Bear mattress VS Leesa VS Casper VS Loom&Leaf VS Purple

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There are two types of mattresses here, Bear mattress, Leesa, Loom&Leaf, and Purple are memory foam mattress(or use memory foam as main material, Leesa use their special Avena foam, which works like memory foam+latex foam).  Casper is a Hybrid mattress(Latex+memory foam). All of them are under $1000 for queen size.

Loom&Leaf and Purple are the most expensive on this list. They are $999 for queen size.   Loom& Leaf is a comfortable mattress to sleep on. But the shortage is also obvious, it’s hotter than others on this list, and lack of bouncy, so it would be not very friendly for sex. But Loom and Leaf is the only one who has two firmness scales to pick up in this list, and it’s also the highest on the list.

Compared with Loom&Leaf, there is not too much highlight for Purple, yes it’s cooler than Loom&Leaf and more bouncy than Loom&Leaf, but it’s too thin, only 9.5 inches, which is the least in this list. And it doesn’t sleep comfortable, this is due to its bad design, Consider the high price it offers, I don’t recommend it to you guys.

Casper is a hybrid mattress, it’s born in N.Y City and has more chance to exposure. But sorry I didn’t see any advantage when compare Casper with another awesome hybrid mattress Ghostbed. The last one is thicker, has a longer warranty and a free trial period. And more, cheaper. So if you planned to buy Casper before reading this review post, I would suggest you think over to make your decision.

Both Bear mattress and Leesa have the coupon. So take the coupon for considering, you can get Bear mattress queen size at $800, and get Leesa at $815. Not too much difference. Leesa released almost the same time with Casper, and Bear mattress released later, both of them are memory foam mattresses, this two mattress really very like to each other, if I have to say difference, Leesa is more bouncy, while Bear mattress sleep cooler.

Winner: Bear mattress and Leesa(Memory foam)

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Cooling | Bounce| Structure| Feeling compare

If you are looking for the best mattress, you need to consider comfort, bounce(respective), cooling, breath, material safety, durability…

One common problem of memory foam is sleeping hot, to fix this, some of them choose to use the latex layer as the top layer, which is more cool and breathable. Others add gel into memory foam, but the only gel is not enough, it may feel cool firstly, but as time goes on, you may also feel a little hot, like Loom&Leaf.

Cooling, Bear mattress, Leesa, and Ghostbed are the winners. Bear mattress use their special Celliant Technology+ Gel memory foam to provide the cooling solution, make sure you will have cooling sleep experience all the time. Leesa doesn’t use Gel memory foam, but it has a cooling cover, it worked together with breathable Avena foam as the cooling solution, Ghostbed is even better, it uses open cell latex+ gel memory foam as a cooling solution to the delivery ultimate cooling sleeping experience.

Structure|Bounce, Bear mattress uses gel memory foam+respective memory foam+base foam structure, it uses respective memory foam to increase bouncy and prevent you sink too much into the mattress, but it’s still not bouncy as latex.

Leesa uses Avena foam+memory foam+base foam structure, the key component is their special Avena foam, this is their only special foam, it provides cool and bouncy,  better than Bear mattress, but still not as bouncy as latex.

Casper uses latex+memory foam+base foam structure, but the second memory foam is only 1.5 inches. Some customers still complain it’s too firm. Especially side sleepers.

Ghostbed also uses latex+memory foam+base foam structure. the second memory foam layer is 2 inches, 0.5 inches more than Casper, and its base layer is also 0.5 inches more than Casper, so it will feel more comfortable when compared with Casper.

Loom&Leaf is the thickest in this list, it’s 11 inches high, and it’s the only 4 layers structure mattress in this list,  it uses gel foam+memory foam+loft pad+support foam structure. Same as Saatva mattress we reviewed before, the actual feedback is far behind what they claimed on the official site.

Purple uses hyper-elastic polymer+polyurethane foam+base foam structure, two concerns, first is its height, it’s only 9.5 inches, which is the thinnest in this list, consider it’s price, this is not acceptable, second is the base layer, it’s only 4 inches, I’m afraid it won’t last as  long as others on this list.

Winner: Leesa and Ghostbed 

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Overall feelings and summary

If you are are a back sleeper, all mattresses in this list are all good, you can choose based on your budget.

If you are a side sleeper and want pressure release and deep sleep, Bear mattress would be your best choice. But the bear mattress is also a medium feelings mattress, neither too soft nor too firm, if you wish to sleep on the cloud, none of this is your best choice. You can reference Tempurpedic if money if not your first concern(mostly over $3000), or reference Helix mattress what we will mention next.

Personally, I would recommend Bear mattress and Leesa mattress on this list, I don’t recommend Purple mattress or Casper mattress.

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Other good choice

I would like to recommend another awesome mattress, Nectar sleep mattress(see review here), this is an 11″high-quality gel memory foam mattress, with 365 nights free trial, forever warranty, special 4 layers structure design. Click here to access the official site to check out you can save extra $125 + 2 free pillows, the queen size price before the coupon is $795. Personally, I would suggest you pick up Nectar mattress if want a comfortable, cool feeling, contouring memory foam mattress. The only shortage is that it lack of bouncy compared with latex top mattress, like Dromma bed we mentioned before, but you know, Nectar mattress is the world’s only mattress who provided 365 nights free trial and forever warranty, it’s really unbelievable,take a look before price rises(Like Ghostbed, the queen size used to sell $750, now $795). 

The first is what we mentioned before, Ghostbed, very similar to Casper, but better, 120 nights free trial, 20 years warranty, 11 inches high. See our review of Ghostbed VS Casper VS Leesa VS Purple VS Tuft&Needle.

The second is Dromma bed, this is a mattress we recently reviewed(see Dromma bed review here), we rank it as top 1 in our best memory foam mattresses list, it just released several months ago, with industry lead 200 nights free trial, 12 years warranty, totally 12 inches high. The price is very attractive as well.

The third is Helix mattress(see Helix mattress review here), this is a latex mattress, the biggest highlight is you can customize comfort level based on your personal condition, like weight, height, sex, sleeping position.  While you know most online mattresses only has 1 firmness scale to pick up. Safe choice.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll reply in 24 hours, if you felt this article help you’re to make your decisions, feel free to share with your friends on social, really appreciate for that.

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