Brooklyn bedding VS Leesa VS Nectar vs Casper VS Helix

This post was last updated on July 14th, 2019

Memory foam mattress

Leesa and Nectar are memory foam mattress, Leesa has a longer history compared with Nectar, but Nectar is thicker, has a better warranty and free trial, this is what we can get from before diagram.

But actually they target different consumers, Leesa is more bouncy, it’s a memory foam mattress, but more bouncy than general memory foam, their top layer feels a little like latex, so if you like the contouring of memory foam and the bouncy and cool feeling of latex, pick up Leesa.

Nectar is an awesome mattress, I have never seen another mattress which provided Forever warranty and 365 nights free trial period. Even some luxury brand like Tempur-Pedic and Duxiana, compared with Leesa, frankly speaking, Nectar is more comfortable, and it also did a better job on motion transfer and contouring, especially for side sleepers, and they even provided some other service like replace mattress cover for free, so personally, I would highly recommend you pick up Nectar if your budget is under $1,000.

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Hybrid mattress

There are two hybrid mattresses in this list, Casper, and Helix, but their design is totally different. Casper uses latex+memory foam structure, this kind of structure is very popular, like Ghostbed we reviewed before, personally, I don’t like Casper, you can know more details from Ghostbed vs Casper.  Sorry, I nearly forgot Dromma bed, this is a very good hybrid mattress as well, I suggest you pick up from Ghostbed or Dromma bed if you like latex+memory foam.

Helix is the only one in this list which uses the coil. Personally, I think Helix is the coolest on this list, and it’s even more bouncy than Casper, Ghostbed and Dromma bed, another advantage of Helix mattress is its firmness scale, Helix is the only one mattress company which can customize comfort level based on your behaviors, like weight, sex, sleeping positions…

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Latex mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is the old pure latex mattress in this list, actually, there is not too much pure latex mattress on the market, and most of them are natural latex mattress so the price is very very high, Brooklyn is the only one I found at a reasonable price.  And Brooklyn bedding has 3 firmness scale to pick up, so no matter you are the side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleepers, I believe you can find what you need.

  1. Is the NASA type foam used in temperpedic. In any of these beds?

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