Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress Review(14″)

$1,199 $1,499
Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress Review(14″)
Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress Review(14″)
$1,199 $1,499

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This post was last updated on July 7th, 2019

IDLE Sleep is USA based company that manufactures mattresses in technical ways to offer maximum comfort and support to the sleeper. With different mattresses types and their versions, IDLE Sleep aims to offer all features under one roof.

How these foams surpass other market available products? You will get to see numerous brands offering support, comfort combination of two or more features in one product. But, IDLE Sleep makes sure to offer all possible features within the single product that is important to give amazing sleeping experience to the users.

You can get relief from your body aches, can sleep sweat free, get luxurious comfort, minimized sinkage, and reduced motion transferring effects. All these attributes are made possible by combining different foam layers that work together and produced wonderful results. Among different types offered by IDLE Sleep, we are going to discuss the 14” IDLE Double Sided All Foam in detail.

Why is this mattress best for you?

It is best for you if:

  • You want to reduce the motion effects of your partner.
  • You want to sleep cool.
  • You prefer thicker foam bed
  • You want to have a choice of firmness scale
  • You want your body temperature to be regulated in all types of weather.
  • You are looking for adequate support and comfort.
  • You are looking for long warranty and trial for your bed
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Why is this mattress not best for you?

This product is not best for you if:

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Key Characteristics

The key characteristics of the 14” All Foam mattress include:

  • It comes with dual firmness. The normal one is suitable for all types of sleepers and can be considered suitable for all. However, the second specialized version offers, even more, firmness if the user demands it.
  • In order to offer a well-balanced combination of support and comfort, it contains Buoyancy Foam along with coil support system. Both these component works together to offer what is most suitable for the right type of mattress by making it greatly versatile. You can use it tension freely both for adults as well as for kids.
  • It is available in two different versions. One is Medium, and the other one is Luxury-Firm IDLE All Foam. Furthermore, you can purchase it in six different sizes, letting a huge number of users to avail its benefits.
  • It gives improved pressure relieving effects and decreases numerous problems like stiffness, soreness, joint pains, and other similar problems. Besides relieving pressure, it also prevents sinking to give you a cloud-like feel.
  • It also comes with specialized technology to regulate your body temperature during your sleep.
  • Another significant characteristic of All Foam IDLE Sleep is its double-sided attributes. It can be used from its both sides in the same way. Flip the side, and enjoy the comfort and support of brand new foam.
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The construction of All Foam IDLE Sleep involves specialized arrangements of different foam layers that combined gives the perfect output and ensure a peaceful sleep. Besides adding layers in a special fashion, high quality and the safe material are also used in its construction. As there are two versions of All Foam are available with slightly different construction, we will describe both of them individually.

The 14 inches All Foam IDLE Sleep Mattress

Medium Version (5-6/10)

  • The uppermost layer of this version is its cover made up of ThermoCool Fabric. This material works with natural thermal abilities of your body through its smart fiber cross-sections and maintains body temperature. It gives your body cool feeling when it is warm and warm feelings when it is too cool.
  • After that, there is one-inch IDLE quilting foam Layer with the density of 1.512 lbs density. It serves the purpose of adding comfort and cushioning effect.
  • Next in this version is 3 inches IDLE buoyancy Foam Layer with the density of 3.5lbs. It serves multiple purposes. It not only relieves pressure and offers support, but also allows airflow through its microscopic shock absorbing air bubbles.
  • 6 inches High-Density Foam Core Layer with the density of 1.835lbs is the next layer in this IDLE Sleep product. It gives great support to the foam along with the reduced motion transferring effects. This core layer is quite sturdy and maintains the whole structure of the mattress.
  • Being double-sided foam, the last layer is again made up of comfort foam layers that were used in the starting layers. They are made in this way to make it equally soft and usable from both sides.

Luxury-Frim Version(7-8/10)

  • The topmost cover of this version is made up of ThermoCool Fabric that regulates the body temperature and keeps it moderate no matter how cool or hot it is.
  • One-inch quilting foam Layer with 1.512lbs density offers great comfort and cushioning effect.
  • One-inch IDLE buoyancy Foam Layer with 3.5lbs density to give four times greater pressure relieving effects as compared to other foams. Also, it gives support, gives cloud-like feel and support.
  • Two-inch Transition Poly Foam Layer with 1.828lbs density. This layer adds the luxurious effect to this version of All Foam IDLE Sleep mattress.
  • 6-inch Foam Core Layer with 1.835lbs density to give enhanced support and reduces motion effects.
  • As this version is also double-sided, therefore, end layers are similar with those present at the top of the mattress.
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Firmness Levels

Firmness scale of idle sleep mattress 12 inches all foam

All Foam IDLE Sleep Mattress offers great convenience to its customers regarding offering firmness. In order to accommodate needs of users with different sleeping habits, these foams are available with two versions that vary in their firmness level.

The one version is Medium one that comes with such appropriate stiffness that feels suitable for all types of sleepers including back, side, and others. If we measure the stiffness on a scale of one to ten values, then this one will lie between 5 or 6 digits. Personally, I would recommend it to side sleepers or the one without a fixed sleeping position.

The second one is the Luxury-Firm version that is luxurious with respect to its stiffness. Being more firm, this foam is particularly appropriate for those who sleep on their stomach or back. Also, it is suitable for heavy people. On firmness scale of one to ten values, then this one will lie between 7 or 8 values.

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Technology used/ cooling technology

Temperature regulating or cooling attribute of IDLE Sleep is one of the most significant features that make it superior to most of the mattresses available in the market.

The IDLE Buoyancy Foam of this product comes with microscopic air bubbles that are enclosed inside the foam. These bubbles allow airflow possible through it and give cooling effects.

Tips: This kind of material has been used in many other mattresses like Nolah

Moreover, the ThermoCool technology used in its uppermost cover fabric serves the purpose of regulating sleeper temperature. It goes with natural thermal capabilities of a body and makes surrounding hot or cool depending on requirements.


In order to make ALL FOAM IDLE SLEEP durable and long lasting, the most important role is played through its high-density thick core layer. Its sturdy construction makes a mattress in shape for years.

Additionally, its most prominent feature of being double-sided enhances its durability a lot. By flipping it regularly, the serving period of this product can be enhanced tremendously.


Besides offering extended durability, what makes All Foam standing out other products are its minimized sinkage effects. Unlike other pressure relieving foams, it greatly reduces the sinkage or stuck feelings by giving fast foam response. It becomes possible through its special IDLE Buoyancy Foam.

Breathability/Temperature Control

Different features work together in ALL FOAM IDLE Sleep Mattress in order to make it breathable and controlling temperature. Firstly due to its ability to offer low quicksand feeling of IDLE buoyancy layer, it doesn’t wrap around sleeper’s body and holds heat inside. Rather, it prevents sinking and keeps temperature normal.

Secondly, through its microscopic bubbles, it lets allow move freely through this mattress. It results in making this product greatly breathable. Not only this foam reduces heating effect from sleeper body, it also adds comfort through providing heat when the temperature is too low. It is made possible through its ThermoCool cover.

Comfort and Support

These two factors are most importantly considered while evaluating mattress’s performance. Normally people think only comfort or softness of foam is important. But, this is not the case. Support is equally important.

Understanding the importance of comfort along with support, IDLE Sleep gives an amazing combination of luxurious comfort along with pocketed coil support system.  In this way, they make sure to give proper alignment to your different body parts like shoulders, back, and others.

Values for money

If All Foam IDLE Sleep mattress is evaluated regarding money it charges, then it surely surpasses many other products for offering great value for your money. The reason behind is not only its sturdy construction and ability to offer numerous features, but the main reason is its double-sided features.

Though having this feature needs the addition of more material, but the cost it asks is still comparable to other similar mattress products. You just need to pay once for this mattress, and it is going to serve for years without letting you worry about changing it frequently.

Size                    Price(Before Coupon)

Twin                  $999

Twin XL            $1,099

Full                     $1,299

Queen               $1,499

King                   $1,799

California King $1,799


Not only these foams offer great comfort, support, and durability, but all materials used in its construction are environment-friendly. They all are made of safe and eco-friendly materials. All components of this mattress come after passing all rules and regulations of international standards of Certi-PUR USA.

Free Shipping

Not only IDLE Sleep makes you sleep comfortably through providing great value products, but also offer the great comfort in getting them at your doorstep. If you are willing to purchase these foams, then don’t delay simply place an order for any version of your choice. It will be delivered within 3-10 businesses days.

The company will deliver the parcel to your door without charging any amount. Its free shipping and return facility is available for everyone.

Warranty Period

IDLE Sleep not only claims to offer a great quality product but also stands behind their each and every product. They offer a great warranty of whole 20 years for all types of material or craftsman defects. In case you face any irregularities in your foam, you can simply return it or avail warranty offer.

Not only it gives warranty of twenty years, in case you want to buy another mattress after passing warranty period, you can purchase a new one in just half the price or original product.

Trial Period

Undoubtedly, IDLE Sleep ALL Foam mattresses fulfill all features to ensure peaceful sleeping experience. However, in case, your sleeping requirements are different, and you are anxious about getting satisfied with the product, you can ask for the trial period of 120 nights. It is quite a long period to check for suitability of this mattress according to your choice.

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Final Verdict

IDLE SLEEP company ensures to offer a variety of benefits within one single product. The 14” ALL FOAM mattresses also come with various required features that combined make sure to give a perfect sleeping experience to the user. Besides having remarkable features, the price range is not too high to put excessive burdens on your pocket. The unique combination of comfort, stiffness, cooling effects and durability completely worths your money.

9.4 Total Score

  • 14 inches foam mattress, hard to find in the market
  • 2 firmness scale to pick from
  • Awesome warranty and trial
  • Cooler than memory foam
  • Low motion isolation as memory foam bed
  • Price is higher than most online brands
  • Young brand
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