Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)

$1,390.00 $1,690.00
Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
$1,390.00 $1,690.00

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This post was last updated on July 7th, 2019

The 14-inch Double Sided Latex Hybrid mattress from IDLE is a 2-sided mattress with different firmness level on each side. The Latex Hybrid bed has one side with luxury firm and the other side with medium level firmness. You can use it on both sides based on your preferences. IDLE’s philosophy is “2 sides are better than 1” which means that the mattresses that you can use from both sides have better longevity and durability as compared to the one-sided beds. The Latex Hybrid comes at a very affordable price too.

Key Characteristics

  • Due to the Latex layer, the 14-inch Hybrid will enable you to sleep on the mattress as compared to sleeping in it.
  • With IDLE’s Latex hybrid you will feel cool during your sleep and forget about waking up all sweaty due to the IDLE’s exclusive Thermocool fabric that is designed to regulate your body temperature while you are in it.
  • IDLE beds are priced fairly especially if you compare them with other products that offer one-sided mattresses at similar rates.
  • The two-sided bed has different firmness levels on each side. On one side it is medium firm while on the other side it is a luxury firm. So by flipping the mattress over you are not only extending the life of your mattress but you are also enjoying two different firmness levels based on your preferences.
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IDLE 14-inch Latex Hybrid mattresses are good for you if

  • You prefer sleeping cool and don’t like to wake up sweaty
  • You prefer firmness and like to sleep on the mattress instead of sleeping in it
  • You consider that performance and durability are the most important features of a mattress
  • You prefer 2-sided mattresses over one-sided ones
  • You prefer a thicker mattress
  • You have enough budget(queen size may cost you over $1,000)
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IDLE 14-inch Latex Hybrid mattresses aren’t good for you if

  • You prefer that your mattress should envelop your body
  • You don’t like to flip your beds
  • You or your partner move a lot while sleeping
  • You don’t like the feeling of latex foam
  • You don’t like pocketed coil mattress
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The weight of the 14-inch bed is 162lbs for the queen size. The materials used inside the IDLE Latex Hybrid bed include Super Soft Quilting foam layer along with Talalay Latex and Quantum Edge-to-Edge Coil unit. Moreover, on both sides, there are Comfort foam layers as well for added convenience.

Structure of idle sleep latex mattress

IDLE has equipped the bed with two separate comfort foam layers on each side which maintains the shape of it no matter which side you use. This characteristic gives IDLE beds a competitive advantage over other brands. Like all other products from the company, the Latex Hybrid is medium firm on one side and luxury firm on the other. It is medium on one side and firm on the other.

The company has used their signature Thermocool fabric cover integrated with All Natural Organic Cotton on this mattress and it does well to align with the natural thermal abilities of your body to keep the temperature regulated at all times using its smart fiber cross-sections while improving the breathability of the bed itself. There is IDLE Quilting Foam layer on both sides as well that is 1-inch with 1.5lbs density

Medium Side

  • 3-inch Talalay Latex (14-19 IFD)
  • 6-inch Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocket Coils

Firm Side

  • 3” Talalay Latex (25-29 IFD)
  • Again a 1-inch Quilting Foam layer with 1.5 density

This model is designed to enable turning and flipping to keep the foam more even for an extended period of time. Furthermore, you will get to use two different firmness levels with just one bed. The coil count in queen size of this 14-inch model is 1052.

For a stronger edge support, the bed is equipped with Quantum Edge that forms a frame around IDLE’s Bolsa Nested unit. This combination provides a better edge as compared to memory foam. It also reduces or eradicates the roll-off feeling and maintains a steady sleep surface. The latex Hybrid is proven 26% more durable than other foam encasements. In addition to this, the Quantum Edge can bend 24% easier than foam encasements, which further improves the durability of moving parts of the bed.

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Firmness scale of idle sleep mattress 12 inches all foam

The 14-inch Latex Hybrid from IDLE has most of the layers made of foam while the base layer has coil system which means that the bed will be bouncier while it will also retain its shape with a strong support system. The Talalay Latex layer between the quilting layer and the quantum edge layer keeps everything together and integrates both the layers well while maintaining the firmness just the way you like it.

The quilting foam layer keeps your body cool during your sleep and the six-inch base layer with pockets coils ensures that the bed handles pressure points of your body too. The coils are equipped with quantum edge technology which improves their ability to work on your body and contour around it.

Comfort, Support, Value for money

People who prefer sleeping on firm beds love Latex because it also provides them with a feeling that they are sleeping on the mattress rather than sleeping in it. Moreover, you will sleep cool on this mattress because latex doesn’t trap body heat and due to the coil system the airflow through the mattress remains consistent.

The Latex Hybrid is also the most eco-friendly of all other IDLE mattresses because it has natural Latex and organic cotton and it is a huge selling point for those who are health conscious and prefer eco-friendly products.

If you are thinking about the support features then you must consider that Latex works well because it doesn’t allow your body to develop any aches, numbness or pains when you wake up in the morning. Due to the quantum edge technology, the coils used in the mattress are less rigid and the bed has less pushback effect on your body due to the Latex layer as well. It means that you won’t experience the sinking sensation and the mattress won’t hug your body while you are in it.

This version form IDLE is fairly priced especially when you see that it is a dual-sided mattress with a similar price tag like most other beds which you can’t flip over. One-sided beds have a short lifespan the only side you are using wears out quickly and you cannot change it. Furthermore, it also offers two different firmness levels; a feature that is not available in most of the products.

Size                    Price(Before coupon)

Twin                  $999

Twin XL             $1,085

Full                     $1,440

Queen               $1,690

King                   $1,790

California King $1,790

Breathability, Motion Isolation, Smell, Durability

Due to the 6-inch quantum Edge-to-Edge layer, the Latex Hybrid has maximum airflow and it improves the breathability of the bed overall. The Latex layer is also developed without using any visco-elastic chemicals. Both these layers contribute to eliminating any off-gassing. Moreover, the all natural organic cotton fabric used to cover the bed enhances the breathability and keeps you cool as well during the night.

Because of the coils system used in the mattress motion isolation will be a feature that you won’t find very useful when you consider Latex Hybrid. However, it still handles any motion caused by tossing or rolling over in the bed with the latex layer. But if you or your partner have a habit to move around frequently in the bed then the other person will feel it.

In the initial few days of your purchase when your Latex Hybrid is still known, you might experience a slight odor which will fade away after a few days. The mattress has excellent breathability due to its coil system in the base layer and all organic cotton fabric at the top.

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2-sided beds last longer than the one-sided ones. The 14-inch Latex Hybrid can be flipped over and the quantum edge technology of the coil system further improves the longevity due to high elasticity of the springs.

Shipping, Warranty/Return, Eco-Friendliness

IDLE provides free shipping and handling to all its customers and there are no hidden charges too. In case of any additional charges, IDLE will inform you in a timely fashion. All orders are delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 10 business days. You can also pick up your mattress upon request by selecting the correct option at the checkout. The company is soon introducing easy financing as ell through Klarna.

The 14-inch Latex Hybrid from IDLE has a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. If you have a warranty claim during the first ten years of your purchase then IDLE will repair or replace your bed for you. If you have a warranty claim after this period then you will get a new 14-inch Latex Hybrid at half price. Above all that, you will also get a 120 Nights Sleep Trial with which you can try out your Latex Hybrid and return it free of cost if you think it does not meet your requirements.

All of the layers of this mattress are certified from CertiPUR-US. The company has used natural Latex and organic cotton for the mattress.  IDLE has ensured that it doesn’t use any harmful techniques or hazardous chemicals in the making of its mattresses.

Additional Advantage

If you enter GETBEST300 promo code at checkout you will immediately receive a discount of $300 and it is applicable to all products from IDLE. It is a limited time offer and the discount is available on all mattresses. It is a great opportunity for you to try out their Hybrid Latex mattress because it is already available at a very competitive price and also considering the easy return policy.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the 14-inch Latex Hybrid from IDLE is the 2-sided beds that are good for most types of sleepers. The bed doesn’t lose its shapes due to top latex and pocketed coils system with maximum elasticity. You can always change the side whenever you think that the shape from one side is wearing.

9.4 Total Score

  • IDLE 14-inch Latex Hybrid is very effective when it comes to supporting level due to the 6-inch thick layer equipped with quantum edge pocketed coil system.
  • It also works well when we talk about comfort through it's all natural organic cotton fabric which is vital to regulate your body temperature.
  • The latex foam layer along with the pocketed coils limits off-gassing and prevents the development of smell.
  • The latex Hybrid provides longevity and durability due to its 2-sides and we all know that “2 sides are better than 1.”
  • Due to latex foam construction, the bed is the best-suited option for the people who like to sleep on the mattress and don't like the sinking sensation.
  • Due to coils at the base, the bed struggles when it comes to motion transfer despite the fact that IDLE has worked well to limit it up to some extent.
  • If you don’t like to flip your beds more often, then using the Latex Hybrid might be an issue for you.
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