Eight Saturn Mattress Review

$549 $599
Eight Saturn Mattress Review
Eight Saturn Mattress Review
Eight Saturn Mattress Review
$549 $599

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Overview: The Saturn is the most basic of the three offerings of Eight Sleep, and is an all-foam mattress, featuring a 10” 3 layered mattress with a medium firm feel that can help you sleep restfully.

Saturn Mattress is a good option if you:

Like a medium firm mattress – A perfect deal if you prefer a medium firm feel with plenty of body contouring and support, succeeding to relieve your pressure points and evenly distribute weight.

Are on a budget – If you want to spend a restricted amount of money as you are short on budget, then the Saturn is a solid choice which doesn’t mean you will settle for something less. Still, there are no special features, apart from the sleep tracker, which comes at an additional cost though.

Enjoy using smart technology – The potential use of the Sleep Tracker technology which comes packed with the coolest sleep functions, is definitely the highlight of Eight Sleep and can be added on the Saturn mattress as well. You can get a smart mattress at under $800, so how cool is that?

Prefer different warmness levels in one mattress –Couples really appreciate the dual warmness function offered by the Sleep Tracker cover, which means you and your partner can enjoy just the kind of warmth they want, without any disturbance of the other person.

Saturn Mattress is not ideal if you:

Don’t appreciate technology – If you don’t want to complicate things, choosing the smart cover that comes with Saturn mattress will not be the perfect match for you.

Like innerspringThis mattress provides an all-foam experience which feels like a genuine foam mattress.

Prefer a mattress which is thicker than industry standards – This is a basic mattress with a simple all-foam structure, so nothing too fancy there, which means you shouldn’t expect extraordinary things and perhaps you need to seek an alternative option if you want many layers and specific complex and advanced properties.

Tend to sleep hot – This is not the best deal if you are a hot sleeper since it has no cooling attributes or technology and although it does perform well, it is not the coolest mattress out there.


So, what is the Saturn Mattress made of?

The Saturn mattress is 10” thick and consists of:

Construction of Saturn mattress


Top cover: Made of a breathable polyester fabric which is lightweight and can provide the perfect foundation for the smart cover.

First layer: 2” of 3lb density Responsive Foam which has the characteristics of a responsive, latex foam and has lots of bounce. It can also offer the kind of body contouring and cooling surface to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Second layer: 2” of 1.8lb density Transition Foam that can exhibit the sort of support needed for a smooth transition between the top and bottom foam layers.

Third layer: 6” of 1.8lb density Supportive Base Foam acting as the foundational support required for a supportive and durable mattress, which will be sturdy enough.


If you are into technology and want to make more of your mattress possibilities, then you should consider getting the Saturn + version, which includes the Sleep Tracker cover. This comes packed with the latest advancement of technology, for a smart mattress and a smart home.

The Smart cover will arrive at your place separately from the main mattress and you should place it on top of your mattress and then download the Eight App to get full advantage of your sleeping metrics.

Smart APP

Sleep tracking allows tracking over 15 metrics which control functions like smart alarm, warming your bed temperature, WiFi and IoT integrations, sleep habits, etc.

Added advantage: 

The good side with Eight Sleep is that you can get the Sleep Tracker even if you don’t have a mattress by the brand, and buy your smart cover at an extra cost so that you can still make the most of a smart technology. Great, right? So conveniently set in order to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Sleep Tracker

Keep in mind that the sensors used through wires might disturb your sleep as you can feel them running across the mattress.

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Although offering a basic 3 layered structure, the Saturn mattress is definitely comfortable and can provide the sort of bounce and quick response time which resembles that of latex.

The transition foam ensures a supportive and smooth transition between the top and bottom layer, with proper density to make sure it is durable enough. This comfort layer takes up the most pressure, so you wouldn’t want it to be shaky.

It does a great job relieving your sensitive areas and also provides the sort of body contouring required and fond of among foam mattresses.

Keep in mind that using the Sleep Tracker cover may alter the overall feel of the mattress, and so you should beware that the + version, may not be just right for you.

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The Saturn mattress is a great fit mostly for back and stomach sleepers, as it features a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest. This makes it the ideal medium firm mattress. Side sleepers will probably find it a bit too firm for them, while back and stomach sleepers can be more than adequately supported and get exactly the kind of comfort and support needed.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

On the plus side of things, the Saturn mattress has nothing to envy from its other higher priced siblings from Eight Sleep when it comes to motion isolation. The impression we got from testing the mattress is that it will leave you undisturbed, as it succeeds to isolate movement and shows little to none motion transfer experienced.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

In terms of sinkage, Saturn will not let you sink too deep into the mattress as it comes in a rather firmer feel, so it is just what you need, with no excessive sinking.

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This mattress is mostly suited for back and stomach sleepers, as it is firm enough to support them adequately. The three foams used for its construction will leave you feeling pleasantly supported, while if you are used to taking advantage of the edge of the mattress, keep in mind that the Saturn will offer a fairly usable sleep surface across the whole mattress.

Perhaps not the most supportive mattress ever, and not the ideal edge support, but still for its price range, it is very competitive and does a really good job.


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Value for money

The Saturn is the most affordable of the three mattresses in the Eight Sleep line. Whether you choose the simple version ($599 for a Queen), or you want something more extravagant and want to get the Saturn + ($799 for a Queen), either is a worthy investment and offers exceptional quality at a very reasonable price. To get the Smart Cover on its own, you will have to pay $299.

Size Price for Saturn Price for Saturn +
Twin $349
Twin XL $399
Full $499 $699
Queen $599 $799
King $749 $949
California King $749 $949

Doesn’t Sleep Hot

Although not the coolest mattress you can sleep on, due to the reactive foam used which resembles more to latex foam, you can sleep on a surface that does not absorb heat and leaves you restful the next morning. All things considered though, this is not the best mattress probably for someone who sleeps hot.


Like the two other mattresses by Eight Sleep, the Saturn mattress is one which exhibits some slight off-gassing once unpacked. However, it is made of premium materials in the USA and there is little risk you will be exposed to harmful chemicals. You can try to avoid any discomfort by leaving your mattress air for about 12-24 hours and then sleep on the mattress.


The impression we got from testing and research on the little available feedback on the Saturn mattress since it is a relatively new entry in the market, is that it is durable and resilient.

The premium foams used are dense enough and it is anticipated that they will last for years. Of course, the more you use it, the more likely it is to wear off more quickly.

As far as the Sleep Tracker cover, this is not the most durable of all, as you can tell by the warranty of 1 year only. Still, it could be that the mechanism works just fine and will have to be updated alone.


There is no cost to ship your mattress at your place, it will be sent straight to your doorstep free of charge in approximately a week’s time, via UPS or FedEx. You will be happy to hear also that if you are not there to pick it up, the driver will leave the box at your door, so no problem there.


You can rest assure that your Saturn mattress will be good on any surface. You can try any foundation, like flat, adjustable surface, platform bed or slatted bed. You will need a foundation that is solid and can accommodate for the best surface to get the maximum of your mattress.

Return Policy/Warranty

The Eight Sleep backs their mattress with the industry standard 10-year warranty, which shows how much they trust their product. You are also entitled to 100 night trial period which allows you to test if your product is right for you, otherwise, you can claim a full refund. Returns are free of charge as well.

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Final Verdict

The Saturn mattress features a basic structure with its 3 layers and 10” thickness. It may not be the coolest mattress out there, yet has the perfect medium firm feel which you will appreciate and especially if you fancy tech, you can take your mattress to another level with its Smart Tracker technology, featuring sleep metrics and cool functions like the bed warming and smart alarm.

A good mattress for back and stomach sleepers, it is comfortable and supportive, with plenty of body contouring and pressure relief. It’s a great value for money product, don’t hesitate to get it if you are on a budget.

9.3 Total Score

Motion Transfer
  • A quite comfortable surface
  • Sleep Tracker can be used with any mattress
  • Bed warming with split dual zone possibility in the + version
  • Nice conformability
  • Great body contour and pressure relief
  • Good medium firm feel
  • Great motion isolation
  • Good budgeted option, great value for money
  • The Sensor strips may be disturbing for some
  • Perhaps a bit too firm for side sleepers
  • Only a year warranty with Sleep Tracker
  • Not the coolest mattress ever
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