Sleep Tips

Homeopathic Remedies


Homeopathic remedies tend to work best when treating short term insomnia. Take 3 granules at bedtime and repeat after half an hour or at night if you wake up. Take one of the homeopathic remedies below depending on what the accompanying symptom is and avoid brushing your teeth with a minty toothpaste while using homeopathy.

Aconit 9CH   
Insomnia after a fright.

Actea Racemosa 9CHHomeopathic Sleep Formula Boiron
During menstruation

Arsenicum Album 9CH
When anxious and agitated

Belladona 9CH
Insomnia despite being really sleepy

Cocculus indicus 9CH
After several sleepless nights

Coffea 9CH
Because you have lots of ideas spinning around in the head or
After having drunk coffee or
After some good news

Gelsemium 9CH
For fear of not sleeping or
After receiving bad news

Nux Vomica 9CH
After too much alcohol or eating too much

Sulfur 9CH
Due to feet burning

Stramonium 9CH
For fear of the dark

Ignatia 9CH
When upset

Zincum Metallicum 9CH
Because of restless legs

Theridion 9CH
Sensitive to the slightest noise

Homeopathy can be very effective for some people although it may not suit all.
Next time you have insomnia, try  homeopathic remedies!