Best Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Whether your core body temperature naturally stays hot or your diet makes it hot, either way, a mattress does not help in distributing the temperature well. A normal mattress makes sleeping, lying down or even sitting on the bed an awful nightmare. It is imperative that people find alternatives to these conventional products which do not provide the comfort nor the functions which are necessary for a comfortable sleep.

A cooling mattress not only makes for a great product for the tropical and southern areas where the temperatures are normally high, it also provides comfort and convenience for the user.

Buying Guide For Hot Sleepers

  • What material should be used in top layer for an ideal cooling mattress?

The number of layers in a mattress determine whether it will be efficient or not. The support layer made of coils make the mattress cool. The top-most layer should ideally be of latex for cool gel as it alleviates the hot temperature.

  • What is the ideal thickness to be labeled as a cooling mattress?

The ideal thickness of the foam should be above 9-inches. Anything lower than that will neither be durable nor have the features and technology incorporated into it to make it the cooler and you will probably have to settle on a trade-off sooner or later.

  • Does hybrid or aerated latex really help in cooling down the body for hot people?

The aerated or hybrid latex helps in clearing out the heat that builds up while you sit or lay down on the bed. The aerated latex is designed to have special holes on the surface to help reduce heat gain and distribute the temperature evenly across the foam.

  • How does gel memory foam help to maintain a cool temperature?

The gel memory foam helps to reduce back pain and neck pain. It also helps in distributing heat evenly across the product to prevent excessive sweating. The gel memory foam adjusts itself to your body weight and body shape wherein it also remembers the kind of comfort and firmness you require.

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  • Is a product containing micro-coils any good for cooling effect?

Micro-coils are very efficient for people who emit more heat than normal people do. They provide room for air to pass through and reduce the heat levels. The micro-coils also help in shipping the product as they can easily compress a 12-inch foam into only an inch.

  • What is the ideal firmness level for a cooling mattress?

We feel that this is a subjective question as different people are subjected to feel comfortable in different levels of firmness. But we believe that 5-7 are good ranges for firmness as it ensures a medium firmness which is ideal for most people.

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5 Best Cooling Mattress(Compare And Reviews)

Brands FirmnessMaterialWarrantyReview Coupon
Editor choice
Nolah Mattress Review
High-Resilience Foam
15 years
120 nights
$824.00 $949.00 $125 OFF
Editor choice
2 Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]
More than one firmness
11 years
145 nights
$990 $990 Buy It Now
Editor choice
3 Avocado Mattress Review
natural latex+coil
10 years
100 nights
Best value
4 Dromma bed review[Not Available Anymore]
Latex+Memory foam
12 years
200 nights
$749 $849 $100 OFF
Best seller
5 Ghostbed mattress review
Latex+Memory foam
20 years
101 nights
$745 $795 $50 OFF

The Nolah Mattress


If you are concerned about the memory foam you have been using and think that you sleep hot in it then don’t worry Nolah has got you covered. Nolah mattress will do a fine job while providing you with a cool sleeping surface with its Nolah AirFoam top layer.

  • Heat retention feature

You will only experience slight heat retention by the mattress on rare occasions but that is quite a common thing to expect from an all-foam bed. However, with that being said you won’t sleep hot in it and wake up sweating the next morning.

  • Construction

The company uses its exclusive AirFoam technology instead of memory foam and latex, which is the most advanced foam technology of the current time. This layer contributes a lot to sustaining your body temperature and it makes Nolah the best mattress for those who sleep hot.

  • Cooling sheet

The covering sheet also has a significant role to play here. This sheet can accumulate body moisture and regulate the overall temperature enabling you to sleep with a relaxing comfort and wakeup active the next day. Nolah has a competitive advantage over other brands because you can sleep very cool and calm in them.

  • Comfort and support

In addition to the AirFoam technology, Nolah is also equipped with Avena Foam support layer in the middle, the bed has plenty of airflows and it does not retain any heat at all. The Nolah AirFoam technology keeps you cool because it is not made with any heat-trapping substances or chemicals and for this reason; it sleeps cooler than any other memory foams.

  • Cooling Technology

The technology also equips the mattress with superior pressure relief up to four times in areas such as hips, back, and shoulders as compared to any other memory foam. Moreover, the supportive layer also contributes to responsive bounce without any motion transfer so that you and your partner can enjoy sound sleep together.

Another aspect that contributes towards the cooling features of Nolah is its natural viscose cover. This cover is made from the best yarn to ensure extra bit if softness. The sheet is made from natural viscose fibers that have moisture wicking properties and also dissipate any excessive body heat to ensure the sleep that you want to experience and make you comfortable throughout the night.

  • Best Suited for

All these features make Nolah the best-suited mattresses for those who sleep hot. Nolah will not only sustain your body heat but will also give a cloud-like feel when you sleep on your mattress.

Editor choice 1 Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah Mattresses are way better than the memory foams and latex and you can enjoy cooler sleep with improved pressure ...

$824.00 $949.00 $125 OFF
Read full review
  • Natural Viscose cover dissipates excessive body heat and gives you a cool sleep feel.
  • Avena foam support in the middle of the mattress allows plenty of airflows to keep the mattress cool.
  • Supportive layer of the mattress gives you a perfect bounce
  • Ideal for side sleeping position and hot bodies.
  • Great design and beautiful cover.
  • Great customer service.
  • Maybe a little soft if you’re looing for a very firm model
  • Not the choice if you’re looing for a luxury model

Tuck Mattress

The Tuck is the result of a 5-year long research which has produced a durable, comfortable and heat-resistant product. The addition of a support in the shape of pocketed steel coil and cooling gel (copper-infused) with a springy latex will assure you of the best sleep you have ever had in your life.

  • Construction

This product is a 3-layered mattress which provides durability and is extremely sturdy. The base layer is the base foam which makes up for the sturdiness and high-density base which provides support to the top layers. On top of it pocketed coil core which provides bounce and support to your body weight and size. Gel (Copper Infused) Memory Foam is the top-most layer of the product which distributes the heat dissipation by sweaty and hot people.

  • Firmness Levels

The firmness level of this Tuck Mattress is a 5-7 on the firmness scale which means it neither too firm nor too soft.

The Tuck utilizes a combination of hybrid latex and memory gel technology which adds to the comfort and stress-relieving qualities of the product.

  • Comfort and Support

The customized Tuck provides a luxurious level of comfort and support due to its uniquely developed Sleep Test Algorithm and coil systems inside which provides support and bounce as well as provide relief from pain.

  • Value for money

The Tuck Mattress is fairly expensive and is somewhat average as compared to what the other products provide in the same or lesser price range.

Editor choice 1 Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]

Tuck Mattress Review[Unavailable]

Tuck Mattress is a hybrid mattress which can be fully customized to your sleep preferences and created with attention ...

  • It uses a specially engineered coil system which provides the optimum bounce and support.
  • The hybrid latex layer on the top provides a viable solution to the overheating problems.
  • Prevents off-gassing.
  • It can support more than 400 lbs. of weight (Check our choices for heavy people)
  • The after-sales services are slow and incompetent.
  • The sides of the mattress sink if more than 2 people sit on the sides.
  • The company is young
  • no discount right now

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Gwen is the best organic latex foam mattress
The Avocado Green Mattresses are the result of using only the finest and organic materials present. These boast content made from Dunlop latex from sustainable and natural sources.

  • Construction

The base layer consists of 6 gauge pocket innerspring coils which provide support and durability to the entire product. The base layer has a 3 zone split design and layout that provides appropriate support where you want it most.

The middle layer is a 2-inch all-natural Dunlop latex, which adds to the comfort of your body and adjusts themselves to the body weight and size. The Dunlop latex helps in maximum removal of body heat and sweat.

  • Firmness Level

This mattress offers the users soft & tender contouring while delivering an optimum firmness. It has added to the fame of this quality foam.

The technology used in the Avocado mattresses ensures that the product is eco-friendly and utilizes the Dunlop latex to ensure maximum breathability of the product.

  • Comfort and Support

The comfort level of this Avocado mattress is beyond expectations and proves to be a fairly bouncy and convenient level.

  • Value for money

Although the product is pricey, it does not fail to deliver the amenities which come in this price range. It provides a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty.

Editor choice 1 Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress Review

The green bed is trending and if you don’t know what people see that’s making them go after eco-friendly mattress, read ...

  • It strongly reduces back pain and neck sprains
  • The side handles provide ample convenience.
  • Motion transfer reduction and bounce levels are superb
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • If you’re lightweight, it can prove to be a little firm for you
  • The price is extremely high
  • Not the choice if you don’t like latex
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Dromma Mattress

dromma bed review
The Dromma mattress is a modern product which utilizes all the best of available technologies and mechanisms to provide a high standard of comfort and ease.

  • Construction

With an astounding 12-inch thickness, the Dromma boasts a product divided into 3 layers which add comfort at all levels. At the base, sits the poly memory foam which is eco-friendly as well as 8 inches thick. On top of it rests the 2.5-inch thick VG Visco Elastic Gel layer which provides a solid base for the neck, shoulders and, hips. It is also extremely efficient in distributing heat and keeping the surface of the product cool. At the very top is the 1.5-inch Adapt Ultra-Responsive Performance Foam which controls and mediates air-flow control and provides bounce and comfort to the user.

  • Firmness Level

The Dromma mattress can be described as medium firm. This mattress is conveniently just above the line between being soft and a little below the line of being rigid. It is a perfect blend of firm and soft mattress.

Dromma mattresses use a bio-foam technology which is not only eco-friendly, it is also durable and regulates temperature very well. Made from the finest latex, the Dromma Mattress is indeed beneficial for all the hot people out there.

  • Comfort and Support

Being astoundingly thick, the Dromma boasts a 3-layered system which provides ease, comfort and, cooling.

  • Value for money

The Dromma provides a somewhat expensive price than other high-end products. It provides only limited luxuries of high-end products. It provides a 20-years warranty and 101-days trials.

Best value 1 Dromma bed review[Not Available Anymore]

Dromma bed review[Not Available Anymore]

The Dromma Bed mattress is a top choice for people who enjoy the comforts of a memory foam mattress, but demand high ...

$749 $849 $100 OFF
Read full review
  • This model from Dromma uses bio-foam technology which makes it eco-friendly
  • 12-inches thick so you can be assured of its durability.
  • It reduces chances of bedsheet soaked in sweat due to its amazing heat distribution mechanism
  • Medium-firm makes it comfortable for a variety of people.
  • It may take some time for the gel foam to adjust itself to your body.
  • It will sink inside quite a lot if you sit on the edge.

The GhostBed Mattress

ghostbed mattress
The GhostBed Mattress is a revolutionary product that aims to reduce back pains and shoulder pains by providing the best features and functions which a mattress can potentially provide. The GhostBed is a luxurious product which is astoundingly on the right side of the firmness level.

  • Construction

This 11-inch GhostBed makes for a firm and reliable product which provides ample features to maintain a healthy life. At the bottom of this thick product rests the 7 ½ -inch base layer which is a support foam. The middle layer comprises a High Technology Proprietary Gel Memory Foam; this gel memory foam is essential for a comfortable and sound sleep at night.

The top-most layer uses Advanced Cooling Technology with Continuous Airflow made from aerated or hybrid latex which is efficient in combatting problems related to heat diffusion.

  • Firmness Level

Sleep experts and users have deemed the GhostBed as medium firm giving it a rating of 6.5 out of a possible 10.

The GhostBed use a state-of-the-art hybrid latex which maintains and regulates body temperature while also fending off potential sweat breakouts due to increase in core body temperature.

  • Comfort and Support

With 3 layers of foams, the GhostBed is bound to provide all the comfort and convenience which one can ask for. The GhostBed is comfortable and firm while also being cool and heat-resistant.

  • Value for money

The GhostBed is relatively affordable and still proves itself to be of premium quality. Compared to other products in this price range, the GhostBedclearly stands out. It provides a 25-year warranty with a 1-year trial.

Best seller 1 Ghostbed mattress review

Ghostbed mattress review

Similar to Loom&Leaf mattress, who was created by Saatva, one famous luxury innerspring mattress manufacturer. ...

  • This product uses aerated or hybrid latex to reduce heat dissipation.
  • It has just the right amount of firmness; neither too hard nor too soft.
  • Certi-PUR certified for its durability and comfort.
  • Highly effective in relieving back pain due to its structure.
  • After-sales services are not up to the mark.
  • If you like softer beds, then this product is certainly not for you as it is quite firm.
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Final Verdict

We have reviewed the best cooling mattress for hot people. As per the reviews and the comparison, we have decided to declare Nectar mattresses as the best product as it boasts a 5-layered mechanism and gives features and cooling amenities which are unmatched. They provide a forever warranty and a 1-year trial.

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