Eight Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) Review

$899 $999
Eight Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) Review
Eight Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) Review
Eight Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) Review
$899 $999

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Overview: The Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) by Eight Sleep is a new release by the brand, which brings mattresses to the new age with its sleep tracking technology and other cool features.

Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) is perfect if you

Prefer a medium firm mattress – The Smart Mattress by Eight Sleep is just the perfect example of a medium firm mattress at around 6 in the firmness scale. It is what they call, a “universal comfort” mattress.

Prefer a responsive mattress – This mattress has a responsive poly foam which gives a memory foam feel of hug and contour, however it is still responsive enough so you don’t feel trapped as the response times are really good overall. This sort of responsiveness is great for intimate activities, so do consider that it will facilitate your romantic nights.

Like a balance between sinkage and hug – If you are after a balanced feel of being “hugged” by the mattress, yet still not want to feel like there is too much sinking into the mattress, then the Smart Mattress is the right choice for you.

Want to track your sleep using technology – If you are a tech enthusiast and gadgets are one of your endeavours, then you will love the Smart Mattress. You will easily be able to keep record of your sleep habits and improve your sleep patterns based on the data you track. It is also possible to connect your sleep tracker with other devices in the bedroom and set an alarm based on when your body is more refreshed and ready to wake up.

Like having different warmness on the same bed – With the Smart Mattress by Eight Sleep, it is entirely possible to set a different temperature for your sleeping temperature. The dual zone warming cover works great if you are a couple with different reaction to heat

Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) is probably not the best option if you

Are not a tech savvy – In case you simply want to keep things simple and don’t want to mess with lots of controls and apps, then consider an alternative to the Smart Mattress, or just buy the mattress without the Sleep tracker cover.

Prefer the innerspring feel – In case you love innerspring, then this mattress will definitely won’t be the right choice for you. As much as it has to offer, if you fancy the coils or innerspring feel, there is not much chance you will adjust easily to the foam feel.


So, what is the Smart Mattress made of?

The Smart Mattress is 10 inches thick and consists of:

structure and layers of eight smart mattress

Cover – The highlight of this mattress, made of polyester, integrated is a proprietary technology layer (Sleep tracker) which tracks your sleep patterns, can warm up the bed and connects to your other smart home devices. You can choose to buy this separately and use in any mattress.

Top layer: 2″ of Reactive Foam, a material which bounces like latex yet has a foam feel. It is designed to provide a comfortable and cool sleep throughout.

Second Layer: 3″ of Contouring Memory Foam, designed especially to contour to the body and provide substantial pressure relief of sensitive points.

Third Layer: 3″ Supportive Transition Foam which is designed for adding another layer of comfort and distribute weight evenly to support all body types.

Fourth Layer: 4″ High Density Support Foam, which forms the foundation for a durable and breathable result with just the right amount of firmness.


So, if you like technology and gadgets, then you are in for a treat with this truly Smart Mattress. The designers at Eight Sleep stepped to the challenge of the digital age and produced a sleep cover that sets itself apart from the rest.

Sleep Tracker surrounding the cover

What makes the difference really is the Sleep Tracker surrounding the cover; this is a layer with a tracking technology inside, which using the brand’s free App is able to measure all sorts of metrics; it can track sleep patterns and recommend what to improve, switch between Day and Night modes, set the ideal bed warming temperature which can be different for each side of the bed, whereas you can also connect the sleep tracker with other devices in the bedroom or set the Smart Alarm to wake you up every day by detecting when you are most refreshed and ready to get up. It even has IFTTT Compatibility + Sleep Optimization.sleep trend, bed warming and smart alarm

start brewing coffee when snoozing

Added advantage:

You can choose to buy the Sleep Tracker separately from the mattress; this doesn’t necessarily have to be the Eight Sleep’s mattress; you can choose to use the sleep tracker with any mattress you want.

How cool is that? It is quite convenient if you for example don’t want to get rid of your existing mattress, yet still want to take advantage of the perks of Sleep tracker technology.

you can feel the sleep tracker’s strip of sensors running across the chest

One thing which is noticeable and perhaps not as pleasant, is that you can feel the sleep tracker’s strip of sensors running across the chest. This is probably the only downside with this Smart technology alongside the fact that it delays to produce data from time to time, and the Smart Alarm needs a smartphone close by to function. Apart from that, the Sleep Tracker works exceptionally well.

comfort of eight smart mattress

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The Smart Mattress offers an optimum level of comfort with the quality foam layers blended nicely inside the different layers. The cover (without the sleep tracker) has a nice soft feel, whereas the next three layers in between provide with a great comforting and pressure relieved sleep.

Still, our impression is that if you have a few extra pounds, this will probably affect the level of comfort you experience so it might not be ideal.


The Smart Mattress has a medium to a bit more firm feel and we would rank it somewhere at a 6 out of 10 in the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. Of course this depends on the sleeper’s weight, however our testing showed that the Smart Mattress truly nails it with the medium firmness and can leave everyone satisfied.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

This mattress does an amazing job in terms of sinkage and motion transfer. Unlike other mattresses in which you feel trapped in, this has a really good response time considerably and a fast recovery. You do get a balanced feel of hug and contour, without feeling stuck though in the mattress.

On the other hand, like all foam mattresses, the Smart Mattress doesn’t not allow sensing much movement, almost zero really. In this sense, there is no chance you will feel too disturbed by your partner tossing and turning.

support of eight smart mattress


Having slept on the mattress in all sleeping positions, it is safe to say that it can accommodate for all sleeping types. The bottom foam layers offer solid support and comfort, achieving to relieve sensitive areas.

Since the technology layer is designed to improve your sleep patterns, it is likely that you will benefit from reviewing the data and improve your sleep overall.

Still, edge support is not the best feature of the Smart Mattress for sure. Like other foam mattresses, it doesn’t feel like you could sit extremely comfortably on it. Still, it does a great job for sleeping.

value for money

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Value for money

There have been some changes in the pricing of the Smart Mattress since it was introduced by Eight Sleep. Currently, priced at $999 for a Queen, you can’t claim the Smart Mattress is expensive, taking into consideration the premium materials and innovative functionalities integrated in the mattress.

While there is no Twin or Twin XL available now, you can choose between a Full, Queen, King and Cal King for the following prices:

Size Price
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1149
California King $1149
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Doesn’t Sleep Hot

While the porous cover made of polyester is breathable, if you get the full system including the Sleep Tracker layer, and being a foam mattress, it may retain some heat although it is for sure not the hottest mattress tested since the reactive layer avoids building excessive heat. Overall, it does a good job keeping you cool.


Although not uncommon to experience some off-gassing with memory foam mattresses, the Smart Mattress dealt with the issue really well. We could only sense a minor level of odor, when unpacked. Still, you can leave it aside to air for a day and the smell will dissipate almost right away.


Our sense is that the materials used in this Eight Sleep mattress are durable and of high quality. The mattress is manufactured in the USA in NY by a start-up company and it is anticipated that it will last for years. Now, when it comes to the Sleep Tracker cover, we can’t tell for sure. However, it does look well designed.


Once ordered, you will receive the Smart Mattress free of charge at your doorstep within 7 to 10 business days. There is also available white glove delivery within NY at an extra cost. You can also choose to try it out in a NY store before you buy it.

warranty trial and white glove delivery

It will arrive in-a-bed-in-a-box style and can be easily set up and placed on any surface and room.  What’s really great about it, is that the Smart Mattress is so well compressed it fits in a box as a golf bag or camping tent.

We recommend that for optimum use, you choose to place the Smart Mattress on a solid surface or a slatted bed frame.

set up

Return Policy/Warranty

In the event that you don’t like your new mattress following 100 nights from the moment it arrives at your home. Therefore, this is a risk-free purchase

The mattress has a 10 year limited warranty, within which you can claim a full refund in case something goes wrong with your purchase.As far as the sleep tracker layer, this has a 1 year limited warranty.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Smart Mattress is the perfect choice if you need a great mattress with advanced technological features that actually work separately as they can be applied on another mattress if you decide to buy the Sleep Tracker and use it in any mattress you want.

This is a versatile designed mattress packed with the most metrics and smart interactions, compared to other smart mattresses in the market.

All things considered, we would recommend that you buy it all as one, both the mattress and the sleep tracker, so that you take full advantage of a solid, comfortable and supportive mattress all around combined with the extra layer of technology to track.

We love the contour and hugging feel this mattress has, whereas it still maintains a good level of responsiveness and bounce due to the reactive foam on top. Definitely worth its money as this is without doubt a revolutionary mattress, so thumb up.

9.4 Total Score

Motion transfer
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Sleep tracker is compatible with any mattress
  • Lots of sleep metrics - IFTTT compatible
  • Dual-zone warming cover
  • Great contour and hug feel
  • Nice responsiveness
  • Small, golf sized box
  • You can sense the sensor strip through the cover
  • Smart Alarm needs to have a smartphone
  • Occassional data delays in testing
  • Sleep tracker technology layer has only 1 year limited warranty
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