Ghostbed Mattress VS Casper VS Leesa VS Purple VS Tuft&Needle

This post was last updated on July 6th, 2019

You don’t enjoy being in a difficult spot right? Nobody does. When it comes to buying a mattress, it could be that this is not an easy task, since you have plenty of choices to pick from. This is why you have us!

The following comparison review puts to the test five very popular and highly rated online-only mattresses.

It’s Ghostbed vs. Casper vs. Tuft & Needle vs. Purple vs. Leesa. Looks like this is going to be a head to head battle, yet only one can be the winner…so let’s find out who it is!

Best Overall Mattress

The race to create the best mattress is continuous as different companies try to perfect the craftsmanship running neck to neck.

Overall, upon a first look between the different mattresses competing in this review, we believe GhostBed crosses the line first while Leesa is also very close in all of the categories examined.

Built from superior materials, GhostBed relying on the bed-in-the-box concept has a great value for money with significant benefits over the other mattresses in this review. Leesa is also a supreme choice and ranks also at the top of our preference.

Of course, there are always other awesome mattresses which are equally or even more exquisite than GhostBed.

Update July 2019, We recommend Nectar mattress, which wins the top place. Being an 11 inches high-quality gel memory foam mattress with 365 nights free trial and an unbeatable forever warranty, this mattress features a special 4 layers structure design and is thicker than its competitors. This results in a comfortable, cool feeling, with enough body contouring that ensures a healthy and relaxing sleep.

You can get Nectar mattress from the official site and save extra $125+2 free pillows, which means you get a top-notch deal, quite remarkable for the quality you get!

Whatever you decide, this should be the result of comparing each mattress on the following factors:


Construction, durability and sleep comfort are all exceptionally important when you decide on a new mattress. Price is also a huge issue.

Most memory foam mattresses cost thousands of dollars and it is, therefore, comforting to see that there are quality mattresses well under $1,000.

GhostBed for example at Queen Size only costs $795, which is the second in the list following Tuft & Needle which is the winner at $600. Yet GhostBed offers 3 layers of the hybrid mattress, while Tuft & Needle has a far simpler structure(2 layers).

GhostBed is cheaper than Casper ($950) and much cheaper than Leesa which costs $890, although they are both great quality mattresses.

Personally, despite the price difference, I would not prefer Tuft & Needle since it is a bit too firm especially for side sleepers and if you have a few extra pounds. I would recommend Tuft & Needle only for kids. Price is definitely its highlight alongside edge support. You will be better off with GhostBed in this sense.

Verdict = GhostBed and Tuft & Needle win this category

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
$795 $950 $890 $999 $600
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Materials and construction are one of the top elements to consider for your mattress. At 11 inches high, GhostBed wins over Casper, which has a similar structure. Ghostbed is made of 1.5 inches layer of aerated latex foam+ 2 inches layer of gel memory foam + 7.5 inches layer of high-density support foam. Casper, on the other hand, consists of 1.5″ of latex foam+1.5″ of memory foam+7″ of support foam.

What sets GhostBed apart from Casper is also how it has a stretchable soft tufted mattress cover that zips off to be machine washed. GhostBed also offers a matching foundation to purchase, which Casper does not.

Leesa differs from GhostBed and Casper in that it’s a total memory foam mattress. It uses 2 inches of their special Avena foam + 2 inches memory foam + 6 inches of support foam.

Purple uses 2″ of a hyper-elastic polymer smart-comfort grid+3.5″ of polyurethane foam+4″ of polyurethane foam, totally 9.5 inches.

Tuft & Needle, the last in this list, consists of 3.0 inches layer of polyfoam + 7.0 inches of base support foam.

Overall, it seems that GhostBed and Leesa have succeeded in a better combination of materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Verdict = GhostBed and Leesa win this category

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
Height 11 inches 9.5 inches 10 inches 9.5 inches 10 inches
Comfort layer 1.5 inches latex foam 1.5 inches latex foam 2 inches Avena foam 2 inches hyper-elastic polymer 3 inches polyfoam
Transition layer 2 inches gel memory foam 1.5 inches memory foam 2 inches memory foam 3.5 inches polyurethane foam
Support layer 7.5 inches base foam 6.5 inches poly foam 6 inches base foam 4 inches polyurethane 7 inches base foam
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Comfort is of the most important when it comes to sleep. You wait for this moment to lay down and relax after a long day, so your mattress is essentially your path towards a good night’s sleep to revitalize you.

Although at first, you think the overall sleeping experience is almost the same on GhostBed and Casper, still as time goes by, GhostBed feels softer and more comfortable, while Casper which doesn’t use gel memory foam, sleeps a little hotter, especially for overweight people who might feel like sinking in this mattress.

Purple, which is the most expensive mattress on this list, can support up to 300lbs. Personally, I don’t think it feels as good, nor does Casper and to be honest it might be a bit overpriced for the quality you get.

Despite, the smart-comfort grid used as the top layer to deliver a cool sleeping experience, still, Purple is not as effectively designed and loses in comfort and bounce.

Tuft & Needle, on the other hand, is a bit too firm, feels so hard really that I find it difficult to imagine feeling relieved in it.

That said, GhostBed with its aerated latex foam top layer designed to not retain heat, and the second layer of gel memory foam do well to comfort the body for a cooler night’s sleep, while the base layer offers increased support and longevity.

Leesa on the other hand with its special Avena foam can provide a cool, bouncy feeling and extra comfort. Overall, it could be that the sleeping experience of Leesa tops GhostBed, yet this is reflected in the price as well so you should think about Leesa if you can afford it. Otherwise, GhostBed is excellent too and bounces back fairly quickly, especially for a foam mattress.

One thing that is in line with comfort is the mattress size. All of GhostBed, Leesa and Tuft & Needle provide with 6 sizes to choose from (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King). Purple on the other hand only provides with 3 sizes to choose (Twin XL, Queen, and King).

When it comes to customer satisfaction, user reviews and ratings suggest that GhostBed beats the competition, reaching 4.7/5 on Amazon. Leesa and Purple are next with 4.5/5 and Casper follow with 4.3/5.

Verdict = GhostBed and Leesa win this category

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
Firmness 6-6.5/10 6.5-7/10 6-6.5/10 7-7.5/10 7-8/10
Bounce 5 stars 5 stars 4.5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars
Sleeping cool 5 stars 4.5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars  4 stars
Motion transfer 4 stars 3.5 stars 5 stars 3 stars 3 stars
Edge layer 4 stars 3.5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Back, side and stomach sleepers don’t all think of the same when talking about comfort. It is down to the manufacturers to make mattresses that can accommodate their specific sleeping positions. GhostBed and Casper are designed especially to fit all sleep types.

Leesa is great if you sleep on your side (4 stars) while it is probably not a good idea to get Tuft & Needle if you are a side sleeper or have a few extra pounds (2 stars). Instead, Tuft & Needle is recommended only if you are a back sleeper or weight average (stars).

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
Back sleeper 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Side sleeper 4 stars 3 stars 4 stars 2.5 stars 2 stars
Stomach sleeper 4.5 stars 4 stars 4.5 stars 4.5 stars  4 stars
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When it comes to warranty, GhostBed wins the race easily since it offers 20 years warranty versus the 10 years other mattresses in this review have to offer. The usual lifespan of most mattresses is at 8-10 years, so you might want to change it anyway but still, GhostBed is offering more than the rest.

Of course there are other mattresses out there such as Nectar and Layla who offer the lifetime warranty, but still GhostBed’s coverage quite amazing! GhostBed goes a step further by providing additional coverage and protection for years 11 through 20 during which time they promise to either repair a defected mattress or replace it at a pre-determined cost.

Verdict = GhostBed is the winner in this category. 

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
20 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
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Trial period

You don’t want to buy a mattress and then regret but can’t ask for a refund due to lack of enough trial period to test it in the comfort of your own home.

All mattresses in this list offer extensive trial periods with GhostBed just offering an extra night allowing for 101-day sleep test while the rest offer a 100-night trial. So, choose and pick what suits you best without much anxiety.

Verdict = GhostBed  win this category

Ghostbed Casper Leesa Purple Tuft&Needle
101 nights 100 nights 100 nights 100 nights 100 nights
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Our final verdict

We have thoroughly tested the mattresses presented here, weighing pros and cons. Our verdict is that if you are looking for the best mattress in terms of value for money, GhostBed and Leesa seem to be the best options. The reason being, Casper is a famous N.Y brand however it is kind of overrated and you will end up paying more than the quality you will get. Purple is also very expensive and doesn’t deliver the quality promised. Tuft & Needle, on the other hand, is a mattress too firm(Most sleepers with back pain may like this), even for those who prefer a hard feeling, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it is almost as sleeping on a rock!

Leesa and GhostBed, on the other hand, are favorites of Us during over 40 mattresses we reviewed. since they arrived on the scene. I personally feel their designers managed to create a balance of material quality, performance, and value.

Leesa and GhostBed offer thicker comfort foam layers, which result in a deeply relaxing, comforting and pressure relief feeling. Casper on the other hand although it has been redesigned, still did not add an extra comfort layer but rather feels like the 3rd layer is more of an extension of the base foam. In this sense, it is not really a contender that meets the high standards set by GhostBed and Leesa.

All in all GhostBed and Leesa seem to come first when comparing their features, followed by Casper, Tuft & Needle, and finally Purple.

Ghostbed Mattress VS Casper VS Leesa VS Purple VS Tuft&Needle, who is the best

Final evaluation of the five mattresses

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Coupons or discount

Now, if you are ready to buy any of these mattresses, you can find them on Amazon or through their official site. Especially for GhostBed and Leesa, I would suggest that you make your purchase via their official site. This way you can save an extra $50 on GhostBed with this special coupon (auto-applied when checking out) or save extra $75+$25 gift card (limited time only) on Leesa with its special coupon (auto-applied when checking out).

You can also reference mattress coupon list we collected from manufacturers.

Generally, buying from the official site is good since you ensure the extra advantage of enjoying a longer free trial period. Take GhostBed for example, buying from the official site can get you 120 nights free trial, whereas if you buy it from Amazon, you can enjoy 30 nights free trial provided by Amazon.

No matter what your decision is, my idea is to consider all of your options taking into consideration the pros and cons for each mattress. You might also want to check out our ultimate mattress buying guide and the Top 20 best mattresses(Include some FAQs well) to make sure your decision is best suited to your needs.

Hope you found this review useful! If so, please feel free to comment and share with your friends and family. If there is anything troubling you still, I am available to discuss further.

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