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Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress Review
Avocado Mattress Review
Avocado Mattress Review

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The green bed is trending and if you don’t know what people see that’s making them go after eco-friendly mattress, read this review to know why you too should start thinking green. The Avocado Gwen mattress falls into the category of bed that meet the characteristics of eco-friendly natural product due to the materials used in its production. It guarantees ho harmful or toxic chemicals and structurally, it is engineered to perform excellently to user taste.

Read our review of Gwen mattress below and see for yourself why you need one today.

Avocado Gwen Mattress quick review

  • Uses the finest quality of organic materials that make it not prone to shortcomings of traditional bed
  • The top rate in firmness and support due to the carefully placed Euro-Style pillow top and soft and sleek latex materials used in its layers and the 3” latex base which give sleepers high level of comfort.
  • Handmade Eco-luxury bed with natural & organic materials
  • Stable, soft and firm with 5” natural latex top with 1,330 support coils
  • Globally recognized by experts as safe meeting compliance for health friendly mattress
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avocado Gwen mattress structure

From the cover to the base, avocado Gwen mattress epitomizes what organic mattress is. No area of its structure is compromised, and the material used at every stage has a reason to be there. The overall goal of the Gwen Mattress structure is to give the user value for their money and live up to its claim of producing up to 100% green bed. Let’s take an overview of the structure to understand what makes Gwen mattress unique

Wool of Avocado mattress

The cover

  • Gwen mattress comes with GOTS certified organic cotton layer sheet
  • It is handmade cover with button tufted with no use of adhesive chemical
  • Painstaking care was taken to ensure the cover sheet meets the original organic design; no wicking with moisture free surface giving user the assurance of a discomforting sleep all night long
  • Stuffed underneath with Joma wool layer that acts as a fire retardant.

First Layer

  • Top layer comes with 2” latex Euro-Style pillow for balance, softness and firm feel
  • The top layer is a high-density latex that guarantees optimum stability and no sinkage

natural latex mattress

Second Layer

  • Taking the second layer is a 2” softer latex aimed to act as gentler weight disperser
  • Ensure the mattress stays secure and stable without sinking
  • Support the top layer to withstand pressure

Third Layer

  • A denser latex 1” in scale protects the core base elements of the upper layers, adding up to 5” of latex setup to give user maximum comfort and support while sleeping.
  • The support system in the structure guarantee even distribution of weight across the bed without one side going down and the other rising that may result in user feeling uncomfortable.

coil of Avocado mattress

Base Layer

  • Avocado Gwen base is perfectly engineered to support the mattress with it is on top of a platform or not.
  • The base is packed with 8” spring coil wrapped with same quality organic latex to protect is and make it noiseless.
  • The coils make a Gwen bed responsive and support the mattress when in use.
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Side handle

For convenient lifting, Gwen mattress comes with heavy-duty handles carefully sewn to the middle layer and perfectly adorns the sides making it even more beautiful.  We figured while thinking of convenience for lifting, the manufacturer is unmindful of its beauty.

Material of Avocado Gwen Mattress

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I would rate Gwen mattress 5-6 if 10 is the hardest. Its stability makes it possible for the sleeper to be stable as the contouring of the bed is accommodating to the sleeper shape.

The medium firmness performance earned Gwen Mattress the seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations® for back and spinal health because of its effectiveness in helping to keep sleepers in bed without throwing them here and there that lead to body and back pains.

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Warranty, Free trial and Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, arrives within 8-14 days.
  • Warranty – 10 years, this is the industry standard.
  • Trial Period – 100 nights, industry standard as well.
  • Made in the USA
Size Copper Price(Before coupon)
Twin $1,199.00
Twin XL $1,299.00
Full $1,499.00
Queen $1,799.00
King $2,099.00
California King $2,099.00
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Overall Feeling

After reviewing the specifics of Gwen mattress, we discovered the reason while the bed is adjudged by industry experts to be a top. Think of the structure that gives the bed its 13” composition. From the cover to each layer and the heavy-duty handles, Gwen bed is robust and beautiful anyone will be proud to own. Besides, giving its health and luxury nature, the price is right.

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Who may like it?

  • If you like a luxury organic latex mattress. They use 100% natural latex , which is far superior to synthetic latex foam.
  • If you prefer latex better than memory foam, latex is more bouncy, more healthy and cool than memory foam. Especially they use high quality organic latex, it’s more expensive but it costs.
  • If you like a Euro-style pillow top mattress, it can deliver you extremely luxury and comfortable.
  • If you love good customer service, if you order your Avocado Green Mattress with the option in-home delivery and setup, and they will remove your old mattress with no extra charge.
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Who may don’t like it?

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Final verdict

Gwen mattress is sleeper’s choice for bed without discomfort. Gwen is 100% made from an organic material which makes it safe for health and good for everyday use. Considering its positive sides, and the price, we can say Gwen bed is a high-end top level bed. The quality and taste of the mattress make it a must buy for people who understand the purpose of a bed that promotes healthy sleep.

With its risk-free trial for 100 nights, we recommend anyone who can afford the price to go for it. The product is durable considering the carefully put together materials; we see Gwen bed lasting four times more than the regular or traditional mattresses.

9.4 Total Score

Motion isolation
Sleep cool
Warranty and free trial
  • Use 100% organic Dunlop latex
  • Use 100% pure Joma New Zealand Wool.
  • Euro Pillow Top design
  • All are handcraft with high quality
  • Provide old mattress removal service for free
  • Motion isolation is good, but not ideal compared with memory foam mattress.
  • Price is high compared with other memory foam or hybrid online mattress brand.
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