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Hyphen Mattress Review

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Hyphen Mattress Review
Hyphen Mattress Review
Hyphen Mattress Review
$700 $750

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Mattress, one of the most important things in our modern life. If you want a better sleep, choose a good mattress is very important. Today, I’ll introduce you a new Hyphen mattress which I think very well to replace the old one on your bed. Compared with other mattress companies who start their business in these years, Hyphen has a very long history over 80 years along with its company, Diamond Mattress.

Structure of Hyphen mattress



Hyphen mattress has 3 separate layers which are an all foam, totally 10″ mattress.

The top layer is 2″ of custom polyurethane Hyphen form. Most people do not like hot but heat is one major problem of most foam mattress, especially for the soft mattress. Fortunately, the Hyphen is designed to provide cooling for the sleepers feel less heat. There are many holes on this layer, and the custom poly foam it uses helps the sleepers pull heat away, keeping the surface cool to make you more comfortable and give you a better sleep.

The middle layer is 2″ of transition support polyfoam. This middle layer provides both support and pressure relief for the sleepers. If you don’t like a deep hug, Hyphen do it well cause it can recover very quickly. In addition, this layer has the same density as the top layer, which does not make you too much high and also gives you good support.

The bottom layer is 6″ of high-density support foam. The bottom layer acts as the foundational support for the mattress, it works with the middle layer to provide durability as well as the deep compression support.

Cover of Hyphen mattress

The cover of Hyphen mattress is made up of a combination of polyester and spandex, which makes for a responsive cover as well as a stretchy cover. The cover can be pulled whatever you like and it will return right back to its original shape quickly. And the cover is very thin to allow airflow in and out of the mattress to keep heat away. This is why the top layer of this mattress can maintain cool.

Another advantage, the cover is removable. Sleepers can fully remove the cover and wash/dry it. You can also just throw it into the washing machine to have a rest. This would be a major benefit for those sleepers who always dirty their mattress but do not take too much energy to clean it.

Firmness & Feel of Hyphen mattress

Most people choose their mattress first considering their comfort. On a scale of 1-10, which 10 is the most firm, the Hyphen mattress lands at a 6 out of 10. Hyphen mattress is full foam mattress., this intensity can not make sleepers feel too high, and make them have a comfortable sleep.

I’ve tested the Hyphen mattress, and the feel was very good. I don’t like sink too much to feel a deep hug with the mattress, it makes me very hot which I fear so much, especially in summer. But Hyphen not. During my test, I felt immediate pressure relief throughout my body, and the airflow in the cover makes me cooler, not once did I feel warm. My daddy also said Hyphen did a good job to make him feel comfortable, as he is a deep heat fear patient like me. And as it is an all-foam mattress, its excellent support makes me feel very soft that I can do any position I love, do not like other hard mattress makes my body very unwell. If you do not have fixed sleeping positions or have different sleeping positions with your husband or wife, just like sex, this mattress is your best choice. As an all-foam mattress, Hyphen was quick to respond to both small and large amounts of pressure without any trouble.

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How does Hyphen mattress compare to Leesa?

Both of Hyphen mattress and Leesa mattress(read Leesa mattress review here) are memory foam mattress. Both of them sell their products online at a reasonable price. Both of them are of a 3-layer structure and 10 inches high(2+2+6). Both of them designed with a firmness scale 6/10 (10 is hardest). Both of them are manufactured in the USA. Both of them can provide you a cool, comfortable sleeping experience.

While comparing to Leesa. Hyphen is cheaper, you can save more than $100 for a queen size Hypen mattress(with this $50 coupon, auto-apply when checking out). And the warranty of Hyphen is longer, it’s 20 years while Leesa only has 10 years warranty.

Recently we published Hyphen vs Leesa vs Cocoon by sealy mattress, you can read to know the highlight and shortage for each of them, we also provide some other best lovers of in this post, don’t miss it.
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Who should buy the Hyphen mattress?

If you want to save money, Compared with other top memory foam mattress. Hyphen is cheaper, with the special save $50 coupon we provided you can get a queen size at $700. I don’t think you can get another mattress with buoyant foam with this price.

If you want a medium feel, exceptional pressure relief, an excellent level of bounce, you can buy Hyphen mattress. It comes in at a 6” out of 10” on the firmness scale, the top two layers with the same firmness of the Hyphen provide an exceptional level of pressure relief, and as an all-foam mattress, the Hyphen has a surprisingly good level of bounce.

Also if you do not like sink too much and have a deep hug with your mattress to feel any heat, Hyphen is better for your choice. the Hyphen mattress does extremely well in terms of airflow and breathability. The top layer of custom foam with many small holes, the airflow cover, works together to pull heat away from the sleeper, helping to keep the temperature of the sleeping surface in check. It will make you cooler, more comfort during your sleep.

If you don’t like latex foam, Hyphen is a pure memory foam mattress, they don’t use latex at all. To increase the bouncy, as we mentioned, the special designed buoyant foam worked as the transition layer, this will give you push back feelings like latex or innerspring, but more healthy and comfortable.

Additionally, if you do not like the most the more basic, single white and gray design cover mattress, Hyphen is also fit for you. Their blue, gray, and white color scheme can make you a good emotion, you will love this simple and creative cover. And the hand feel of Hyphen’s cover was also great.

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Summary of Hyphen Mattress

Most of all, The Hyphen mattress is a high-performance ratio mattress. It is an all-foam mattress designed to meet the needs of most sleepers. The soft touch, the great level of support, pressure relief, the cooling feelings, the removable cover, and the great looking of Hyphen give more comfort to sleepers who like to do many things on the bed, especially those prefer sex love.

The bounce and responsiveness of this mattress are above average for an all-foam design. Hyphen could be your great choice for all sleeping positions. And also, Hyphen mattress is cheaper than many other foam mattresses, well I think is more charming for you.

9 Total Score
Hyphen mattress

Sleep cool
Back sleep
Side sleep
Motion transfer
Warranty and free trial
Edge support
  • Cheaper than most online memory foam mattress
  • Sleep cool and comfortable
  • 20 years warranty and 100 nights free trial
  • The cover can be removed and machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Motion transfer is just so so
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  1. According to the review: “The only shortcoming is both Hyphen and Leesa, the cover is unremovable.” Not sure why you want a mattress with a removable cover but check the FAQ at Though not recommended, you can unzip, remove, and wash the cover of the Hyphen mattress.

    • Thanks Scott. I remove this paragraph, but some people really need this feature, and some company claim they support this in official site.

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