense a bit of heat retention if you sleep with a partner.

Still, you will not experience any stickiness or excessive sweat, which is the case in some memory foam mattresses.

Motion Transfer

The Ikrema Mattress does not have any real motion transfer issues, although being 11 inches which does have its limitations. There were no real disruption issues when sleeping with a partner, although some minor motion was noticeable.

However, since sinkage is a matter of weight really, and Ikrema will not let you sink all the way to the foundation if you are over 200lbs. You will likely sense the support layers though as you compress the top layers.

Edge Support

The Ikrema MaxComfort Mattress did a decent job with edge support when sitting at the edge of the mattress. Being a bit heavier means you might experience some more sinking though we think it is unlikely you will “roll off” near the edges.


There is an average amount of smell when unpacking the Ikrema mattress. It is common for memory foam mattresses, however, you should relax knowing that Ikrema is environmentally certified and does not emit toxic off-gassing. The little small dissipates quickly.


The Ikrema is manufactured in the USA in the company’s factory with premium materials according to industry standards. According to our data, it scores above average satisfaction ratings and is gaining preference among consumers.

is manufactured in the USA in the company’s factory with premium materials according to industry standards.

Value for money

Ikrema has two different mattress types for their customers. They have the Ikrema SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Ikrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress which we reviewed here. The two beds have approximately $400 price gap.

Our opinion is that the Ikrema MaxComfortPedic costs a bit more than other mattresses offering similar features, coming at $1200 for a Queen. Of course, you can take advantage of our coupon and save, if you click the link below. Here’s an overview of how the Ikrema MaxComfortPedic is priced depending on its size:

Size Price(before coupon)
Twin $900
Twin XL $925
Full $1100
Queen $1200
King $1450
Cal King $1450

Ikerema mattress size
Shipping and return policy/warranty

Ikrema provides free shipping within the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, via FedEx so you should expect your package to arrive in 2-7 business days.

The company offers standard customer service for a “bed-in-a-box” mattress. You have 101 day free trial period to decide if the mattress suits you. If you want to return your mattress, the company will pick it up for free and issue a full refund.

The company also offers the 10-year industry standard warranty and quite friendly customer support.

shipping and warranty

The Ikrema Mattress arrives in a portable 19x19x42 size box which makes it easy to handle and maneuver.

The company recommends you let 48 hours pass before the mattress returns to its original shape and it fully expands, although you could sleep on it the same day.

bed frame

It is also good to air the mattress for a few hours before you settle it down since vacuum sealing can trap odors.

Below are a few suggestions on how to unbox and place your new Ikrema mattress.

Below are a few suggestions on how to unbox and place your new Ikrema mattress.


You will be pleased to know that Ikrema mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are free of toxic gas and chemicals. They do not contain any ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardant, and heavy metals. In addition, the Ikrema complies with environmental standards of Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

The Fabric used has Tencel which allows better airflow and feels cool.
The Ikrema Mattress is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and naturally antimicrobial.

Highlight and added advantage

Among the different qualities of Ikrema Mattress is how it keeps you cool. The reason being is the ThermaGel Memory foam™ (“MemoryTex”), whose structure allows to adapt to the individual and support and cushion the body.

Infusing gel into viscoelastic foam results in a widening of the glass transition temperature range of conventional memory foam. This creates room for ThermaGel to provide a more restful sleep since it allows greater pressure relief and comfort across a wide range of temperatures.

ThermaGel combines the improved open-cell viscoelastic with the high heat capacity and conductivity of gel reaching even 7 times more than traditional Visco foams would, acting as a thermoregulator.

ikrema mattress is great if you

Want a soft plush bed – You will love the plush soft effect and hugging feel of the ikrema Mattress!

Turn and toss in the evening – With minimal motion transfer, the ikrema Mattress is ideal if you sleep with a partner as it is highly unlikely you will disturb him/her!

Want a cool sleeping experience – Ikrema has put considerable thought in ensuring their mattress sleeps cool and you can definitely count on the breathable premium fabric and materials all around to keep you cool during the night.

ikrema mattress is not for you if

Prefer innerspring or latex – Ikrema has memory foam all over. It is soft and plush so it won’t please you if you like the responsiveness of coils or latex.

Are on a budget – Ikrema has two designs to choose from. The iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress reviewed here is relatively expensive compared to its competitors. In this sense, you might want to consider getting the SuperPerdic although there are other alternatives similar to MaxComfort at a better price.

Final Verdict

The Ikrema MaxComfort mattress is one great all foam mattress which delivers quality, comfort and cool sleeping experience.

While it offers the classic memory foam feel as it hugs the body and contours to its shape, it does not share the negative effects memory foam mattresses can often have like feeling stuck.

In addition, it is highly recommended for couples since it is both supportive and offers pressure relief. On the other hand, it does not allow motion transfer, sinking or has any edge support problems.

Overall, we would recommend the Ikrema for a range of sleepers.

8.9 Total Score

Motion transfer
Smell/Off Gassing
  • A soft mattress that hugs and snuggles the sleeper while offering sound support
  • Perfect for hotter climates because it sleeps very cool
  • Soft top surface lacks the responsiveness of latex or spring mattresses
  • Slight Off-Gassing
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