Idle Sleep Dual Feel Mattress Review(12″)

$899 $1,199.00
Idle Sleep Dual Feel Mattress Review(12″)
Idle Sleep Dual Feel Mattress Review(12″)
Idle Sleep Dual Feel Mattress Review(12″)
$899 $1,199.00

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This post was last updated on July 7th, 2019

With the passage of time mattresses wear out and break down, therefore, they have to be strong enough to give you that comfort night after night when you lay on them for relaxing. This is where IDLE understands you because they develop the mattresses that you can use on both sides because “2 sides are better than 1.”

The 12-inch All Foam dual feel mattresses from IDLE are designed so that you can use them on both sides by just flipping over. It also increases the lifespan of the mattress and you can continue to enjoy your rest time after a tiresome day for many years to come.

IDLE 12-inch All Foam Dual Feel model is good for you if

  • You prefer 2-sided mattresses over one-sided ones
  • You consider durability premium characteristic of a mattress
  • You want a thicker mattress
  • You or your partner move a lot while sleeping
  • You like to sleep on your back or on your side
  • You like the feeling of pure foam mattress
  • You want to get mattress at an affordable price
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IDLE 12-inch All Foam Dual Feel model isn’t good for you if

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Key Physiognomies

  • You can use all IDLE SLEEP from both sides because all of them have 2-sided design. You can conveniently flip your mattress over to reduce body impressions or sag in the foam. It is effective in extended the life of your IDLE mattress.
  • The price of this IDLE model is fairly comparable to many other brands that have one-sided mattresses for their customers.
  • You can enjoy cooler sleep due to the IDLE’s exclusive Thermocool fabric that is designed to regulate your body temperature all night long.
  • The Cooling Buoyancy Foam from IDLE is equipped with the capabilities to reduce the pressure points and prevent you from tossing and turning over so you can enjoy a restful sleep that you deserve.
  • The two-sided foam has different firmness levels on both sides. On one side they are medium firm while on another side they are luxury firm. So by flipping the mattress over you are not only extending the life of your mattress but you are also enjoying two different firmness levels based on your preferences.
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The weight of this 12-inch foam is 106lbs being the queen size. The materials used inside this 12-inch IDLE product are Super Soft Quilting foam along with the IDLE custom buoyancy foam that is similar to memory foam but with a more improved reaction time and last but not the least is the foam core.

Because you can use the mattress on both the sides IDLE has equipped the mattress with comfort foam layers on both sides so that you can flip it over whenever you need. The feature that sets IDLE mattresses apart from the competition is that it is a 2-sided mattress. It is medium on one side and firm on the other.

On both medium and firm sides, the Thermocool fabric covers the mattress and it works with the natural thermal capabilities of your body with help of its smart fiber cross-sections. There is IDLE Quilting Foam layer on both sides as well that is 0.5-inch with 1.5lbs density

  • Medium Side
  • 2-inch IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam layer with 3.5lbs density
  • 2-inch IDLE Support Foam (Poly Transition layer) with 1.8lb density
  • 4-inch High-Density Foam Core layer with 1.8lb density
  • Firm Side
  • 2-inch IDLE Support Foam (Poly Transition layer) with 1.8lb density
  • 2-inch IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam layer with 3.5lb density
  • And then the half inch Quilting Foam layer again with 1.5lbs density

The industry standards for the density of a core foam layers ranges between 1.5lbs to 1.8lbs. The density of 12-inch All Foam Dual Feel is 1.835lbs to be precise so, it is higher than the industry standards plus, the layer is four-inches thick as well. It ensures that the mattress does not lose its shape for an extended period and you can further improve the time by flipping the sides too.

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Firmness scale of idle sleep mattress 12 inches all foam


The 12-inch All Foam Dual Feel has all the layers made of foam and for this reason, it provides your body with the consistent firmness level no matter which side you choose. The two inch top layer of IDLE Buoyancy Foam ensures that you get the appropriate surface to sleep on all night long.

The quilting foam keeps your body cool during your rest time and the two-inch poly transition layer ensures that the foam handles motion transfer exceptionally. The four-inch-thick core foam layer does the job to provide a stable support so you can sleep tight and wake up the next day, ready to take on one comes your way.


The half inch top layer of Thermocool fabric ensures to regulate your body temperature throughout the time you spend on the mattress either while sleeping or resting. It helps in reducing the restlessness and makes your body feels rejuvenated when you wake up. The fabric is designed to integrate with natural thermal characteristics of your body with help of the smart fiber cross-sections. These fibers work well to keep your body cool when you are feeling hot and keep your body warm when you are feeling cold.


Buoyance foam vs memory foam

Pressure relief properties are the most important aspect that you need to consider when buying a mattress. You don’t want to get up after a full night’s rest with body aches, back or joint pains. This is where IDLE’s 12-inch product comes in handy. It has less pushback force against your body with the Buoyancy Foam layer especially if you compare it with the regular memory foams. This layer will guarantee a cloud-like feeling and you won’t experience the sinking sensation that you feel in case of memory foams. The buoyancy layer offers fast response and you won’t feel that you are stuck in your bed.

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Value for Money

IDLE’s 12-inch model is priced competitively when you consider that this mattress will last longer than most others. Most of the mattresses only offer one-sided mattresses that have very short lifespan because you can only use them from one side. The 12-inch foam is 2-sided and it is all-foam underneath. Both these characteristics have a significant role to play when we talk about durability and longevity of the product.

Size                    Price(Before Coupon)

Twin                  $799

Twin XL            $849

Full                     $899

Queen               $1,199

King                   $1,499

California King $1,499


The IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam is developed without using any visco-elastic chemicals which keeps it cool and perform better than memory foam. You won’t experience any off-gassing due to the all-foam composition. On top of that, the Thermocool fabric also has smart fiber cross-sections that integrate with the thermal abilities of your body and maintain the body temperature no matter how long you stay in the mattress.

Motion Isolation

Another benefit of all-foam construction is that it is very good when it comes to motion isolation. If you or your partner move a lot while sleeping then this mattress will work wonders for you guys. The strong base layer along with foam construction of the support layers there is a minimum-to-no motion that you will feel on it.


Again due to the all-foam construction and no chemical compounds used in the manufacturing it has high breathability and won’t off-gas at all. You might feel some odor in the first couple of days but with the passage of time, the odor fades away.


There is no doubt that 2-sided mattresses last longer than the one-sided mattresses. It has a strong base layer that enables it to retain its shapes after years and you can also change the sides to improve the lifespan of the product.


IDLE offers free of cost shipping and handling services to all its customers. There will be no hidden fees that the company will charge you. If there are any additional charges the company will notify you well of time. When you have placed your order and confirmed it the company will deliver the mattress to your doorstep in 3 to 10 working days.


The 12-inch All Foam Dual Feel mattresses from IDLE have a lifetime warranty. Within this period if you have a warranty claim then IDLE will repair or replace your mattress for you. After the ten years if you want to claim your warranty then you will get a new 12-inch mattress with 50% discount.  With your purchase, you will also get a 120 Nights Sleep Trial with which you can try out the mattress and decide whether or not it is good for you.


The company has ensured that it doesn’t use any harmful techniques or hazardous chemicals in the making of its mattresses. All of the layers of this mattress are certified from CertiPUR-US. All the mattresses are made in the US at one of the three factories partners.

Additional Advantage

For the time being, the IDLE is offering $300 off if you use WINTER300 code at checkout and immediately $300 will be waived off from the total amount that you are paying for your mattress. The discount is available for all products that are already available at very competitive prices if you consider that these are 2-sided mattresses and most of the brands sell one-sided mattresses at the same price.
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Final Verdict

Overall, IDLE beds are the 2-sided beds that work well with most types of sleepers because they don’t lose their shape and you can change the side whenever you want. This bed is equipped with all the features and yet you can buy them at an affordable price which adds extra value.

9.4 Total Score

Motion isolation
  • Double sides design
  • More than one firmness scale
  • Perfect for motion isolation
  • Good for pressure relief
  • Cooler than pure memory foam
  • Lifetime warranty and long trial period
  • Affordable price
  • Not as bouncy as latex or innerspring model
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