Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)

$1,199.00 $1,499.00
Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review(14″)
$1,199.00 $1,499.00

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This post was last updated on July 7th, 2019

A super soft high quality 14’’ hybrid mattress for your ultimate comfort desires. This mattress of Queen Size by IDLE Sleep Company provides a better sleep with premium materials used in its manufacturing. A cross between a foam mattress and a traditional mattress, its 6 layers comforting technology will ensure your complete yet healthy sleep by its premium approach. Better than any latex or memory foam, this hybrid mattress incorporates features like no other.

Here, we have discussed its features, construction, the technology used, comfort, firmness levels and price to help you know why this can be one of the best mattresses you can have in your room.

Key features and specs

Hand-made in the USA, this hybrid mattress by IDLE sleep is a buy to consider. With its comforting features, technology which is discussed below in more detail and advantages over memory foams, it is the most suitable for your sleep needs.

The premium hybrid mattress by IDLE sleep equipped with 6 layer technology of comfort can provide you with the best sleep ever. Its 6 layers which include perfect cushioning, quilting foaming for comfort, buoyancy foam, coil systems and two sides makes it a perfect choice for your money.

Suitable for different type of sleepers, the Hybrid bed by IDLE sleep comes in two firmness levels. It has a ‘medium’ firmness level and a ‘Luxury firm’ level. Available in queen size with a weight of 142 lbs. it can easily adjust in your room. With the edge support, motion reduction and long-lasting durability, it is a must buy. Some other details are given below:

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Why is this mattress best for you?

If you don’t like an all foam mattress or a coil mattress, then this is the recommended one for you. It includes both the combination of springs and foam which makes it a hybrid one suitable for your sleep needs. This is a bouncy yet motion reduction featured making it ideal for your whole night sleep. Its premium approach ensures that all your body parts are in a perfectly comfortable position. So, saving you from back and shoulder pains after waking up.

Its luxurious buoyancy foam and cool sleep technology make it a mattress really worth buying. Easy to unwrap, expand and place at your desired location, you will be glad about its comfort and roomy quality. Also, if you want to save your money on unnecessary purchases of mattresses, its flipping feature will keep it compact and durable.

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Why should you not buy this?

It is a hybrid bed, which means it combines both spring and foam. For anybody looking for a complete foam mattress, this may not be the right choice. These foam beds are softer as compared to hybrid mattresses but may not last longer than a hybrid.

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Combining both springs and foam features, the hybrid mattress gives you the best cushioning comfort and bounce with its supportive coil system. The IDLE sleep hybrid is made of 6 layers which combination gives you a perfect sleep all night without putting pressure on any of your body parts. Its construction includes the following layers:

Structure of idle sleep hybrid mattress

Its 6 layers starting from the top are:

  • Thermocool upper fabric: it adjusts according to your body temperature and keeps you warm in winters and cooler in hot summers. Its smart fibers cross-sections maintain the perfect temperature.
  • Quilting Foam: the next layer of IDLE quilting foam is responsible for your ultimate comfort and an extra softness.
  • IDLE airflow foam: Making the foam breathable and cooler, the third layer has airflow foam which adds an extra bounce as well. It is ventilating and keeps you cool.
  • IDLE buoyancy foam: with the custom IDLE buoyancy foam, it keeps your body in a perfect position and support. This is the premium approach which ensures that your back and shoulders are perfectly aligned and not pressurized.
  • 6’’ edge-to-edge pocketed coils: this layer provides the best support and saves you from rolling out of bed.
  • Two-sided: with the same 3 layers, this mattress is more durable than many others available in the market.
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Firmness Level

There is two firmness level available in this IDLE hybrid mattress. So, you can choose between them according to your sleeping style and needs.

Firmness scale of idle sleep mattress 12 inches all foam

Suited for combination sleepers, which include side sleeping and straight positions, ‘medium’ firmness level will be the choice for you. This level will keep your back, sides, shoulders, legs, and hips perfectly aligned thus providing the best support. This firmness level includes:

  • Thermo cool fabric as the top layer
  • 1’’ quilting foam
  • 1’’ Avena foam
  • 2’’ IDLE buoyancy foam and
  • Quantum edges for flipping and turning to have a longer life.

For those who sleep on their back or stomach, IDLE sleep has made ‘luxury firm’ firmness level ideal for heavier sleepers. It gives you a perfect night sleep in your sleeping position. This level also includes

  • A thermo cool fabric
  • 1’’ quilting foam
  • 1’’ buoyancy foam
  • 2’’ transition poly foam and
  • A quantum edge coil unit.

Not only this, it has a better pressure relief system with its buoyancy support foam. This addition gives the best pressure point relief and support responsible for both firmness level. It provides up to 4 times better sleep support and comfort than other foams.

Cooling technology

With cooler sleep technology by thermocool fabric layer at the top among 5 others layer, this layer has smart fiber cross-sections. These fibers give you a warm feeling of winters and keep you cool in summers.

The hybrid foam by IDLE sleep has no visco-elastic chemicals which trap the heat and keeps your bed warm for a long time. Efficient in dissipating heat and making your bed a cool place, you will never wake up sweaty after sleeping on this IDLE hybrid mattress. Avena top layer dissipates heat by allowing air circulation in the foam. This hybrid bed is 20% cooler than a foam core.


The hybrid bed by IDLE sleep is one of the most durable foams available in the market. It is because of its quantum coil systems which can hold up a mattress for a very long time. Another feature which increases its lifetime is its 2 sidedness. It means you can turn over and flip your mattress to have a new feel again.

This will make it to last longer thus increasing the life of your mattress and saving your money. The material used in the construction of this hybrid bed is of premium quality by IDLE sleep which also ensures its high durability and better lifetime guaranteed.


Cradling the important parts of your boy, this hybrid mattress does not give sinking feeling. The edge-to-edge pocketed coil feature adds an extra bounce without feeling stuck in it.

Not only this, the foam also gives motion reduction feature so gives you a complete isolation feeling and does not let you feel the movement of another sleeper.

Breathability/temperature control

Unlike many other traditional memory foams, which remain heated up even after 15 minutes, this hybrid mattress due to its fiber cross-sections makes it’s perfectly ventilated and breathable. Those traditional mattresses are not efficient in removing heat and a bad choice for your summer nights. It creates air bubbles which act as shock absorbers for pressure relief and better back support.


With a complete edge support technology, you will not roll off the bed. This quality makes it ideal for everyone from small children to aged people. The all four-sided coiling support provides an excellent support from all sides. With over 1000 coils, it is one of the strong and durable mattresses available in the market.

Trial, Warranty, Certification, Shipping

IDLE Sleep Company gives you a complete freedom of your choice even after buying the mattress. The company knows that it takes time to adjust your body to a new foam. With 120-night sleep trial period, it will help you to know if this is the right choice for you. The company will refund all your money and donate the mattress in case if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

IDLE sleep ensures that all of its products are on the frontline of the markets’ products and stands on the top of others. The Hybrid bed comes with a lifetime warranty so, is a sign of its durability and quality. Unlike many others, its warranty is not fake but a product of a company in which you can trust.

With no visco-elastic chemicals, it has no harmful chemicals and fulfills the demands of standards. It does not contain any ozone depleters, so is CertiPUR-US approved.

With free shipping offer, it is delivered right to your doorstep and free of any cost. Not only this, returns are free as well in case if you are not happy with the product.

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Value for money

A good buy for your money, this product by IDLE sleep is known for its durability and comfort is a perfect solution for your sleep needs. Available at an affordable price and sizes of your choice, this hybrid bed will save your cost by preventing to buy again and again.

Size                    Price(Before Coupon)

Twin                  $999

Twin XL            $1,099

Full                     $1,299

Queen               $1,499

King                   $1,799

California King $1,799

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Hybrid beds are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, less noisy and motion isolated feature. Though it may be more expensive than others, for the specifications, support, pressure relief and cooling technology, it can be the best purchase you can have for your needs. Coming in two different firmness levels, this hybrid mattress by IDLE sleep is a must buy for your good night sleep.

9.3 Total Score

  • Its double-sided feature is a plus, which makes it last longer than many other mattresses available in the market. It can last for more than 15 years.
  • The pressure relief is awesome. It keeps your body in an ideal alignment.
  • The bed is so nice for an affordable price and a good value for your money.
  • The mattress has a solid and sturdy construction making it durable.
  • It has a whole less stuck feeling, unlike foam mattresses which is one of the most demanding features from customers and buyers.
  • This hybrid bed gives cool feeling in summers. So, you won’t wake up sweaty.
  • Hybrid bed involves both springs and foams, so it may be a little expensive.
  • Due to its construction of different layers, it may be a little heavier as compared to other foams and mattresses.
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