HappiBed Mattress Review

$700 $700
HappiBed Mattress Review
HappiBed Mattress Review
HappiBed Mattress Review
$700 $700

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HAPPiBED Mattresses come in a thickness of almost 8.5 inches that includes a variety of foams to offer you a great sleeping experience. It contains 1-inches HappiResponse Memory Foam as the top-most layer that decreases the effect of motion while localizing it to the moving person only. There is also 1.5-inch Heat Transfer Support Foam that extracts heat from the upper layer, along with one more layer of Memory Foam for extra support. At the end of this mattress, there is a bulky layer of Support Base that offers an extensive support system to your body. This mattress with its advanced foam techniques ensures incredible support and comfort to your body.

HAPPiBED Mattress is best for you, if you

  • Want an adequate combination of support and softness.
  • Constantly sleep in different positions.
  • Get disturbed easily by motion.
  • Prefer to sleep cool and fresh.

HAPPiBED Mattress isn’t the best for you if you

  • Have a body weight that is exceptionally high.
  • Prefer to feel hot.
  • Prefer innerspring or latex feel in your bedroom.

Key Characteristics

  • With its perfectly designed firmness, HAPPiBED offers almost all types of sleepers a comfortable sleep experience through its extensive support.
  • HAPPiBed is available in a variety of different sizes, and can be adjusted to different types of bed frames as well. In this way, the company makes it the perfect choice for anyone with these diverse foam qualities.
  • It is the best option for people suffering from joints or back pain. The company has made it to perfection, where it offers great pressure relief that assists in getting rid of your pain. It contains two specific layers that offer pressure relief and helps to properly align your spine.
  • HAPPiBED is not only super comfortable for sleeping; it is easy to maintain as well. The top cover of this mattress is super luxurious with a machine washable zipper. In this way, you can keep your mattress in like new condition for a long period of time.
  • This mattress is manufactured while keeping all different sleeping positions in mind. It offers great pressure relief and support for back as well as for side sleepers.
  • HAPPiBED is manufactured to give the sleeper a cloud-like This attribute is ensured through adding heat transfer foam along with other layers of memory foams.


HAPPiBed is not just a simple mattress. Rather it is constructed by merging different layers in a methodological way to give the sleeper the experience of what it would be like to sleep on a cloud. Unlike other simple mattresses, the layer combination offers versatile features and benefits that otherwise won’t be possible through a single layer. This mattress comprises four different layers.

structure of happibed mattress

  • A 1-inch HappiResponse Memory Foam layer at the top of the mattress.
  • A 1.5-inch Heat Transfer Support Foam layer as the second layer to relieve pressure.
  • A 1-inch HappiResponse Memory Foam layer again for additional support and comfort.
  • A 5-inch Support Base for profound support.

Besides all these layers, the top cover of HAPPiBED is constructed of highly luxurious and soft material. With its removable properties, it gives you ease-of-use while ensuring your comfortable sleeping experience. Under the top cover, the uppermost memory foam layer serves the purpose of lessening the effect of motion produced by another’s movement. It also assists in relieving pressure by the sleeper for a sound sleep. Our bodies have different levels of pressure from different parts of the body. The pressure from shoulders and hips is completely different than the pressure from the back. Memory foam adjusts the pressure and offers firmness or softness according to sleeper’s body requirement.

HAPPiBED offers its customers the great cooling effect through its second layer that is Heat Transfer Support Foam. This mattress layer extracts heat from the upper layer of the mattress and circulates it out to make you feel cool and comfortable at the same time. It offers heavy support to the sleeper through its thick Support Base layer. This layer doesn’t let the mattress to wear out soon while offering firmness and softness evenly throughout the mattress and prevents sagging.

Overall, the HAPPiBED mattresses are designed by combining alternative layers of memory foam along with heat transferring foam. This amazing combination ensures to give sleepers a restful sleep by offering support of memory foam and extracting the heat produced by heat transfer foam. In this way, it makes the mattress breathable. Though it offers stiffness and pressure relief attribute of memory foam, it is more bouncy in comparison to other traditional foams as well.


happibed fits all sleeping positions

HAPPiBED contains adequate firmness through its multiple layered constructions. What is worth mentioning is that it doesn’t come with high or upper-level firmness. Such extremely firm mattresses might get uncomfortable for many people and can be too hard to sleep comfortably. Therefore, HAPPiBED mattresses stiffness is maintained at the middle level. Over the scale of 10, if we give points of stiffness to this mattress, then it would be something lying in the middle of the scale (can also go slightly higher or lower on the scale level). Because of the middle ground stiffness, these mattresses are considered best for everyone.

They contain a balanced amount of firmness for every type of sleeper. This firmness level makes it comfortable for all types of sleeping position including side, back, and others. In the case of memory foams, there is another important relationship that needs your consideration. This relationship is between firmness and body weight of the sleeper. Usually, mattresses stop performing firm if the weight applied exceeds certain limits. This is not the case with HAPPiBED mattresses. They can accommodate a person with exceptionally heavy weight because of its strong base layer and dense foams.


HAPPiBED mattresses are one of the top-most comfortable choices with such level of firmness. They are able to relieve back, and shoulder aches through its intensive support system, and are undoubtedly comfortable as well. Its double layers of memory foam ensure the ability to contour to different parts and curves of the body and to let the sleeper sink inside the foam till a controlled level. Besides having comfortable foam, the top cover of this bed also an addition to the comfort level. It is made up of highly soft and luxurious material to add immense enjoyment to your sleep.


HAPPiBED contains multiple layers with the base layer being the heaviest and has maximum density. This feature assures the great support of this mattress while offering appropriate softness and comfort with its memory foam. It also comes with the ability to tune itself according to various pressure points. These attributes keep your spine aligned and guarantees a refreshing morning. Its amazing support system also prevents you from sinking into the mattress.

Value for Money

HAPPiBED mattresses are manufactured technically by combining different layers to give a well-balanced support, stiffness, comfort, and heat effects. All features combined, it gives great value for your money because many other mattresses available in the market lack one or more of these crucial attributes for a perfect sleeping experience. As this mattress comes in a variety of sizes, the rates also vary slightly for each size. But overall, it is quite affordable for your budget.

Size                         Price

Twin                       +$490

Twin XL                  +$550

Full                          +$650

Queen                    +$700

King                        +$840

Don’t Sleep Hot

While the top two layers of this mattress offer extremely soft and comfortable effects, its second layer plays a vital role in making you sleep fresh and sweat-free. The second layer carries Heat Transfer Support Foam that digs out the heat produced from the upper layer and displaces it out of the mattress. It also keeps air circulated properly in and out of your mattress. In this way, it makes your mattress breathable as well. With this cooling system, this keeps you fresh, dry, and sweat-free, which is not usually an option with most of the traditional memory foam mattresses. But HAPPiBED gives you a cloud-like cooling and soft feeling that you have always dreamt about.


Another important feature that HAPPiBED mattresses bring for you is a smell free experience. Many products in the market release gases or produce a smell for many days or even weeks on opening. Some even continue to produce it for months. However, this mattress because of its breathability and air circulating abilities, produce no significant gasses or smell. You might only sense a faint new-thing-like smell that will fade away completely within a day or two.

Durability & Longevity

The lowermost layer of HAPPiBED mattresses come with a thick, dense layer of almost 5 inches. This feature adds a lot to the durability of the mattress. Because of its thickness, it is able to retain its original shape and firmness even after a very long time with heavy weight and constant usage. Additionally, the outer cover of this mattress also ensures its durability by having tough and resistant textile fabric.


If you are looking to get a peaceful sleep, then don’t wait. Get your HAPPiBED within a couple of days. The company offers completely free delivery to your home and will only take 2-5 business days to deliver your order. You will also be able to track your order.

Don’t Sleep Hot

While the top two layers of this mattress offer extremely soft and comfortable effects, its second layer plays a vital role in making you sleep fresh and sweat-free. The second layer carries Heat Transfer Support Foam that digs out the heat produced from the upper layer and displaces it out of the mattress. It also keeps air circulated properly in and out of your mattress. In this way, it makes it breathable as well. With this cooling system, this mattress keeps you fresh, dry, and sweat-free, which is not usually an option with most of the traditional memory foam mattresses. But HAPPiBED gave you a cloud-like cooling and soft feeling that you have always dreamt about.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is one of the common problems faced by a majority of those who share their beds. But, HAPPiBED mattresses resolve this issue perfectly and are ahead of many other brands of similar category. The first and third layer of this mattress serves this purpose. It restricts the movement to the moving person only. This motion localization keeps the other person safe from unnecessary disturbance.

Warranty/Return Policy

Distinguished features of HAPPiBED mattress will undoubtedly give you extensive peace and comfort for the whole night. But, in case you are anxious about your ordered product, the company gives you a free trial of 100 days along with a lifetime warranty. You can try this mattress for 100 days to check if it is actually meant for you or meet all your requirements. You will get the lifetime warranty on its material and manufacturing.


It not only gives you a perfect sleeping experience but also ensures you about its high-quality standards. The quality standards and manufacturing rules all meet the international standards of CertiPUR-US. By meeting this standard, they use pure and chemical-free material that will not affect your health and your surroundings greatly.

Additional Advantage

HAPPiBED comes in a variety of size at different affordable prices. The sizes included are a twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king size. Additionally, these mattresses can fit on a variety of frames.

Final Verdict

The HAPPiBED mattresses are the best quality mattresses that come with a variety of features. All these features work together to make you sleep as if you were on a cloud. These mattresses also make sleeping with your partner peaceful. It can be easily used both during hot and cold weathers.

9 Total Score

Sleep cool
  • Cheap price
  • Cooler than most memory foam mattresses
  • Fit for most sleepers
  • Thinner than most online mattresses
  • Young company
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