Double Beds vs. Queen

Choosing the right bed can be hard, and choosing the right mattress even harder. With the advent of fancy beddings, the market has seen the evolution of hundreds of different types of beds. From queen size to king size, the over-exaggerated amount of choices are confusing for the occasional customer. And who can blame them? It’s only so hard to keep track of a hundred different dimensions.

Of all the unnecessary sizes, the ones that are more common are king sized, queen sized, full size also known as “double bed”, and twin, in order of biggest to smallest. But don’t get fooled; the differences are mostly minute, if not negligible. Nevertheless, we want to assure you that you get the best experience out of your beds. And when these exceptional choices are used with soft springy mattresses, your bed life can definitely be augmented.

In this article, we have prepared a comparison table as well as a fully-detailed discussion breaking down the differences between Double Beds and Queen Size.

Comparison Chart

Aspect Double Queen
Width 54 inches 60 inches
Length 75 inches 80 inches
Price $ $$
Accommodation 1 adult, 2 children 2 adults, 1 children
Ideal For Single sleeper Couples, Single sleeper
Popularity 21% of all purchases 32% of all purchases
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Differences between Queen and Double Size

Even with the Comparison Chart at hand, picking the right size of bed can be quite tricky. And for that purpose, we have broken down the differences, both minor and major, between Double and Queen Size. So you don’t have to scavenge through the internet for any inaccurate comparison sites. We’ve done that for you!

  • Dimensions

Perhaps the only major aspect that differs a queen size from a double bed is its dimensions. Double size typically measures about 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. The best part about owning it is that it provides a substantial amount of sleeping space while also taking as little room space as possible. However, it can hardly accommodate couples and is most comfortable when used by people who wish to sleep alone.

The Queen Size has dimensions of about 60 by 80 inches, and is ideal for couples, though some might find it unsuitable. It accommodates for more sleeping space but takes a bit more space than the double. The queen is ideal for couples or close family members who wish to accommodate each other while also saving on room space and cash.

  • Price

When it comes to price, it comes as no surprise that the double bed is cheaper in almost every aspect than the queen size bed. The reason is quite simple: the double bed is smaller in size, and that is basically what makes all the difference. Double-size are the best option for single persons who want a maximum amount of bed space and are not willing to spend a fortune.

In contrast to that, the queen is more expensive and require bigger bed sheets and duvets. Although they are perfect for couples who like to stay close together, the price can be cumbersome when used by a single person.

  • Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the bigger the better. A queen will provide a maximum amount of sleeping space if used by a single person. And when used by a couple can accommodate a substantial 30 inches of bed space per person. While both the double bed and the queen size are best for single persons, the queen size can provide sufficient sleeping space for couples who stay together.

The comfort level may decrease if you go down one size, but there will be more room space to accommodate other objects. A double bed provides just the right amount of sleeping space for a single person and can be quite comfortable, with sufficient room for spreading your legs and stretching out.

  • Room Space

The recommended room size for double beds is about 10 by 12 feet. This is best for couples or singles who live in small apartments and condos, or those who wish to save room space for something bigger, perhaps even two double beds.

The queen size requires a bit more space, with anything bigger than a 10 by 10 feet room sufficient. However, smaller room space means the lesser area to traverse around the room, and even lesser area to add other types of furniture like dressers, cupboards, tables and television sets.

If, however, the room size is insufficient for either of the two, consider the twin beds, which are best for smaller rooms or rooms which require multiple beds.

  • Accommodation

The most important aspect, perhaps, in choosing the right size of the bed is judging the number of people that can comfortably sleep in it. With an ever growing population and families growing larger day by day, the most frugal of us seek the perfect way to accommodate multiple family members in the same room.

To be more specific, the double size can comfortably accommodate two children, an adult, and a child, or a single adult. Whereas the queen can accommodate two to three children, an adult and two children, two adults, and most comfortable, one adult. Even with these accommodations, discomfort may prevail depending on the size and height of the users, and whether they are willing to share or not.

  • Accessories

Double bed accessories are fairly common, and different sets are available at cheap prices. Bed sheets can be found all over the market, and even bigger sheets can be compromised. Multiple cushions and pillows can also be accommodated, which provides extra comfort and coziness.

On the other hand, queen size requires bigger bed sheets and duvets, and for couples, two sets of pillows most probably won’t be sufficient. Still, the increased comfort is definitely worth it. Queen size bed accessories are frequently purchased so finding them online or in stores shouldn’t be much of a headache. All in all, the queen size is best for added comfort.

  • Double Size Pros and Cons
  • Ideal dimensions for a single person.
  • The bed and its accessories are cheaper in price.
  • Room space is saved.
  • Prices are flexible and affordable.
  • Sufficient legroom.
  • Not suitable for couples or multiple family members.
  • Dimensions may be unsuitable for people of wider dimensions.

  • Queen Size Pros and Cons
  • Added comfort.
  • Prices are higher but affordable.
  • Ideal dimensions for couples.
  • Can accommodate multiple family members, especially children.
  • Dimensions are perfect for single persons of wider proportions.
  • More leg room.
  • Requires more room space.
  • Accessories may cost more.
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Although what is perfect and what isn’t is entirely dependent on the end user, the double, and queen size are a frugal choice for those of us with limited room space or budget.

To conclude, the double bed proves ideal for single persons who do not wish to spend much on accommodations, and who live in apartments with smaller rooms. Whereas the queen size is comfortable enough for couples, and a bit more expensive but affordable. The queen size can be incorporated into apartments with bigger rooms or into houses.

We hope you found this guide helpful and hope you get the best experience from your choice of bed. Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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